I Will Do anything....but I Wont Do That...

Updated on August 17, 2011
E.B. asks from Tacoma, WA
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I have been tossing this question around for some time.....After going shopping with my mom and her best friend last night I have to ask....

We are sitting in the car. I my cell phone has died...which doesnt surprise me. I needed my mom to text my hubby to pass something onto him.

Not only does my mom pull out a brand new I phone...she is texting while driving.

Now the texting while driving is something that is not so new for her...The freaking I phone is!

I am starting to realize how simple I truly love it. My phone is older then dirt...It is the first generation LG Envy. You touch the screen for nothing.

My mom has given me her old touch screen...it's one that came out when the android thing took off....It is sitting in a drawer collecting dust...touch screen freaks me out.

So I am curious...What wont you do? What new craze do you totally roll your eyes over?? here is the rest of what I wont try or start doing...

Pads of any sort...The only pad I wanna carry around is wrapped in plastic and is only needed a few days outta the month.

Believe it or I have still gone this long without my own I pod...and I plan on keeping it this way.

Any form of reading that is not done on something that glows. My house mate has been laid off from Border's in the last week...and the electric reader is on reason he no longer has a job...So, even though I see the point in the paperless books...I dont see the need because 35k people have no jobs now.

There is so much more that I have put my foot down and said I refuse to learn how to do or to start using as new age technology.

I get a chuckle out of how my parents have embraced most of the new things life has to offer and I am the one going nope I refuse.

So what do you refuse to try? Are you someone how hears the word I pad and giggle(or any of the other new techs)?

I always told myself I would not need a Navigation system....Stopping and asking for directions is just as helpful.....But after years and years of driving in circles we did finally get a cheap navigation system...and now I wonder what we ever did without one...This is why I hate trying new things...Because now I will forever need a navi...if I dont want to be lost ever again.

I hate that everyone has there phones out and used all the time! my house mate will be online for a whole car trip. While at the mall it was like people needed there phones to know who they were...Why oh why has it come down to this?!?

Thank you for humoring me this morning....Cant wait to see what everyone says..Cause I know I cant be the only person who feels this way!

Here is another way to ask this too i guess...What did you refuse to figure out how to use...and then over time try and love?

What can I do next?

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So What Happened?

Denise...Tattoos and ear gauging do count! And I jumped on that band wagon....I see the connection....Now when I walk I will kick my self in the butt with my heels:) Cause I am guilty:(

**I do know Border's did not close due to ONLY E-readers or B and Noble would be outta gear as well.He worked for Walden Books, before Border's took over..So he was down sized even then....I was using that more as an example.

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answers from Toledo on

I refuse to get a kindle. I like the good old paper books...I also refuse to get an iphone,I don't have time to be "plugged in" at any given moment. I did however get a newer phone several months ago and do txt now LOL

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answers from Seattle on

Only paper books for me! However, I did end up getting in to the texting thing - ended up being easier than a call - especially when you don't want to get sidelined into an uneccesary conversation!


Only paper books for me! However, I did end up getting in to the texting thing - ended up being easier than a call - especially when you don't want to get sidelined into an uneccesary conversation!

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answers from Honolulu on

Yep same as Riley J. - no tv in the van.
Not needed at all.

I also don't text.
though I can.
I hate texting.

We have the iPad and iPhone (my Hubby's) and the iTouch, which my 8 year old daughter inherited from my Husband, when he upgrades to a new one. He didn't need it.
My Mom has a Kindle.

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answers from Austin on

Here is one thing I have learned.. The people that live the longest, happiest lives are the older people who embrace new things..

They do not sit around and moan and grown about young people..

They are not afraid to at least give new things a try and they are genuinely interested in new technology, new ideas and being willing to try them..

I think this is one of the reasons they live so long.. they are willing to try new techniques, new medications, go for the new surgeries..

When our daughter was in kindergarten, I remember very distinctly the old school librarian telling all of us, that VERY SOON, books printed on paper would be a thing of the past.. Newspapers, magazines, classroom textbooks, would be obsolete.. We all kind of chuckled, we just could not imagine. Now it has been less than 20 years and it is really happening.. All of your children's books are going to be collectors items..

The children are not concerned, but so many people say, "I will never read a book on an electronic device", and what do you see at nursing homes? Electronic books that families are giving to the elderly.. Easy to download, easy to read (you can make the font as big as they need) no books to return to the libraries.

So I have learned to try to learn about the new technology.. Not complain about it, sure I had to have my 5 year old show me how to use the computer years ago, and my 15 year old nephew show me how to program my car's Satellite radio.. but I am not going to pretend things are not changing.. Hee, hee. I will not be a totally Grumpy old lady!!!

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answers from Dallas on

When cell phones came out I thought they were for the very important or the very pretentious. Now, I panic when my battery dies or I can't find my phone. I still think Blue tooth ear thingies are prententious, when worn outside the car. I agree that tech toys are addictive. I dont want to live in a world without navigation.

What I have put my foot down about right now is using my phone for more than calls, texts, and a camera. I bought a touch screen phone and thought I might like being able to get online, check fb and what not. I did not like it at all! Everything was wackado. Too small and could only see parts of pages. I like my great big flat screen monitor when I'm online.

I also refuse to give up my mouse when on the computer, even on a lap top. That little finger pad is useless to me.

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answers from St. Louis on

Um Borders closed because they made a mess of really bad business decisions. Not because of eReaders. I like paper books but it is a heck of a lot cheaper to order them off Amazon. I tried to order books from Borders last Christmas, what a freaking nightmare!!! I sat on hold for over four hours to talk to customer service before giving up because everyone in my office was sick of the music they were playing while I was on hold!

They did not evolve, they did not put their money where it needed to be, now they are gone as all things that don't evolve go, the way of the dinosaurs.

I will not listen to rap music no matter how hard my daughter tries to get me to. Other than that I am open to just about anything.

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answers from Denver on

I agree with Denise P. It's not the technology, but how you use it. If you use it vs. actually interacting with people - it concerns me. Otherwise it can be good. All in moderation... I didn't want a smart phone for a long time. Now I love it! Keeps me organized esp with my kids/daycare and school schedules. I don't have time at night to check my email... so the phone gives me more time with the kids in the evening : )

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answers from New York on

I refuse to give-up the following:
- Paper invitations (sorry E-vite)
- Hand-written thank you notes (no emails here)
- Using real words (I abhore text language)
- Phone calls to family and friends on their b-days (damn that FB!)

I don't have a personal "smart phone", but I have one for work. I just can't see the reason behind spending an additional $100 a month to have internet access 24 hours a day. I only have the work phone b/c it was cheaper for them to give me a phone with mobile access than to buy a work cell and wireless separately. I don't use 1/2 the features on that thing!

We don't own an iPad, but probably will. I have a Nook- thought I would dislike it, but in the end it is much easier to travel with. We have an iPod that we share as a family. We don't own a Blue Ray- no reason, just haven't had a need to replace our DVD player yet.

I don't put my head in the sand regarding technology b/c the bottom line is that the world is going to whiz by you if you don't at least attempt to keep up! At the same time, we don't seek-out the "latest and greatest". When our "old and functional" items bite the dust- well, then we do buy the newest version of the items!

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answers from Los Angeles on

What new technology did I not want, but grew to love? Mamapedia and facebook.

I don't much care for GPS because I learned directions and maps in the boy scouts, the army and as a Scoutmaster. Map quest is as close as I have gotten to GPS and even then I have found they have given me the wrong directions.

What new fads have I have not embraced? Divorce, cheating, tattos, Obama, drugs, texting while driving, ear rings in men's ears especially the ones with large holes in them

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Seattle on

TVs in cars. There's a whole WORLD out those windows. There are people to talk to inside of those windows. Use your imagination or your brain. Every winter we drive 4-5 hours a day. A couple times a year we drive thousands of miles. I absolutely refuse to have an idiot box in my car. A plane? Sure, you're trapped in a tube for hours or days at a time. But not a car. I out and out refuse.

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answers from New York on

I think that if you don't embrace technology (in your own way) then it will pass you by and you will never catch up.

I do think it's crazy how people are on the phone/texting constantly.

I do have an iPhone and I love it. I have a Blackberry for work, too. I would love to get an iPad but I am going to hold off a bit since I need other things first.

If you were to buy an iPhone (or Droid, etc.) you'd have everything you need in one place - phone, camera, internet, GPS, etc.

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answers from Sacramento on

I used to be a paper-clinger. Refused to use a cell, refused to get a planner that wasn't paper, only paper books, you name it. Then, I got an iPhone for a gift. Changed my world. I now even own a Kindle and love it so much. Never say never when it comes to technology. I remember my mom in the 80s saying she'd NEVER own a computer ... what in the world would she use it for? Ha. (BTW, she now owns a desktop computer and a laptop)

My current "nevers" don't have to do with technology, but are other things: Tattoos, low-rise pants, tank tops with bra straps hanging out, bikinis, sweats/gym clothes as outfits, listen to rap music.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I don't think it's the technology itself--it's the etiquette (or lack of) during use. Or the lack of basic common sense. Otherwise, I'm game! LOL My husband just got an iPad2 and we love it--right down to our 8 year old.

ETA: Do ear gauges and tattoos count? They're just not "for me"--but you don't have to kick yourself, Silly!

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answers from Portland on

I didn't think I'd ever go to the touch screen options for electronics, but I received an iPad as a gift and couldn't see my life without it now. That thing is a life saver on roadtrips, even the hour long commute to work (games and movies for the kiddo), awesome at home (I've been using it to save recipes and stand it up on the counter while cooking - no need for tons of cookbooks taking up space. I think I'll transfer a lot of the recipes I love from cookbooks onto the iPad because it is so convenient), great for school - taking notes, researching, doing presentations on, etc. I'm sold on the iPad... I will never "Tweet" though.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I embrace technology. I LOVE my Sony eReader and have an earlier generation one (its not wireless, but works just great and I check out library books on it...very convenient and eco-friendly as I use no paper or gas, etc to go there or back...not that I am a true tree hugger, but like to do what I can when it suits me!). If and when I upgrade my eReader, it might be to a tablet with library book capacity reader app....but I am opposed to anything Mac based (all your "i" this and that)...so no actual iPad...but some other brand, maybe in another year or 2. Hubby is good aobut buying me electronic gadgets like these for gifts cuz I love them for fun and for work uses.

I love my ZUNE mp3 player and use is most hours of my day and night.
We have a GPS (not built in) and my hubby uses it for work every day (he installs auto-glass and it helps him get from job to job much quicker!)
I love my Android based, touch screen EVO 4G phone. I use it for email, FB, texting, camera, etc. But never ever use it for more than the quickest of phone calls (and I dislike even doing that so avoid it) when I am driving.

I simply don't get "Tweeting"...so apparently not my gig.

But as someone else said, its about the etiquette of these things that ticks me right the h*ll off in public, on the roads, etc. People feel entitled to just have them out all..the...time. Thats where I have the issue.

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answers from Atlanta on

I hate GPS! I have one that came withmy car and I never use it. I have always had a stellar sense of direction (friends in high school and college called me the human map), and I enjoy figuring out directions on my own. I will use direction finders like Google Maps or Mapquest, but I don't freak out if I get lost. I like the time-honored tradition of stopping to ask for directions. I don't have to often, but the times I've done it have allowed me to meet some interesting people and discover some cool places. I also think it's highly important to be able to read a map and to know constellations and sun patterns to orient yourself. Cell phones die and computer/digital systems experience glitches. It's important to know how to do things without modern convenience!

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answers from Chicago on

I am all about technology that makes life more convenient and enjoyable. However, I agree with you that it's annoying (and sad) when you go out places (mall, park, pool, restaurant) and EVERYONE is looking at their phone. For a long time I refused to text, but then I started and realized it can be a quicker way to tell my hubby something rather than always calling. I don't have full long conversations via text though, just quick messages. And I will NOT text while I am out to dinner or visiting with someone... I think it's rude when you're somewhere with a person, but constantly looking at your phone.

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answers from Augusta on

I've got a better one lol.
I was in the car with my sisters a couple of weeks ago and the one driving was ,and pace yourself , Putting on make up AND texting her boyfriend, AND speeding, all while arguing about her behavior with my other sister. I seriously thought I was going to die.
I will never let my kids walk around a store with their faces buried in a game system.

ETA , I LOVE my nookcolor ! I thought I wouldn't like not having a paper book but I really do love reading on my nook .
ETA2 Borders closed because they didn't do business well. And their book selection sucked. They NEVER had the book I was looking for .

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answers from Detroit on

Me and my family will not do Face book nothing against it but we will pass.

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answers from Seattle on

I will not get a Kindle. (Those are the electronic books, right?) Geesh, I don't even know what they are called! I LOVE having a book in my hand, saving the spot, getting into bed and reading. I just don't think it would be the same! Electronic page turning?! No thanks, I like to feel the book. PLUS, I buy a lot of books at garage sales for .25 or .50. I highly doubt the electronic book thing sells books for that little. PLUS...We have a library close by, no need to waste money!
I will not get an I-phone even though my husband loves it and we don't even have a phone account with his!
No GPS thing for me. I think those are so lame. Just google map, write down the directions (or print them!), and GO!
I have been rolling my eyes over the saggy jeans guys wear and the low cut jeans girls wear. man, can't wait for THAT to be over! (does that count?)

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answers from Seattle on

I pay to NOT have internet on my phone. When I have it I am constantly checking fb, email, etc instead of daydreaming or talking to my preschooler when we are waiting on something. I will never get a tv in the car. Although hubby probably will. I turn into a 5th grader in giggles when I hear people refering to their itouch. I hate so much technology and at the same time wish I knew how to use it for all the reasons mentioned below. Mostly so I can be the one to show my kids and keep up with what they're doing.

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answers from New York on

I know these are not electronic technology related but...

I won't try certain foods that have an ick factor to me. While I will eat the flesh of many animals (beef and veal steaks and chicken breasts, thighs, et al come to mind), I usually don't go for organs, e.g. brains, stomach lining, tongue, eyeballs, feet. Just ick to me. However, I have eaten, and like, liver. Go figure.

Sorry but I won't try the latest fashion trend wherein my bra straps show because the tank top I am wearing has large arm openings. I didn't like thongs showing above jeans either, ESPECIALLY on mature women. Why?

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answers from Seattle on

I have a basic cell phone. I'm happy with it and I think it pulls in a stronger signal than my husband's smart phone. He needs that work.

I won't use an e-reader. I love paper too much.

I'm not usually the quickest to latch on to technology. I still double check Excel's adding, LOL. However, I used a friend's iPad and I fell in love. I now have my own and am so thrilled with all it can do. I love being able to pull things up for wick information. For example, my kids hate math facts. I downloaded some math apps and they love it now.

When the last shuttle launched, my kids and I would pull up one of the NASA apps and read the daily journal entries from the astronauts. We love looking at each days' picture as well.

I found a wonderful running log app that is perfect for what I need. My teen son and husband both use the GarageBand app (one of the few apps I have actually paid for).

I love being able to bring so many pictures with me when I visit my mother and grandmother. My mother's computer is too slow to download pictures and my grandmother doesn't have a computer. Neither of them have large living areas so they don't have a lot of space. I bring my iPad with me and can pull up photos and videos. They love the large screen and when there is a picture they love, i go home and print them out.

I don't like TVs in vehicles, but in a pinch when stuck in traffic and the kids are bickering incessantly and I need to concentrate I pull out the pad and am blessed with quiet to get through the rough spots.

There are so many more uses, but you get the idea. This is the first trend I actually jumped on board with since anything from high school..ahem the eighties.... Although I wasn't in the first iPad users, I have the second one. Wanted to make sure they would last longer than a year.

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answers from Portland on

I won't get an e-reader. I did a research project on it and they are not that great. Plus a ton of the e-books are close to the price of a traditional book, sometimes more... what the hell for? lol. I've never gotten why I would need 500 books with me when I have time to read the one book I want to read and no more. Traditional books will never go away, they are downsizing for sure, but they won't turn into a loch ness monster myth. There will always be people who prefer traditional books that don't need to be charged lol. I see the good side if you were a military airplane mechanic and it is easier to have plane manuals on an e-reader than the giant plane manuals (my example since that's what my dad was lol)

Gps, I don't know why I just won't get one. I just mapquest and print it out.

Ipad, anything that solely relies on touch I am iffy about. I have an Ipod touch and sometimes I want to throw it out the window. I couldn't imagine using the Ipad to go on the net. They have accessories you can buy, like keyboards to hook in, at that point I may as well buy a laptop, netbook, or mac where they come with keyboards lol.

The only thing that I refused to try and now love is food things lol. Bell peppers, mushrooms. I'm open to pretty much everything, just those few things above. I'm open, technically, to an e-reader but think it's a waste of money and not very reliable as a means for book collecting, based on my project research.

Right on Lisa, I don't want internet on my phone either.

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answers from New York on

I will not, will not, will not do face book, my space, twitter, etc. The people that need to find me know how to reach me so need for the above. I love my I-pad, I-touch and blackberry I just can't live without them.

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answers from Daytona Beach on

also will not do facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. i'm a huge techie :) so while i don't have an i phone, ipad, kindle. i would LOVE to have one. just won't pay the price for them.

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answers from Washington DC on

All I have to say is, "Never say Never!" What happened to all those folks who said, "I will NOT purchase those new fangled CD's! I got all my tapes and I'm happy with them!" Must not be listening to too much music lately. I have an iPod that I LOVE b/c I'm a runner (used to carry around a discman - seriously?!) But for some reason I've kept a handful of tapes from the 80's. Don't know where I'm planning on playing them :)

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answers from Boston on

haha we just argued over this when it was time to upgrade my phone....
i would not get an iPhone....DH wanted me t have one so we could video chat my response was "if i wanted to see you to talk to you during the day id visit you at work".

i refuse to get a car with an electric button starter instead of an ignition.....what happens when something shorts out? no way lol....

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answers from Boston on

and I Prefer my Books to be made of paper and Ink !

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answers from Los Angeles on

This is a fun question. My husband makes fun of me because I have an irrational aversion to anything "popular" or "trendy". That includes technology, fashion, hobbies, ect... And I agree with my husband, it's irrational and it stems from four things - 1) Being cheap, 2) Valuing simplicity, 3) Liking to be different from everyone else, and 4) I lose things a lot. And I'm okay with this. :)

Be proud of your old phone, paperbacks, and lack of direction!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I'm like you: I refuse to get an e-reader. I'm sorry to hear about your housemate losing his job; I feel bad for all of those people. Borders was one of my favorite places to go (the cafe always had places for us to sit, and I loved the atmosphere). I am in total denial that books on print will go away--what will happen to all the wonderful libraries? I can see the benefits and convenience of using an e-reader, but to me, it doesn't feel like I'm actually reading a book if I'm looking at it on a screen. And I hate reading on screens for long periods of time; short articles and Mamapedia stuff I don't mind, but if it's a book that 200+ pages long, I need a real book to read.

I don't see the need for a "smartphone" or an iPad...I have an iPod that is five years old that still works great, so I'm sticking with it.

One thing I used to hate but have started doing is texting on my phone. I have found that it is easier to send a quick message via text when I'm busy doing something with the kids. :-)

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answers from Phoenix on

I do have an Android phone...HATE it but have it because I'm an insurance agent and like that I can quickly reply to emails anywhere, anytime. I don't have an ipod, mp3 player or anything else that I don't even know the name of. and I LOVE to read and will not get one of those things you can read books on either. I don't care how many books are available and how easy it is. I personally love the day trips that hubby and I take on our no kid weekends up to the mountains to get out of the heat. We eat at our fave hole in the wall and go around to all the thrift stores where I browse all the books and buy a ton of them for ten cents each. So there are some technical things I can and will do without!!!

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answers from Spokane on

My cell phone is a Razer (the first one) and it's never on...just *around* in case I need it when I'm out - so I'm with you there!

My husband bought a kindle and LOVES it, but I refuse to use it. I like books.

The things that *really* bug me are what passes for "in style" these days in regards to clothes. I mean, some of the things girls and young women wear are just ridiculous, and look worse on the older women trying to look young. Give me a nice pair of jeans that fit and a simple top and call me done :o)

Also, I have friends who do crazy things like make their own vanilla (for baking), yogurt and other stuff. I'm jealous that they know how to do these things, but not enough that I want to learn. I'm fine with buying some stuff. lol

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answers from Kansas City on

I could care less about an expensive phone. But I'm in love with my computer and my Sony Digital Reader and if it weren't totally selfish I'd buy me a Kindle too. I don't want any kind of pad yet. But I only feel that way because they haven't come far enough for the technology. The pads are not equipped with everything needed for my daughter to do her homeschooling. Some of the websites we frequent require sophisticated software that the pads don't have.

I don't text at all. I don't like the idea of texting. But I do love Facebook. If I were not so close to my computer all day I'd probably want the expensive phone and texting.

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