Ideas for a Super Cheap Graduation Party near Fort Worth

Updated on May 28, 2010
T.K. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
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I've got family coming in for my daughters high school graduation Saturday night. We all want to get together in the afternoon to celebrate her. My family will be spending money to get here and on presents, so, I don't want them to have to come out of pocket. At the same time, I'm already spending a whole lot on feeding my visitors and her present. Where can we get together for cheap? I was thinking backyard bbq, but she wouldn't like that and it will be 95 degrees! So, I thought maybe we could all go to Billy Bobs or a yogurt shop. I'm grasping at straws trying to come up with something on the free to cheap side that will be fun and memorable for her and our out of town guests.

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So What Happened?

We had a bbq. Mostly in the house. Only the grill master and little ones went outside to play in the water. I decorated the dining room and everyone had a great time. It was so hot, I did kind of a carribean theme on the food. I made jerk chicken. Chili lime corn on the cob. Grilled pineapple and ice cream for desert. I also made lemon pepper chicken, sausage and hamburgers and hot dogs. We grown ups had mojitos and rum and coke. The bonus was I cooked enough meat to feed my out of town guests the whole 3 day weekend. The rest of the weekend was fun too. I took the out of towners to Traders Village, Parks Mall, Arlington Highlands, downtown Dallas at night, and they toured Cowboy Stadium. So all in all, I guess it worked out pretty well.

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I know you probably want to make your daughter happy but if a BBQ is what you can afford then she should just deal with it.

Also, I can think of lots of free places to throw a party but they are all outside!
The botanic gardens and the water gardens in downtown fort worth are really pretty and cool places to hang out, but you're right it will very hot this weekend.

But if you're willing to spend some money there is a restaraunt called Sprouts in arlington off Collins that is really young/hip, has an upbeat atmosphere and they serve vietamese food. They also have those wierd boba drinks. It could be exciting trying the different drinks and desserts if you're not used to that sort of thing.

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We had our wedding reception upstairs at the White Elephant Saloon in the stockyards. It only cost us $150 to rent it!!! That was 8 years ago but it was a total lifesaver. We got about 120 people in there, and you can bring your own food.

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Hi T.!
There is a great custard place on Camp Bowie called Curly's Frozen Custard. The custard is great - not the cheapest, but we had a really fun birthday party there and brought our own cupcakes and balloons and it was really cheap. We gave out stickers to people in our party since they don't rent it out. Call them! They have a covered kind of courtyard with tables and a fountain and they also serve hotdogs etc. It's fun! Good luck!
A. P.
Independent Stella & Dot Stylist

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I know Golden Corral and Spring Creek BBQ have separate rooms so you might want to check one of those places.

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