11 yo girl's Birthday Party Idea - Ideas for Birthday Party Games for 11 y.o. girl - Rapid City, SD

Updated on July 09, 2010
L.M. asks from Rapid City, SD
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Hi my daughter is turning 11 on July 19th. We'll be having a group of about 8 girls over, ages from 9-12. What are some good games that will be fun for girls this age, who are kind of old for many children's party games, but not teens yet?
Also, I would really like to get a pinata for her, but our trees don't have any branches anywhere close to low enough. Can you buy stakes or something to hang these from, or am I just out of luck with that idea?

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answers from Detroit on

Well I would suggest that you could mabey first go skating and then you could order movies to watch and play games then the next day you could get a slip and slide so they could have fun and make sure you make sure you tell all the kids to bring there swiming suits

But if you wanna go more expensive you could first go to the park and then go skating and then you could go and get a hotel for one night and when you get there you could save more money and maybe let your family cook but it in the back seat and put it on the table with your cake and ice cream so you wont have to spend money but at the same time if it gets cold then you have 3 options either eat before you get there and just have icecream and cake at the hotel. If there is a restuarant at the party you could eat there or if you have a microwave in the hotel then you could warm it up.




answers from Milwaukee on

We just had a party for my 12 yo girl. We played water balloon toss, limbo and did chocolate mask facials..Other ideas, bean bag toss game and hoola hoop contests.



answers from Rapid City on

My daughter turned 11 clear back in 1994 but I am sure it is the same for the ages now. Since they are getting ready to go into puberty and will be wanting to start with make up and such in the next couple years, I had a Mary Kay party for my daughter and 11 of her friends. The consultant kept the party age appropriate, teaching proper skin care and let them have fun with a little blush, eye shadow and lip color (I said they were too young for the foundation and mascara). The girls loved it.



answers from Davenport on

Instead of games, L., I would suggest a manicure party. I think they would enjoy learning how to care for their nails and have fun polishing them. Suggestions for items in a take home bag would be polish (it can be gotten very reasonable at some stores), cotton balls, a small file, etc. Have fun!



answers from Milwaukee on

I have a cousin who is 11 yrs. She did not want any 'kiddie' games or anything that 'little' kid could/would do. I asked her what would be fun and here is what she came up with:

Pinata (which you can hang from the garage door, basketball hoop)

She loves baking so anything like that... make own pizzas, or make own cup cakes (frost, decorate), puppy chow mix

If it is ok with parents: Nail Polish (nail file, cotton balls, nail polish remover), the colored hair spray that washes out (just for warn the parents so they know a head of time), various cheap hair clips/accessories, lip gloss.... I would steer away from eye shadow, blush, mascara, lipstick (lip gloss is ok) because they are heavier makeup and harder to get off and they don't need to be putting that on yet even if it is for fun.

There are tons of fun board games out there... if you have a lot ask your daughter which ones she wants to play. Or maybe go shopping with her and have her pick out one new board/card game that is more 'pre-teen' fun.

The slip-in-slide

If she is artsy try to find something that they can all do... sidewalk chalk, or have huge pieces of paper down and have them paint there feet/hands and make pictures on the paper.

Hope this gets your ideas flowing.


answers from La Crosse on

My daughter turned 11 in May. We had planned an outing to a local zoo, but it turned out to be stormy day, so we were stuck inside. Fortunately, my daughter had devised a backup plan with a list of games to play. Something to keep in mind if you're planning an outdoor event. One game that was really popular was called "I Have Never." Everyone starts out with 10 pieces of candy. The birthday girl starts by saying "I have never...." and then says something she has never done that she thinks the majority of others HAS done. If you have done that thing, you lose a piece a candy. You go around the circle and each person gets to say what they have never done. Once a person has lost all their candy, they are out. The last person left wins the whole pile of candy. One of the fun things about this game was it gave an edge to the younger girls because they haven't done as much.

Another fun game was freeze dance, which helped worked off some of the energy. Play their favorite tunes (we used Hannah Montana) and they dance around until the music stops and they have to freeze. Anyone caught moving before the music starts again is out. We really didn't enforce that, they just had fun dancing and singing along to the music, so we played it until they were tired.

"Guess Who I Am" was pretty funny too. First you have to make sure everyone knows each other. The birthday girl chooses one person to go in the other room. While she is getting blindfolded, the rest of the group switches places in the room. Then the birthday girl walks her in to the room and puts her right in front of someone. She has to feel their hair and face and try to figure out who it is. Whether or not she gets it right, she gets to choose the next person who is blindfolded. Keep going until everyone gets a turn. It sounds like a silly game, but the girls thought it was hilarious.



answers from Minneapolis on

If its nice out you could get a slip and slide for the girls and have them bring their suits. Slip and slids are alway fun. You could also get a bunch of water balloons and have them team up and start close togeather throwing the water balloons back and forth and then they get farther and farther apart and they keep doing that till the water ballons break and whatever team wins mabye gets a little prize. We did that at one of my birthdays when i was a kid and then just had a water balloon fight. You could also mabye do little makeovers with them. Like painting eachothers nails and letting them play with a a little makup for the nite if other parents are ok with that. Have fun!



answers from Sheboygan on

I see that you got a lot of really good ideas. I may even use them when it comes time to have my daughter's party. Water activities have always worked for me when I had my children's summer birthday parties. The kids always had fun with water guns and especially the water ballons. Besides just having a water ballon fight you could do games with them as well. You could have a water balloon tossing contest where you pair the girls up and they toss the balloon to each other trying not to drop it(kind of like the egg toss but with balloons). As for the pinata, I have done them numerous times with my parties. There are a couple things that you could do... you could tie rope around the plastic part of the pinata and throw it over the branch of the tree and lower it to the height you want it and either tie it down to the ground on the other end or have someone hold the rope and move it up and down for added fun and to make it more challenging or blindfolding them(of course keeping everyone at a safe distance so they don't get hurt from the person swinging at the pinata). Or you could look around at party shops and sometimes they have pinata hooks that you can hang your pinata from a tree(again if it is still too high use rope to attach to the hook at the desired height). I do think that brainstorming with your daughter about what things she would like to do for fun is helpful because then you know that you will be doing something that she would like to do(within reason of course)and she will enjoy the party more and you will know what she likes to do and know that she is enjoying the party herself because she helped with the ideas. Depending on what your daughter likes or dislikes arts and crafts are always fun and makeup(depending on if that is all right with you)can be a big hit. You could have the girls do makeovers on each other or painting each other's nails and toe nails and then have like a beauty contest where each girl could walk down a runway(you could use a black garbage can bag cut up to look like a runway) to display their new make-up and nails. Either you or the girls can talk while they walk down the runway telling the other's about their new do. If you wanted to you could have them do fun stuff with their hairs as well to develop a new style. They may have a lot of fun with this as they could do fun stuff like crazy hairdos and stuff. Good luck with this and I hope the party goes well.



answers from Minneapolis on

My son is turning 12 on July 19 and we had a "water" birthday party for his 10th that was probably his favorite party ever--a three person slip and slide and lots of water balloons. We also rented something where you throw a ball and if you hit the target a bucket of water falls on somoene's head, but it actually wasn't the highlight and I'm not sure it was worth the money. The neighbor girls who are his age like to have craft parties. You can find a variety of inexpensive craft kits at Michael's.



answers from Minneapolis on

You can always divide the girls up into 2 or more teams and have them go on a scavenger hunt, too.



answers from Minneapolis on

How about bobbing for apples -- and THEN searching for marshmallows in powdered sugar? Its a mess -- but hilarious!!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I also have a summer birthday and we also played the water balloon toss game. I also loved the dice game... still a big hit at showers. My mom would go to the dollar store or buy some other inexpensive prizes(one for each guest). They could make their own pizzas. You could do a craft. They could bake! Little makeovers are always a hit. Turn on the music and let them dance! And about the pinata, could you hang it from your garage door, we have done that before? Well good luck a have lots of fun!



answers from Minneapolis on

You have lots of great ideas so far. Perhaps a crafting party? JoAnn Etc. and Michaels both have "party rooms" and will put together a craft project/activity and then allow you to bring in cake.. or perhaps find a craft idea from the store (they sell kits etc) and do the same thing but at home.

I know the parties sure look fun. I've been to our local Michael's many times while a private party would be underway. I've seen both boy parties and girl parties, and the projects looked pretty cool. The boy party was a pirate theme and they made hats, their own treasure maps and chests. And the girl party I saw was a t-shirt party, and girls were using rhinestone punches, fabric paints, tie-dye etc. It looked pretty fun to me.

If you want to do a pinata, and have no tree, you could use a very long stick and tie the pinata by a medium sized string at one end, and an adult could hold it at the the other. Traditionally, this is sometimes how it is done, because the person holding the pinata could raise, lower, or move the pinata away from the blindfolded person, making it more challenging to smash it open.

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