Ideas for a Creative First Birthday Party for My Daughter

Updated on August 01, 2007
N.K. asks from Clinton Township, MI
7 answers

I really want to create a fun and exciting birthday for my daughter who will be turning 1 in November. It's a ways away but I want to start thinking of creative ideas. I consider myself creative so I'm wondering if any of you moms are the same way too. I just want it to be a fun and interesting day for her. For example I wanted to do a theme and have it be something she loves of course but am sort of stuck and need some help. She loves anything Baby Einstein and loves dogs. Any suggestions?

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Keep it simple and just try to have the day filled with things that she loves to do. Make sure the food you serve is food that she can eat (ex. no grapes, chips etc). When my son turned one, I set up a bench in my yard and when all the guests came, I made sure that they each sat on the bench with my son and I took their picture with him. I had a "Happy Birthday" banner above the bench. They made great keepsakes for the end of his babybook. I made doubles of the pictures and used them for Thank-You cards also by writing a short message on the back to each guest that came. Make sure that the day is about making her happy, not about throwing some impressive party. :)



answers from Detroit on

Does she like Princess theme? I am doing my daughters this month and it is a Royal theme. I got tiars, crowns and wands for all the kids and her a fancy tiara!!



answers from Detroit on

Check out

I get the flyer which has tons of different birthday theme ideas, along with the matching decorations, goody bags and more.

Something I did that was special for both my kids when turning one was I passed around a book called "Wishes for One" and had everyone at the party write a little something about the birthday baby! From funny personality traits,future jobs,or a special wish for the future, it's a great addition to the baby book & something I know my kids will enjoy reading when they're older.



answers from Detroit on

Hi N.,

i just went to my nieces first birthday party not to long ago. She started everything off with the invite ( made on the computer). On the invitation she made sure to say bring it along. She chose on invitation and wrote on the back " thank you for coming you have won a prize ". I thought that was a good idea. Some of the games she played were musical chairs, egg hunt & dance contest ( that was pretty funny ). You could have each kid draw a picture for your daughter. ( it keeps them kinda busy when you're trying to get food together or prepare for cake. Speaking of cake instead of ordering a big cake and having to cut pieces she ordered a small cake for my niece and cupcakes to serve, that was a big hit with the kids and the parents.( less mess )as for a theme you mentioned that she likes dogs, i would pick out some general colors and decorate the tables with stuffed animals ( dogs & puppies ) and she can keep them when the party is over. I love to plan parties if you like my advice and you would like more tips please feel free to contact me. I wish you well with the party and happy early birthday to your daughter.




answers from Jackson on

I love doing creative b-day parties. My Daughter is only 4months old but I already know I'm going to do a Princess Tea Party (make a Tea Pot Cake with maybe 4 tea cup cup cakes)

My oldest sons 1st b-day was a circus theme (bake a cake in a large shallow bowl, invert it when it's cool then frost in white frosting, use pullnpeel twizzlers for hair, circus peanuts (those orange things) for ears sucker for a nose sliced gum drops for eyes, pipe a big red mouth on etc. use the extra candy in bowls serve guests circus food (cotton candy flavored ice cream was a big hit at this party!)

My 2nd son was an "under the sea" theme bake two 9x13 cakes cut them in half so you have 4 squares then stack them frost in light blue make fish out of taffy (starburst worked great!) pipe on some undersea vegetation and there you have an aquarium! We served Fish shaped Sandwiches (use a cookie cutter) and gold fish crackers, and I did blue punch with fish shaped ice cubes (baking supply stores should have fish shaped candy molds)



answers from Benton Harbor on

Hi N.~
Whatever you do, keep in mind that she won't remember a thing about it. So dont make yourself crazy trying to make it memorable for her...make it something that YOU will enjoy doing FOR her. After all, she may just show her appreciation with a screaming fit, as my son did on his didn't like the cake on his high chair! Go figure! Have fun planning!



answers from Detroit on

go to and check out their party themes... they have everything and at great prices!! Have fun looking!! :)


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