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Updated on August 25, 2008
K.C. asks from Plainfield, IL
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We want to decorate a playroom for our kids. We had turned our mainfloor family room into a playroom, but it got out of control. We now will be using our fourth bedroom for a playroom. I want it to start out organized and well-decorated, but after decorating the rest of this house I am out of ideas!! I would love pics, if there is some way to provide them here. HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


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I just finished my sons playroom, it's a wonderfull thing to have. I painted the room baby blue. I made it into a learning room. On one wall I cut out ABC's from that foam paper (all different colors) and taped it to the wall in all different directions with some little colorfull animals in between them that I got at Hubby Lobby..
Next wall I did letters (from the faom paper as well) underneath I did shapes. I just have one wall left and I'm thinking of doing seasons on that one.
We went to IKEA and got great storage bins for the toys, a cute little plastic round red table with 2 blue chairs (in the kids departament) We also got this fun turtle and frog to sit on (kids like to wrestle with it , hehe)
IKEA has wonderfull ideas and bunch of storage bins that we like for a very cheap price. You can look at some of the ideas on line on Ikea.com Have fun with it. My son loves to sit in there and play because it's so colorfull and there is so many bins to go through. Have fun decorating-A. ;-)

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Hi K.

Try contacting Toni Fasan at: [email protected]____.com
She is awesome, she does playrooms, offices, garages, etc.
She gave me some awesome tips on my home daycare and it's organized and functional now!

Good luck!
B. H.



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There are so many wonderful books and web-sites out there. Places like Lowe's and Menard's have a book section and there are a several great (picture) books for do-it-yourself-ers. Also, if you type in Amazon.com and key word "great kids rooms" a whole array of books pop up.

There is also a good web-site that you can go to called
http://www.decoratinginspiration.com that has so many different ideas.

You don't say if you have boys/girls/toddlers/school age..so...just some quick ideas: Magnetic paint (paint a small area of a wall, then use your room color paint and paint over it and the wall can be used as a magnet board. Also....chalkboard paint to create a chalk board (but you will get dust - if you don't care then it's fun - my neighbor did this). I like getting creative with my children's bedrooms and right now they are both ready for a change in their rooms. The spiderman theme for my son took many hours to paint bricks on his wall about 5 years ago! He's now 10. My 13 year old daughter wants her faux finish lavender walls and blue clouded ceiling re-painted. I have a shelf around her whole room that only extends 4" out from the wall and is situated about 6 1/2 feet from the ground and holds all of her prized possessions (little stuff and collections). It breaks up the wall from the ceiling and even drops the ceiling color on the wall nicely - the same basic concept of a chair rail only much higher. Directly underneath the shelf is a piece of 2 1/4" (width) mounding with a few 3" pegs for each wall, spaced 15"or so apart, so she can dangle stuff. We're doing some kind of beach/California theme next. I'm still exploring ideas but I think we have the colors picked out. Good luck to you.



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If you like the idea of a chalkboard wall, but don't want the dust, you can do a whiteboard wall instead. You can buy full size sheets of it (think the size of a sheet of plywood) at the hardware store - call around first, though. (It can be cut down to size if needed - and is cheaper than buying prefab whiteboards from an office supply store.) Attach it to the wall and let your kids use dry erase markers instead of chalk.

Have fun!

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