Icebreakers/games for My Upcoming Women's Retreat at Church

Updated on February 11, 2009
M.T. asks from Keller, TX
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I'm in need of some good ideas for about 30 women at my church to play some icebreakers or a fun game to play. I'm in charge of this part and would greatly appreciate any ideas or any games that you have played that were fun!


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answers from Dallas on

M., Good morning! I have a couple of ideas for you - the first is a game some friends came up with for one of my birthday parties. You make up a list of questions, which can be about any subject (one of mine was what would you do if a monster crawled out from underneath your bed?), then you write down an answer that makes sense to that question. You cut the questions and answers apart and mark the back of the little strips with either a Q or an A. You fold each strip in half, then place the questions in one bowl and the answers in another. You have someone at one end of the table draw a question and read it, then someone at the other end draw an answer and read it. Of course, rarely do the answers make sense for the question, but some of the resulting combinations were hysterical.

Also, have you ever played Bunko? That's another game that large groups can play and all it requires are dice, a timer, paper and pens. You can buy the game at Wal-Mart and it's fairly inexpensive, but you'll need multiple sets as you need one set of dice per table of four people. The group I used to belong to also purchased inexpensive gifts to give out at the end - one for the winner, one for the lowest score, one for the most Bunkos, etc. I think there were five or six gifts in all and they ranged from scented soaps or candles to kitchen gadgets - nothing overly costly.

I hope one of these helps and I pray you have a truly wonderful, blessed retreat!

Oh, one more daughter and I just got Don't Forget The Lyrics and it's so much fun! That might be another idea. At any rate, enjoy! God bless! S.

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Hey M.! I first wanted to say that you are truely being a blessing by serving these women. I love this game I've played before where each woman writes down 3 interesting things about themselves and everyone sits in a circle and the leader reads the pieces of paper aloud. Then all the women try to guess who you are describing. It's a good ice breaker especially if you encorage them to write personal info (like "I had to do IVF to have my child" etc). And for something that's just fun to encourage them to laugh together and get to know eachother, I love the game "Mad Gab" and it's always hilarious!
Good luck and I'll let you know if I think of anything else.

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answers from Amarillo on

Hi M., I've suggested this game to another Mamasourcer and I hope it'll help you out too. This game is called the 'Who am I' game and it is tons of fun. Here is the link on how to play it:
It is a kids game but you can tweek it to fit adults. Good luck and I wish you and your friends alot of fun and laughs :).



answers from Dallas on

We did a simple icebreaker where we took a penny off the table and described something significant that happened in the year on the coin.

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