Ideas for 2 Yr Old Birthday Party at Home

Updated on March 22, 2010
G.M. asks from Ashburn, VA
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I am having a birthday party at home. There will be some 2 yr olds and a few 3, 4 and 5 yr olds. I was thinking of a doing a craft involving stickers to decorate foam visors or perhaps decorating/drawing on placemats (something I just saw on another website) but not sure where I can find placemats for crafts and what I would use to decorate them that doesn't fall off but at same time, is easy for a 2 yr old to do. Or, if anyone has a totally different idea, please share! Any other activities other than crafts too? I also plan on having a pinata

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answers from Norfolk on

Hi I get tons of ideas from it's other moms telling you what they did for their kids & it's broken down by age & theme. Have fun!

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answers from Kansas City on

Just another foam idea is a picture frame. We had a playdate where they had a foam frame, and then the kids decorated them with foam stickers. We then got all the kids together and took a picture, she printed them off on her computer, and all the kids got to go home with a picture in their frame to remember the day.



answers from Philadelphia on

We had my daughter's 2 year b-day party at home las November. To keep our little friends occupied I bought a blow up pool and some ball-pit balls (about 200) and beach balls and it was a huge hit. Honestly- they didn't even care about the craft I had set up- they had a blast playing with the toys and the ball pit.
If you want to make a place mat it is actually very simple: take an 8x10 piece of construction paper and write the child's name on it. Give them a wide array of stickers to decorate it with and then place it in a self sealing laminating sheet (found in the office section at Walmart).
There are also great foam stickers and activities to be found at Michaels or AC Moore or even at Oriental Trading Company.
Just remember- keep it simple! :-)
Good Luck and Have Fun!!



answers from Washington DC on

At that age I don't think you really need to have some sort of craft. The kids are more into playing with someone else's toys. My son will be 2 in May and there will be about 8 kids btwn 1 and 5 at our house. We have tons of outdoor toys and figure the kids will be occupied with that.



answers from Boise on

These are all still young children. Since 2 year olds can get overwhelmed very easily at birthday parties, I would consider skipping the pinata and instead have them "farm" the goodies off of the "candy trees" (outside bushes). Reading a storybook to go along with your birthday theme is great for this young age. If you don't have a theme, consider a Whinnie the Pooh story or something like that. Playing in sand or water, like a small plastic pool filled with water and toy boats, or filled with sand and dump trucks and shovels/spoons would be appropriate. (would be cute with a dumptruck story and theme). Have the parents blow bubbles. Another game that is easy is, to put up a blue piece of fabric and have an udult crouch on the other side. Have the kids put a fishing pole over it, and the adult puts a toy on the line. the child reels it in. (or instead of a sheet, open up a refridgerator box and decorate it with blue paint and waves.) All ages seem to love this one.
Really, the more simple the party, the better. Crayons in a bucket with pre-printed coloring sheets (you can find themed ones on the net) would be most appropiate for 3-4 yr olds, and so may work better than blank placemats to design. Even the coloring sheet will be above some 2 yr olds.

Gear it more towards your birthday child's ability. The rule of thumb is one child invited per each year of the child's age.



answers from Washington DC on has what you are looking for.



answers from Asheville on

Last year for my daughters 2nd birthday, we bought a "jump-o-lene" for her and all the kids to play in. We also bought a bunch of balls to throw in there too. Not too expensive, $50 from walmart. That pretty much kept everyone occupied. It was raining last year so we had to move it all indoors and that was our best bet.



answers from Seattle on

If you want to have a great activity and go with something different, you could try checking out



answers from Pittsburgh on

Go to they've got all kinds of faomy crafts that you can get....
Also, what about the traditional pin the tail and/or limbo?

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