I Think I'm Leaking (Amniotic Fluid) Went to the Hospital Last Night...?

Updated on May 01, 2011
S.2. asks from Bakersfield, CA
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I thought I was leaking amniotic fluid yesterday morning. I waited until the evening to go to the hospital to have it checked. By the time I got there they tested it and said it was nothing.

Again all night and this morning I've had little leaks that run down my legs. I'm wondering should I drive another 45mins to the hospital again? Yesterday when I went to the hospital it was at night and after I took a shower and I hadn't had anymore leaks.
Do you think this is what gave the negative result?

I'm curious if what i'm experiencing is fluid leakage or another fluid? It's clear and sometimes a little white but does not smell at all of urine. I'm 40w 4 days so... Just waiting for a sign.

Thanks all

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So What Happened?

I didn't go back. When I was at the hospital they did an ultrasound that said i'm ok on fluid.
I realized that it probably is urine. Doesn't mean i'm not scared to death that I could be wrong but i've just being paying attention to when it happens and its more like when I feel like I have to pee.
Appreciate your help ladies

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answers from Seattle on

Call. Chances are it is just cervical fluid. It is always best to be over cautious with it though. If left too long and it is amni. You run the risk of infection.

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answers from Denver on

I would call your Dr. and get his/her opinion.

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answers from Chicago on

What you describe sounds quite suspicious. Wear a pantyliner or pad for awhile and see if it gets wet. If it does wear it to the hospital to get it checked. If it is a "high leak" where the fluid is leaking out from higher up and slowly making its way down, it may not be present in large enough quantities to get an accurate reading when they test it. If you bring "evidence" of what has been leaking out (via the wet pad) they may be able to get a more accurate result. Best of luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

9 years ago this happened to me.

I was 36 weeks pregnant and it started at 34. I thought I was peeing myself. When I went to the Dr - nothing - like you. At my 36 week check up - it happened in front of her....tested it and it was amniotic fluid.

3.5 hours later my son was born - with pneumonia and other health problems. he stopped breathing in front of me. GO WITH YOUR GUT!! DO NOT LET THEM TELL YOU OTHERWISE!!!

My son is now a healthy soon to be 9 year old boy - but the first year was TOTALLY horrible - his APGAR score was a 2. If that tells you anything. GO WITH YOUR GUT.

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answers from Redding on

I hate to say this, but it sounds like you are leaking urine. It happens when the baby gets so big and presses on your bladder. The liquid doesn't have to be yellow or smell like pee for it to be urine.
You went to the hospital last night. Has your OB/GYN called you to follow up?
Are you having contractions at all?
I'm all for things happening naturally, but you should talk to your doctor and if it was me, which it isn't, I wouldn't go back to the hospital without knowing I would be going back home with a baby.
You are full term.
You're 45 minutes one direction from the hospital?
I would ask to be induced.
That's just my opinion. I work in the maternity ward at a hospital so I'm around babies being born every day with planned inductions and c-sections and the most important thing is a healthy baby and healthy mom.
At that distance, I just don't see how you can keep going to the hospital for leakage or if you're not sure you're in labor or not.
Your OB should be working with you to calm your fears or come up with a plan with you.
Again, just my opinion.
Call your doctor. They have an answering service.
If you're not in active labor now, they can get things in place so that next time you go to the hospital, you come home with your baby.

I wish you the best. You HAVE to let us know when the baby arrives!

Prayers and hugs!



answers from Phoenix on

GO BACK. I did the same thing. They did a quick swab and said it was nothing. Went back that evening and told them again. This time they used the speculum (the thing that opens you up down there) and then they swabbed again. This time it was positive. They should have used the speculum the first time.

If your mommmy gut is telling you it is fluid, get back in there. If you have a break in the bags, they give you 24 hours before infection becomes a problem. It seems like you are close.


answers from Pocatello on

It sounds like it is worth getting double checked... is there enough to collect some in a jar or something? Or use a pantyliner or pad... It is usually clear, but may be pinkish. Green yellow or brown fluid or fluid that smells strongly or "bad" means you really need to get to a doctor ASAP.

Amniotic fluid is usually a :"continuous leak" - so like if you sit on the toilet it might seem like you are peeing "forever" but you will not be able to stop it with clenching your kegels. It may slow down to a trickle or even seem to stop if you stand up. (although walking will make it come out more, usually. It is watery like urine, but has not much of a smell (If I remember right mine was very slightly "sweet" smelling...)

When I went into labor with my firt daughter, my water broke when I was going pee. I was actually under instructions to collect all of my urine (to check for proteins from "pre-eclampsia") and I collected about a gallon when i decided that maybe what I was collecting wasn't "pee" at all... hahaha!

When I went to the hospital they had me sit on a pad and after a few minutes it was soaked! They said it was definitely amniotic fluid.

The rule of thumb for pregnant women is "when in doubt, call the doctor or go in" at 40 weeks and 4 days I am surprised you aren't practically living on your OBs doorstep, so no- don't be afraid to go in again. Also, if your water leaks for a while they usually want to start contractions if you aren't already in full labor!

Good Luck!



answers from San Francisco on

Very exciting! You are in the very early stages if labour and things should progress in a day or two. Have you had a 'show'? Small bit of blood or mucus? I had a slight bit of blood on the fri night b4 bed and leaking like you describe throughout Saturday then the contractions started Sunday just light on and off, went to hospital mon morning to check if waters had broken slightly and they said yes and would I like a membrane sweep to help things along otherwise I would need to be induced (the last thing u want) the next day. I said NO (no need for interference) went home and walked, cleaned, shopped and kept very active so the labour wouldn't slow down. At noon the contractions started getting more regular and morecpainful so got in car w hubby for 45 min drive and nearly ripped the door handle off the car, arrived at hospital at 5:30pm w babys head fully engaged and he was born at 6:10pm! Most amazing day if my life and absolutely loved giving birth! All the best and let it all happen, don't rush. Good luck


answers from Minneapolis on

The day before I went into labor I thought my water had leaked. It wasn't a big leak. It was just enough to barely soak through the crotch of my jeans. I went into L and D. They checked it. Negative.

The next morning, I woke up at 5 and was leaking pretty bad. By the time we got to the hospital my pants and socks were soaked. They checked it, and it came up negative.

They said I had a "for-water" and that's what broke. Since I was leaking so bad, they broke the back one for me and I had my baby 7 hours later.

Maybe that's what's going on with you?

I don't know... I'd definitely go back... Or at least call the nurse line (It's free).


answers from Jacksonville on

Im late responding so hopefully you've gone back. My water broke and they tested it in my OB office and said it wasn't. My doc and I knew different and when he look under the microscope he confirmed. So it's possible for the paper test to be wrong. Go with your gut, you're already past due, time to go in. Congrats :)


answers from Los Angeles on

I felt warm gushes every 10 min or so. It really felt like a lot, but barley made my underwear wet. I had it tested and it was amniotic. Don't know if this helps you or not, but I did not perceive my water was broken, no one told me it would feel like warm gushes. Wear a pad and have the pad tested.

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