Ideas for Activities for Kids at an Adult Party

Updated on December 10, 2009
E.F. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Well moms,

Thank you so much for all the responses on how to keep kids out of trouble at an adult party. . .so I am hiring a sitter. . .now I was wondering if there are any other great activity ideas for the kids. . .

I am going to pick up more crayons/markers and coloring books, I will have gingerbread man cookie decorating, I will pick up sand for the sandbox, there are some scooters and balls for outside, I have some kid board games. . .

Any other ideas that won't cost me an arm and a leg? And if it is raining. . .I guess they will have to be inside. . .I was planning on having some movie ready for around 7pm. . .

We will have a range of kids from 2-7 years old and boys and girls (obviously). I have two girls, so we mostly have princess stuff and kitchen, etc.

Thanks again everyone.


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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies. I got color books and new markers (washable) and decorate your own gingerbread cookies. It was fine, they ended up doing pretend play and entertained themselves mostly.

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answers from Honolulu on

treasure hunt with just stickers or tattoos for the prize.

balls and tossing them into a box decorated like an alligator or something.


decorating paper bags

pinata with non-candy stuff in it

stamping on a HUGE banner size of butcher paper

making Christmas ornaments with paper plates and glitter and glue

Just go to your local Dollar store and pick up some stuff... doesn't have to be expensive.

*with board games... the pieces are liable to get lost... and if it is your own kid's board games... they might not like that the pieces are "lost."
Making sure that your own kids, do NOT feel they have to "share" everything and all their toys or "special" toys. I would... prior to the party... designate clearly, WITH your kids, what toys or personal items they absolutely will not or do not want to "share" with all those kids. It should be "their" decision (with your guidance), BECAUSE- things can break or get lost or just never be found again. Their things. Kids feel better in their own home... when they know that they do not have to give/share everything with outsiders/other guests/kids. And it is perfectly fine. It is their possessions after all, and at that age, some toys/things are just special. I would also cordon off their own bedrooms/private areas as well. Unless your kids don't mind, nor you.

Just a thought.

Is it just 1 Sitter you are having? How many kids per Sitter or what is the ratio of Kids to Sitter? Maybe 2 sitters is best if you have lots of kids... because doing crafts/activities/games with that range of ages... just "1" Sitter might go crazy containing them and/or any tiffs or tantrums. It would be a handful for even just 1 parent.

All the best,



answers from Los Angeles on

Crafts from Micael's like others suggested. A friend of mine bought little popsicle stick "like" photo frames with a bunch of sticky foam and letters. The kids got to decorate them and a put a picture of them from that party.

If it's a holiday party, have them decorate an ornament or something similar for what your celebrating



answers from Los Angeles on


I would nix the playdough- I found out the hard way how horribly messy it can be if the kids are too young- my poor brother in law had bits of it ground into his carpet after I gave them a gift....

Anyway, another idea is foam crafts. I went to a wedding and the bride bought foam masks that kids decorated with foam stickers and wore- they LOVED it, even the boys! Or especially the boys. You can pick up stuff like that at Michaels, Target, etc.

Make sure everything you use is washable! =) Markers, glue, etc.

Have fun!



answers from San Diego on

I concur on the foam crafts. They come in kits at Michaels and they have all sorts of themes. I think they mostly are just stickers that the kids use, so not to much mess there. I have gotten them plenty of times and they are always a crowd pleaser for my 3 year old and friends.

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