I Was Wondering If Anyone Knew the Size of Baby Clothes to Fit on a Doll?

Updated on February 26, 2012
A.E. asks from Waukee, IA
6 answers

I bought one of those baby bath dolls from Target Circo brand, I wanted to get some clothes for it, I didnt know if it would wear premie or what you other moms put on your little girls dolls for clothes. I didn't want to buy the clothes to fit the doll. This doll is ALL plastic.


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answers from Rochester on

You can't buy regular clothes to fit this size doll. I have preemie baby clothes, and they are too big on our cabbage patch dolls...and I believe the doll you are speaking about it around that size.

I will say that Wal-Mart has a soft body/soft plastic limb baby doll (think, traditional style) that is HUGE. Literally, the size of a 12 month old child. We LOVE to dress this doll up, because baby clothes DO fit it...some 0-3 months, and some 6-9 month clothes fit it. It also fits into a size 3 baby shoe, which is adorable. This is probably my toddler's favorite doll, because it's so big and lifelike and wears real clothes and shoes. :) The doll cost about $13.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

You need to know what size the doll is. I've shopped at thrift stores for baby dolls, and for the large ones I seem to recall that preemie or newborn size worked. But - depends on the dolly!

I just looked online and saw that the Circo doll is 14 inches. AG's Bitty Baby, by comparison, is 15". You could try preemie clothes and see if they fit pretty decently, but they might be big. When you consider that most real newborns are taller/longer than that, and that newborn-sized baby clothes are made with a *lot* of growing room, you might find the newborn size too large for the doll.

Another alternative is to look on eBay - sometimes I find doll clothes that are pretty reasonable there.

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answers from Lynchburg on

Hi A.-

Depends on how many months old the doll is!!

(sorry...could not resist! lol)

When my girls were younger, I actually had a lot of luck at a farmers market...

I bought a few...and since I sew...I used them as guides for other doll clothes...in fact, got one of my girls to try sewing doing just that!

Best luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

It depends on the doll. Both of my daughters had dolls that wore premie size baby clothes though. Some newborn clothes did fit, but they were usually gowns and such that did not look too big.

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answers from Victoria on

I find that premie baby clothes are too big for dolls. I have seen lots of doll clothes for the tiny babies as well as larger dolls on the same isle as the baby dolls. I recomend either making/finding someone to make them, or buying doll clothes. If anything you can get a premie onesie and hold it up to the doll in the store to figure out if it would come close to fitting.



answers from Portland on

Take the doll to a thrift store and try on a clothes. I would guess it would need preemie sizes tho some newborn sizes are small and some seem to shrink some after many washes. You may be able to find doll clothes there too.

If you sew at all there are patterns for doll clothes that are pretty simple to sew.

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