Ideas for a Hotwheels Birthday Party

Updated on August 24, 2009
M.J. asks from Bothell, WA
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I'm trying to plan a birthday party for my soon to be 5 year old boy and he's really into Hot wheels. I'm going to have him only invite about 5 friends and have it at our home. We don't have a lot of money right now for the party so I'm planning on a tight budget. Does anyone have any creative ideas for me (decorating, games, etc.)?

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answers from Anchorage on

I have done a hot wheels birthday before for my boys. For the cake I made a rectangle cake. Used frosting to make a race track and then put a car on it. For games we had them decorate boxes for a city to drive the hotwheel cars in.

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answers from Seattle on

At this age--- the simpler the better. How about setting out cardboard boxes for each child- and things with which to decorate the boxes into ''cars'' which the little ones can step into- and ''wear'' - thus becoming the hot wheels that can race around the driveway or back yard or park - or even up and down the hall---so the boxes would have most of the bottoms cut out -- the sides would be decorated and when the children race - they step into and hold the box around their body - at the end of their down-hanging arms -- see???? --- round circles of construction paper can be the '''tires''' - they can use markers to add decorative details on the outside of the boxes--- oh- they'[ll make such a mess - and sometimes that in itself is such fun-

Your '''enthusiasm''' to see these '''hot wheeels'' race is the best part--- use every ounce of ham you have :-))))

aka- Old Mom

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answers from Anchorage on

Hi MJ,

I can empathize on the budget issues. I've become pretty good at improvising.:) One of my favorite things is "Ice cream cone cupcakes" for the birthday cake. you can make them any size you want..junior, regular or waffle cone or bowl..but the cheapest is the regular cone. Its a cool fairly non-messy way to get it done, and you can freeze leftovers. I used the "fun chip" cake and a chocolate cake mix to make a marble cake, filled the cups, baked them..(The recipe is on the side of the "fun chip" variety of Pillsbury cake mix) You can frost them, and do anything with the top when they are done. I just frost and then put a scoop of ice cream on top and then a few sprinkles. At Christmas time I use a candy cane.If you aren't too worried about mess..if you buy two vanilla type frostings you can use food coloring and color them..and let the kids do the decorating if you are up to that mess..but you can do it yourself too, and still do the food colors. Last year because my son likes spiders I did a "spider cake"..(A round layer cake with another for the leggs..all put together with frosting and sprinkles. I made a little head with red hots for the eyes and even put little fangs on it. He was thrilled. It was the biggest cake I have made and it took forever to get rid of it. (I think we ended up freezing part of it in the end)> Nice thing about that one was I not only got birthday done..but I got dessert for several weeks done as well :) Good Luck!



answers from Seattle on

I totally vote for the idea Judy has with decorating boxes like cars. You can hit up stores for free boxes of medium size (or do shoeboxes), find something circle for wheels (paper plates for bigger boxes or water bottle caps for smaller boxes, streamers, glitter, glue, construction paper and any other doodads and let the boys (or girls) go to town. Fancy car (picked by your son) wins a small prize.

Or set up a "pretend track" in the back yard and have races around.

Or set up car tracks all over the house. I am sure you have friends who will let you borrow car tracks and you can make little stations.

Do cupcakes and buy a hotwheel for each kid and put it on the cupcake. What kid woulnd't love that! And that could be their thank you gift.

I can see lots of fun inexpesive things for this party.

Have fun!



answers from Seattle on

A pinata was the highlight of my 5 year olds party.



answers from Seattle on

I was going to suggest the cardboard boxes turned into race cars. Buy a pack of washable markers and set them up outside if the weather is nice. Also, you can have a coloring contest if you also have a confined space. (First place gets to pick his HotWheels first, but one for everyone.) 9x13 sheet cake with four cupcakes. Cut the sheet cake in half, chop one side to about 2/3, and center it on top of the larger half. Slather with colored frosting and put the four cupcakes down as wheels and cover them with frosting too. Your own hotwheels cake. :)



answers from Spokane on

Seeing how it is Hot Wheels themed, I am assuming he has some Hot Wheels track sets(when my older sets of boys were into them we had tons of track and their Dad would put them all up at once and it was great, some of them go up walls and down furniture)...I say put together all that you have up and out and I bet the kids will play with them for FOREVER! Can you see it? One room all decorated to the hilt, sounds cool!
---Hot Wheels...Beat that!---

Have Fun!

Judy's idea below sounds really fun too!



answers from Spokane on


I love the hotwheels theme. My son will be 4 in December and I love hearing what other parents are doing. I would suggest getting alot of the decoration from outside. Because you'll have the hotwheels theme, you could set up an area just for the cars to be played with. Go on a nature walk with you son around the area and pick up sticks, branches, leaves, anything you want (and will allow in your home). Then take it back and set the play scene. You could also use leaves for name places markers, cut out pictures from magazines of buildings and create a small town for them to play with the hotwheels in. It doesn't even have to be big. I would look outside and see what you can get for free and then visit the salvation army for nick-nacks for the kids that are attending. There is a lot of stuff in those stores. I even buys books and clean them really good. Good luck and hope you have a very financially affordable and happy 5th birthday party!



answers from Seattle on

Get large cardboard boxes and have them cut out before the party. Then have the kids paint or decorate them in some fashion to make them into hotwheels. Or get cardboard shoe boxes and have them decorated to store hotwheel cars in.



answers from Seattle on

My son had the same kind of party when he was that age, but it had to do with pirates. (Talk about looking like it was going to be an expensive idea!) What I did was purchase one set of the Hot Wheels plates/cups (which Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree has them for cheap) and then just purchased decorations that were cheap, that matched the color scheme of the party. As for a cake, something that helped out would be to make a cupcake cake and then put Hot Wheels on them as toppers. I did this for my son one year and he absolutely LOVED it. :D Plus, the children get to take home a neat little prize!



answers from Seattle on

I just had a cars movie themed party for my 2 year old here are a couple ideas. use the spare tire from your car and have a bean bag toss. get butcher block paper or blank newsprint paper (found at a printing facility or newspaper printing place. I would for Rotary Offset Press in Kent Wa and we have tons of roll ends ( the ends of the rolls of paper they use to print the newspaper on but they can't use they will usually give them to you for free or a small charge) use the paper to draw a racing strip road on. I did 2 lanes per piece of paper then got some cheap pull back cars and let the kids pull the car back at the starting line and whoevers car crossed the finish line first won. create an obstical course in the back yard. my kids were younger so they rode the little push bikes or trikes. pin the tire on the car. get a poster of a hotwheel and and print out pictures of tires from you computer and cut them out to use to piin on the poster. here are some links I found great ideas on. for the cake I found this great idea of taking 2 round cakes and putting them together to make a figure 8 race track here is that link as well.

here is the page I used for my cake

My cake turned out so cute. I was short on time so I bought 2 round cakes and scraped the frosting off and then redid it my self. I will try to get a picture up to were you can see it and let you know when and where i put it up.

good luck and have fun. email me personally if you want more ideas or have questions.



answers from Seattle on

Definately don't forget the figure eight race car cake - the easiest thing to make and will be a huge hit.... my son loved his - here is the link!




answers from Portland on

You could have a Hot Wheels scavenger hunt in the room or yard. You could use your son's cars, or buy a few as prizes. Or you could print some from the computer and tape them around.

Another idea for a make-n-take project: Hewlett Packard has free projects on their website and I noticed they have some cardstock models that can be printed and folded. They look pretty cool. My 4 yr old daughter wants to make some. You will need cardstock and color ink, but shouldn't cost too much if you buy the card stock in a package at the office supply store and go print them at a Kinkos or at home.

If you have games with prizes, I wouldn't think you would need a goodie bag, just have something for the kids to put their prizes in. But, make sure each child "wins" something.

Have fun! We are doing a Clifford party tomorrow for my 2 yr old and will fish for bones, Give Clifford a bone (pin the bone on Clifford) and a paw print scavenger hunt. There will be a mix of ages, so wanted to make sure everyone could play.


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