Ice Skating for Toddlers

Updated on October 01, 2008
A.B. asks from Attleboro, MA
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Hi Moms,
I'm looking for an ice rink that offers skating lessons to toddlers. My son is 3 and my husband and I would like to introduce him to skating & hockey, etc. I live in Attleboro so any suggestions for rinks in the area would be welcomed!

Thanks everyone!

A. B.

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answers from Boston on

I signed my daughter up for group lessons in Frankin which I'm not sure if this is too far for you and the program is great. However, I did find the ratio 6 to 1 adult and at this young age they really don't get much out of it cuz the teacher spends all her time "picking up the kids" and helping them stand.

I feel strongly you will get much more value out of spending the extra money for a few private lessons with one on one attention. He will get more out of 4 25 minute one on one lessons than he would for the entire 6-8 week sessions sharing time with other toddlers.

My daughter now is taking private at the Norfolk Rink, Rink old and run down but teachers are FANTASTIC!!!! Mom of 2 girls 5 & 2 from Franklin .

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answers from Boston on

Hi A.,
Iorio Arena in Walpole (RT 1) has many programs available for skating and hockey.

Good luck,

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Hi A., I live in Foxboro and my son took skating lessons at the Foxboro Rink and loved it. As for hockey, I signed him up for the Learn to play hockey at Slapshots Academy in Franklin (synthetic ice) and he loves it. They are wonderful and I found this program through the YMCA. He is learning a lot. In order for your child to play hockey he needs to have taken a learn to skate program first. Good luck! K. Falcione

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