, iAwesome Is Drinking Premixed and Powdered Similac Advance Formula Is That Ok?

Updated on October 24, 2011
S.2. asks from Bakersfield, CA
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My dd is on similac advanced. The premixed is sweeter and a little thicker ( I don't know just seems as such.) The powder is cheaper. So I've been giving the powder doing the day and liquid at night. Could this cause tummy issues or the reason she still isn't sleeping through the night?

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So What Happened?

Awesome I didn't think it would but I eNter to ask the mother community before scheduling and paying for a doctors visit.
My baby is 5 months 21 days. Her doctor recommends not feeding her if she wakes up at night. I tried that, couldn't bear doing the. Cry it out method. So now I wake every 2 hours for her to eat.

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I crunched the numbers between the pre-mixed and powdered Similac Advance when my son was a baby. He seemed to do so much better on the pre-mixed, and the few dollars per week I would have saved with the powder wasn't worth it...he was SO gassy on the powder. Good luck!

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My son drank breastmilk, powdered formula, and premixed, and no issued due to that. AS for the slee ing through the night thing, I am not sure how old your daughter is, but some babies sleep through the night at 2 months, while other don't until they are 12+ months. I am assuming since your daughter is on formula still that she is still fairly young, and I would not rush the sleeping through the night thing. My son did not sleep through the night consistently until he was eating protien in his meals. The sleep might come with age or with a dietary change.



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It can affect her.. my daughter couldn't do the powder because of the amount of cornstarch in it.. we had to stick to the premixed, if anything she'd be getting constipated from the cornstarch during the day (at least from my experience).



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No, if it's the same formula it wouldn't affect her. It may be a little thicker pre-mixed, but it's the same stuff. Don't know how old she is, but my son who's over one, STILL doesn't always sleep through the night. Now it's usually a quick wake up, but up until a few months ago, he was up ALOT during the night. Never for long stretches but enough that it woke us up and I'd have to comfort him, and "reset" him in his crib.

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