Ice Cream and Constipation

Updated on March 09, 2008
A.B. asks from Cleveland, OH
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So my daughter has had constipation a few days after having ice cream cake. We recently gave her some hard ice cream and now she is constipated again. (On a side note, she is taking Miralax because she has regularity issues). I am dealing with the constipation, but my question is about ice cream. What makes ice cream different that other dairy products like milk, cream cheese, sourceam, yogurt, cheese, do not affect her but hard ice cream does? She has had soft ice cream over the past summer and has not had any issues with that! Just thought you moms would give me some knowledge..about why its hard ice

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the great advice...her problem with constipation started when we started baby food, with no changes in formula or anything like that. I have tried cayro syrup and other things. Thanks for helping!

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I don't think there is any difference between soft ice cream and hard ice cream. Any dairy can constipate you especially cheese. Have you had here tested for food allergies? My daughter had bowel issues (along with several other issues) and she ended up having a milk allergy. Just a thought, but if she can eat soft icecream she should be able to eat hard ice cream. Has she eaten anything else with it or before it that could actually be causing the issue? Keep a food diary, it helps A LOT when you are trying to figure out a digestion issue.
good luck

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I think that the whole "hard ice-cream" issue is in your head. Call me crazy, but, doesn't it melt by the time it is digested...even by the time it is swallowed????

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She is probably constipated more than you think with the milk in her diet. IF she is on Miralax she is probably having the problem with dairy. You are just noticing it more when she has the hard ice cream. Try the soy milk and cheese and see if that helps. Soy ice cream is also made. You might want to try these products out and see if her constipation clear up. You would not need Miralax possibably.

The other thing I would do is push to see an allergist. They would be able to test her and get you some answers. I have had to put my daughter on Miralax and she is 4.5. I am not liking it because I don't think it is geting to the heart or our probelms. But for her it seems to be working.

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Hey! WellI had the same issues when I was a baby... Until I was about thirteen! EEK- There is something different about ice cream, I am not sure what it is. BUT my grandmother/mother one day gave me one tablespoon of corn syrup mixed in with some warm milk, and it cured the constipation and eventually cured the issues with ice cream or different dairy that gave me constipation. I do hope you try it. It worked wonders on me! Might sound a little funny, but it's not funny to be constipated! Try it!



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A food and a bowel/toileting diary will probably show you what is giving her constipation. Miralax is good for helping with irregularity and discomfort when having BM, but does not solve the issue. A pediatric allergist can help if you cannot determine the allergen on your own. Are you familiar with any diet where you only give your child certain food for a set period of time, then add another one for another set period of time, etc. until you determine what sets off the problem. By eliminating that from his/her diet she may not need the Miralax at all.
As to difference between soft and hard ice cream: more corn syrup in soft ice cream (to help it flow) and possibly more real milk and cream in the scooped ice cream - but it all melts the same!

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