Ideas for 6 Yr Old Bday Party in October

Updated on August 31, 2011
S.X. asks from Carpentersville, IL
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We are considering a party IN OUR HOME w/potential of 18 kids (class) invited (and their parents).
yikes. that's alot. my husband says 1/2 will come.
ideas for activities/food etc.
pizza? bbq? we don't want to make it too expensive as we did the jump house party thing before, and we don't have the room for a jump house on our lawn.
i love the paint a pumpkin idea, a friend suggested that also.
but really, how much time does that take? what do you do after that? lol

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answers from Boston on

Sherry stole all my ideas ! :) You could do candy apples for favors in cute ( non expensive ) cellophane bags with a little ribbon to close it at the top. Maybe you could get some fake leaves from the dollar store and make like a "leaf pit" and kids could play in there and toss leaves around in the air or something?

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answers from Dayton on

I am so glad I have a kiddo w/ an October bday.
It just makes it so much more fun, I think. :)

Boy? Girl? Mine will also be 6. She wants a fairy party.
Last year was her 'big' party. This year, just fam..

But she still wants to dress up and have fun and that's cool.

One activity we pumpkin decorating. We have done this twice now and it is a huge hit!
First we hide the pumpkins in the yard for them to find. Then they get really creative!
Last year we also invited the kids to dress up. It was a certain theme and DD was dressed to match but the kids just wore their costumes. They loved it.

I am no help on the food part of your Q...

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answers from Dallas on

I would do a park with pumpkin carving and some bbq.

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answers from Spokane on

Halloween themed party? Costumes, candy apples, pumpkin carving?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Do a whole halloween-themed party. Love the paint a pumpkin idea (though you're right... maybe 10 minutes tops?) Other ideas:

1. Costume parade
2. Make Halloween crafts (several available at or stores like Michaels)
3. Traditional party games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Musical Chairs, but make it halloween themed (pin the nose on the witch or pin the smile on the jack o lantern; halloween music for musical chairs, etc)

You can also make cookies with halloween-themed cookie cutters and have the kids decorate them (lots of sets for sale on amazon)

I'm looking forward to doing a Halloween party for my baby girl who turns one the week before Halloween. : )

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answers from Chicago on

I had a big home party for my daughter last year in October- she was 6. When the kids first got there I had them decorate treat bags for the pinata we did later in the party. We then played a mummy game. Teams took turns wrapping each of my daughter's older brothers in TP and when they ran out we crowned the winning team for the best mummy. I also had a petting zoo- sounds expensive but it was only for an hour and it was actually probably the same cost as a bounce house. Kids loved it. We then did a pinata and they filled their goodie bags. For food I just did hot dogs, little bags of chips and then cupcakes .We have done painting pumpkins before and that was fun, too- actually, we just did stickers and markers, it was a little neater!



answers from Chicago on

Costume parade around the block
Design a trick or treat bag
the donuts on a string game is cool
paint a pumpkin
pin the face on the pumpkin (think pin the tail on the donkey here lol)

food wise I would make a big batch of sloppy joes and hot dogs and then just do chips and cookies its a party things don't all have to be totally nutritious lol

donuts on a string:
You tie a string around a donut (day old works best for this) and then hang them from a branch on a tree the kids have to try and get a bite of one without knocking them off sort of like dunking for apples but no one gets wet and messy. we used to do this. oh and they get blindfolded. its fun.


answers from Chicago on

I would HATE to supervize pumpkin carving for that many 6 year olds! But, pumpkin decorating? Oh yes!! I'm thinking paint, glue, glitter, maybe some yarn for hair.



answers from Houston on

Never underestimate. We invited 26 to my kid's bday last year and 25 showed up.

Instead of a pinata, you can hide treats in bales of hay and the kids can try to find them. Stick a few pictures of a needle and have a grandprize for anyone who finds it!



answers from New York on

Last year we did a Fall Festival for our soon to be 8 yr old daughter & we are doing it again. We started out w/a Pumpkin Patch in our back yard - we went to a nursery in our town and got a really good deal on sugar pumpkins or you can check around but get them right before the party & Oriental Trading has stickers that were individually wrapped that were great instead of paint (paint takes forever to dry & forget about the mess!) You can also get a few bails of hay and have the children help make a few scarecrows. A fun game to play is the Mummy Game - buy some cheap toilet paper& divide the children into groups & let them wrap eachother into a mummy. We've even done that at my 13 yr old's party and they've had fun doing it! We also diid a pinata, had pizza, cupcakes, we didn't open gifts because my daughter was collecting donations for our town's animal shelter instead of gifts for her b-day, but the day flew, so that is why we are adding on another hour this year. We had over twenty-five 6 yr olds that's why I would allow that extra bit of time and if you get any parents that offer to stay, TAKE THE HELP! We have since moved into a much smaller house, but the yard is huge so we're hoping that when we do this again, Mother Nature will be our friend, if not we have a good size garage. Best of luck to you. Just a thought, we had gotten fabric Halloween treat bags from Rite Aid lastyear, they made a great goody bag b/c the childen could put their decorated pumpkin in them, their pinata stuff & anything else they got from the party in them. Enjoy they party! PS We were hoping 1/2 would come, but we even ended up w/some siblings!!!!!

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