Ideas for a Big Sister Tea Party??

Updated on March 17, 2010
S.R. asks from McKinney, TX
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We are expecting our 2nd child (another baby girl) towards the end of June, and I'm wanting to throw a "Big Sister Tea Party" for our 3 year old daughter, Emma Kate.

She is really excited about being a big sister, but I know the transition is going to be really hard... it's been all about her for over 3 years, and her little world is about to be ROCKED! :)

I thought it would be a fun way to celebrate her "new role" and make her feel special... I'm think just a few of her little friends (some of who are already big sisters) and maybe grandparents, etc.

Do you have any ideas for invitations, activities, etc? I would love your suggestions - and we're pretty girlie, so anything goes! :)


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answers from Fayetteville on

I am a big sister myself and when my mom had my little sister I was almost 5. I remember doing something similar to this and I think it is a great Idea to introduce her new role as a big sister. My sister and is now 17 and I am 22 about to have my own little one and me and my sister get along great. I am sure your daughter will be just fine and love her new sister very much. They say the closer you have them in age its better because they will get along better. I am not sure about that little wives tale though even though my sister and I fought as kids we are pretty close now. I hope that helps. :)

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answers from San Antonio on

I think all girls would love to get dressed up fancy like for a real tea party. Perhaps the girls can come over, tell the parents to bring any clothes that they have and let the girls get dressed up together. If you want to make it more "baby is going to arrive" party, maybe they can put diapers and baby clothes on their baby dolls and lay their babies in little beds while they have their 'big sister' tea time.

I love to rhyme in my invite, and do so whenever I can. Here's an idea for you below that I just made up.

We're going to have a party
So please come and have some tea.
This party's for big sisters only
so that will include you and me!

Come dressed in your finest clothes.
I'll have the tea and scones.
We'll talk and chat in person
instead of using our phones.... ? (This was a real quick poem, sorry it's not better, but at least it might get you started if you like that idea). Oh and Google 'teacup coloring page' or 'teapot coloring page' and you can probably find a template that you could print/paste your invite on. Your daughter could color on the teacup first, then you could paste the invite on it.

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answers from Dallas on

I think this is such a sweet idea. I too am expecting baby #2 and have a 4 year old daughter who is so excited about being a big sister =) I may have to do this it sounds like such a great idea.

If you need help with invitations I would be happy to help, I create custom invitations my website is . Many of my designs are not up yet, but all of my designs are custom so I can make something special just for you =) I actually just purchased more tea party images the other day to work on a tea party line of favors and invitations because I have not really seen anything I love out there and it seems to be a pretty popular theme these days.

My daughter had a princess tea party for her 4th birthday last month. I just bought plain white tea cups at Goodwill and the CCA and decorated them with sequins and tulle to make them pretty. We had the girls wear their princess costumes to the party. I rented small tables for the little kids and let them drink lemonade and apple juice from the cups. The girls had a great time! If you would like pictures of the cups or need help with more ideas let me know I would be happy to help [email protected]



answers from Atlanta on

My girls just went to a Princess Tea Party where all the girls dressed up like Princesses, which they loved. They decorated wands with stickers (all from Michael's craft store), had their nails painted, danced to princess music (itunes has a bunch). The mom also bought large princess coloring pages and put them all over the walls for the kids to color on. It was so cute and my girls loved it!

Great idea for your little one! Have fun!




answers from Dallas on

I love this idea. I definitely think you ought to make a Big Sister Advice book and take pics of all of the attendees and write down their advice (or let them draw a picture) on how to be a big sister.
I'd let them practice diapering a baby, etc. Just make it fun and all about her and being a big sis.



answers from Tyler on

I did a tea party birthday party for my daughter when she was & it was the BEST birthday party she ever had. She is 12 now & her and her friends that were there still talk about it. We did it at a restaurant that had a banquet room so we could ahve privacy, it's called the Potpourri House in Tyler. The kids got to play dress up with fancy dresses and high heel shoes, the boys put on men's jackets & ties. Of course everything was huge on them and will be for your daughter & her friends too. They got to model the clothes for the patrons in the restaurant (this is an upscale "old lady" type restaurant) so the ladies loved it! The lady from the restaurant taught them ball room dancing. They had sprite and lemonaide in the tea kettle since most kids don't care for tea, and they had muffins and cookies to snack on. You could do something like this at your home too, it doesn't have to be quite the production this was but I was very lucky that the lady over the parties at this restaurant was really into this so she put her hearth and soul into making it a very fun time. You could go to a thrift store and see if you could find some older, elegant-type dresses and sports coats if you plan on having boys there too. The kids could do dress up for the grandparents. Anyways, just some info. on my daughters party, hope this helps and hope it turns out great!



answers from Cincinnati on

I just posted a question about doing a search for my Party Ponies on mamapedia. If you would like to think about adding ponies, they go over big at parties.

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