I Want to Open a Mommy & Me Clothing Boutique

Updated on March 14, 2017
A.B. asks from Cleveland, OH
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I would like to have the store as a women/mens store and the girls & boys to dress like their parents. I was going to open the store only first as womens fashions/kids then branch out to mens/boys or should I do all at once. I just need to come up with a good name for my boutique...can anyone help me?

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I have read through all the responses. Thanks for the reply, however most of you "assumed" I have no experience or haven't done any research or if I'm not even working with someone already. My only question was that " I was looking for help with a name?" as well as advice to include men/boys. My store is not ONLY mommy and me (this will be a small portion of the store) and also for those of you who think there is no market for this kind of business is sadly mistaken. My daughter and I are currently modeling right now for a mommy and me line.... Thank You for the ONE person that helped!

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answers from Springfield on

Maybe I'm weird, but is there a market for that? I've never seem a mom and daughter, much less a father and son, dress alike.

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answers from Boston on

Do you have a lot of experience in retail? Are you skilled at purchasing, pricing, marketing, advertising? Do you have sufficient capital to invest? Have you looked at the competition in your area and do you have a way to position yourself against them? Do you have access to good distributors to get your goods at good wholesale prices? Are you all set with cash registers, accounting/inventory software, credit card services, display racks, signage, phones, business licenses/insurance? Are you familiar with employment law, requirements for paying employment/SS/worker's comp taxes and insurance?

If yes, and you are totally serious about this, then you should know you have to invest good money for a good ad agency or experienced freelance professional. A store name doesn't ensure success, not at all. Neither does a cute sign. People shop for quality clothing at reasonable prices, not for a cute name. So, be a pro, and a hire a pro. It's not important that the agency/marketing firm have experience with a women's clothing store. It's important that they know about branding. They should ask you to fill out a creative brief, which is a series of questions about your business. You provide the market data (store's purpose, how it fills a niche in the community, who your target audience is, how it's different from the competition, etc.). They should give you a price for a certain number of hours and the scope of their services. From there, they should come up with a variety of names for you based on the data you provided. They should also come up with an advertising strategy for you (local papers, direct mail, search engine optimization, whatever is appropriate).

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answers from Washington DC on

ETA: A. - none of us ASSUMED anything. We went off the information we had. The fact you provided LITTLE information isn't our fault. You ONLY want to thank ONE person who "helped" YOU? damn. girl. maybe next time provide more information - like - I have a business plan, a venue and marketing experience. I'm looking for a name for my business. I'll give you $500 for your help in naming my company.


Welcome to mamapedia!!

What is your experience in buying and selling?
Do you have the capital it would take to sustain the rent/lease and stock while the store "takes hold"?
Do you have a clue of how much goes into running a store? It's not about a catchy name.

My girlfriend opened a high-end consignment shop. The Lease is $3K a month. That doesn't include the electricity, water, gas, etc. To OPEN the store? She spent almost $100K in inventory, advertising, shelving, racks, hangers, etc. and had A LOT of family and friends helping her to save money. She's now been in business for 6 years. Yes, she expanded to a bigger space. After FIVE YEARS.

You focus on ONE thing - women or men - but NOT both. Once you solidify yourself? Then you can branch out.

You MUST have a business plan. No business plan? You are doomed to fail (that's my opinion).

A "NAME" isn't going to get your business. You have to have a solid foundation of giving people what they want/seek. Have you even spoken with a business advisor? Financial advisor? Or is this a whim? Do you understand what it takes to even OPEN a business? Insurance? License? Purchasing power? ANYTHING? I think you need more than a good name. You need a plan!

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answers from Dallas on

There's more to it than a name.

Do you have a business plan? Tax and legal counsel? Money?experience in retail? Location? Marketing experience?

Get advice from your business team and make sure you have solid plans so you have a better chance of success.

I am a business owner 10+ years and these are basic questions.

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answers from Norfolk on

I think there use to be a store called Mommy & Me in a mall more than a decade ago.
Moms tend to want to dress their kids up - Dads - not so much - and other than my Hubby getting our son his very own tool belt - they didn't dress alike unless I bought them matching shirts.
I think this particular niche might be pretty full already.
Do your research on existing companies - and see if your vision is any different - because re-inventing the wheel isn't going to be easy unless something stands out to make you and your products unique.
The name is the LEAST of your worries.

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answers from Portland on

Pinterest sometimes has really good ideas for this kind of thing

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answers from Atlanta on

As Wild Woman pointed out, there is much more to a store than a good name.

If you don't have any experience in retail or the capital to front it? You need a good business plan. Hire a business lawyer. Find a Venture Capitalist who will help fund you while you create the store. Keep in mind no VC will help you if you don't have a solid business plan, understanding of what you are getting into, known competition, costs, scaling, etc.

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answers from New York on

Matchy Matchy
Ask Me Why We're Dressed Alike
Can You Tell That We're Related

Those are some name ideas. I'm just not sure there is a market for that type of store...but if your market research makes it seem like a good idea, go for it.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Well, I have a LOT of friends with little ones and none of them dress alike. Even at Christmas and around other holidays not one of them dress alike. I think that was a thing back in the early 80's or something. But if you think there's a market for it I guess you should go with it.

IF your clothes are cute enough they will probably but them for themselves regardless of having kids or not. But I would make sure that prices are good.



answers from Honolulu on

I could possibly see this type of business as a good place for holiday photos, new baby announcements, wedding announcements, vacation excursions, that kind of thing. I have never heard of parents and children dressing alike just to go around doing errands like grocery shopping. But I've certainly seen whole families dress alike for the special photo occasion.

So maybe you could name your business something to do with taking photos, like Picture Perfect, or something like that?


answers from Santa Fe on

Matched. Look-A-Like. Dressed. Mini-Me. Peas in a Pod. Pea Pod.

Honestly I think you should consider branching out. Carry clothes for women and girls and in one section of your store have matching clothing sets for moms and daughters. I think matching outfits are too cheesy and most people that I know (we are not a very girly crowd though so we are probably not the norm!) don't do that sort of thing. Good luck with your business!!



answers from Erie on

The name needs to describe what you do, should be memorable, and appropriate to your area. I'm not going to make any assumptions on what you have or have not done in preparation of opening your store, since all you asked for is help with a name. Don't make the name too​ long, one word is best, two or three words are also acceptable, but don't make it longer than that. People remember puns and rhyming words the most, but stay away from offensive language that might alienate a specific demographic. Make sure it's easy to say out loud and spell, and isn't copying another local business's name in any way. Good luck!

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