I Think I Am Addicted to Gymboree! :-)

Updated on November 10, 2007
A.H. asks from Bowling Green, KY
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I have a 17 month old daughter and since she was born, I have discovered the new joy of shopping for little girl clothes. I've never been much of shopper, so I find it amusing that I have so much temptation now...haha. I don't run out and buy lots of stuff, but I do find a lot of enjoyment in just looking at all the little outfits and shoes and hunting for that 'perfect bargain'. My weakness right now is Gymboree stores & their online site. I love their stuff and you can actually get good deals when things are on sale. Their normal prices are a bit on the high side though. So, I guess I'd just like to hear from other Moms out there....did having a baby turn you into a 'shop-o-holic'? Do Moms of little boys feel that the industry is geared too much toward little girls? What are some of your favorite stores for children's clothing?

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So What Happened?

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only Mom who loves to shop for her baby. It's been fun reading everyone else's responses. Thanks for the web links that many of you posted. I will check them out.

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answers from Nashville on

I am too addicted to Gymboreee. I had a little also. I am in that store at least once a week. My husband is always saying doenst she have enough clothes. I need to buy myself clothes but I always buy for her instead. I know how you feel. Its so much fun to do with little girls and my daughter loves to go shopping as well. My husband will be in trouble when she gets older!!



answers from Knoxville on

yes, I think the industry has much more selection in the girls department.

Addicted, well not that bad, but I learned quickly that he was not wearing all those "cute" outfits and was out growing them before I even had a chance to put them on him.

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answers from Tuscaloosa on

I have two little boys and they have way too many clothes! Like you, I never enjoyed shopping for clothes until they came along. I have discovered ebay....YIKES!! I came across a website though where you swap clothes. www.kizoodle.com. check it out!

I think if I had a little girl my husband would give me an allowance and take the cc and check book away....teeheehee.


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answers from Chattanooga on

Hi A.

I have boys and once I got pregnant shopping became so much fun! My boys have way more clothes and toys than they need b/c they are all soooooo cute! I do feel there is more choices for girls clothes, but don't feel that they industry is geared more toward girls....boys just don't require as many outfit ensembles. I really really miss my outlett mall in Indiana. I loved Children's Place, Old Navy, Osh-Kosh, Gap, Carters...you name it, we had it!



answers from Jackson on

well i think most oms with little girls love to go shopping! yes, i love gymborie, and gap, and macy's too!. but i am a single mom of three so i stay on a budget. i've learned to 'clearance' shop only, and believe it or not, i'm a huge goodwill shopper. sometimes i can go into goodwill and find unbelievable deals for kids clothing. some even still have tags on them (must be from other moms who love to shop and the kids dont have time to wear the clothes before they out grow them). shopping is completely normal just as long as you dont' go into debt!!! have fun with your daughter, i love every minute!



answers from Johnson City on

you are not alone!! I am a definate Gymboree addict! I keep buying and my son doens't need another thing! I think they have the cutest clothes and really cute for girls! I tell everyone that if I'd had a little girl, I would not even be allowed in Johnson City, where my closest Gymboree store is! By the way, a friend told me about a new company, they are a sister company to Gymboree, the good news is they are a little cheaper! Supposed to be a store coming to Knoxville sometime soon. They are: crazy.com
I've ordered from them and it's just as good of quality !



answers from Huntsville on

Gymboree clothes are so cute and sweet, but I just can't justify buying whole wardrobes for the kids at those prices, especially when you have the type of kids who *love* wiping their mouths on their sleeves! UGH! I am the queen of stain removal!

Anyway, I let the grandparents do the Gymboree purchases (with suggestions, of course, and specific size info). You'd also be surprised at what you can find in resale shops. I have two that I go to- one in an average part of town, and another in a nicer area. There are specific sellers that bring in TONS of Gymboree, so if you find the same seller number on the tags of clothes you like, ask the ladies behind the counter to call you when that seller brings in a bunch of clothes. You never know- you might get a call! It never hurts to ask.

As a side note, one thing that cracks me up at the resale shops: monogrammed clothing. Really, what do they think the chances are that another kid will have the EXACT same initials? LOL! Good for them trying to resell/recycle stuff, but good luck with that!

And yes, only upscale lines seem to have REALLY cute stuff for boys. I find decent stuff at Penney's and Dillards.

Good luck!



answers from Baton Rouge on

I am indeed a bargain-shopaholic. I'm always hitting up the clearance rack in the toddler section at the Wal-Mart Supercenter for my 16 month old girl. I hardly buy clothes for myself, but I'm always buying clothes for her! I also love the Carter's Outlet store. Gymboree always has the cutest outfits, but I just can't afford them since I'm a stay-at-home mom (not even their clearance stuff). Another good place for low priced clothes is at the Dollar General, they usually have clothes on clearance as well.



answers from Nashville on

I probably shouldn't "feed" your "addiction" but I LOVE Old Navy at the end of the season!! I buy clothes in August (usually during the 'tax-free' weekend) for the next summer at great prices... tank tops for $2! The clothes also wash & wear so well. I have 2 daughters so I'm a lot like you. It's hard to resist those cute little dresses. My youngest doesn't get much new since she gets the hand-me-downs. I've always loved to shop so having daughters has only heightened it :) Happy shopping ;)



answers from Little Rock on

I know how you feel...my family actually had an intervention for me once and told me I was not allowed to buy any more clothes for my little girl till she outgrew the ones she had. I am in love with Target, Old Navy, and especially Children's Place...they have the greatest things at a lower price. I also love to buy girl's clothes at consignment stores and sales...most young girls rarely wear an outfit out and you can get some name brand expensive clothes at a great price. My daughter is always getting compliments on her clothes..so you might try that.



answers from New Orleans on

I love to look at all th elittle clothes - something about the size makes them even cuter. I have a boy and I agree that the stores tend to be geared more towards little girls than little boys. My favorite place to shop is Children's Place - the stuff there runs big whihc is good for me sinc I have 30 pound - 31 inch 21 month old!!



answers from Nashville on

I am 37 year old Mom of a 26 month old little boy. Yes, I love to shop for him. The industy has come a long way in little boy clothes. I go to the store to buy myself something(no longer fit into my prepregnancy clothes)and I always come home with something for him! There is a lady who sells new Gymboree clothes in Greenbriar called the Butterfly Patch Kids. I have picked up a few things but never looked at the girls clothes. Her email is ____@____.com.



answers from Birmingham on

My daughter is now 13, but when she was little, especially around 1-4 yrs, I loved to shop at Gymboree! I tried not to get "carried away", but some things I could not resist. Also, the Gymboree clothes seemed to fit her well, be more comfortable for her and more sturdy than some other brands. I also liked to hit the dept. stores, especially during sales, for those little 2 pc outfits (like leggings and matching top.) As long as you can afford it, and it is not getting you in credit card trouble, enjoy it!! This time passes all too quickly. And, Gymboree resells well. I am an eBay seller, and it started because of my daughter's outgrown but nice clothing. These days, we shop at Delia's! I still have to peek in the window of Gymboree, though! :-)




answers from Baton Rouge on

I've always loved shopping for little girls (I have 6 nieces)and now that I have my own 2 year old princess I just go crazy. I do shop sales though. I know what you mean about Gymboree. I like to shop their sales during gymbucks and again during their redemption period. I also love making little bows to match all her outfits. Little girls are so much fun and they look so darn cute in EVERYTHING.



answers from Little Rock on

I always loved to shop anyway but having my daughter made it worse. I have found the best place to get name brand clothing without spending a fortune is EBAY.



answers from Nashville on

I have an 8 month old son who I love to buy clothes for...although everytime I'm shopping for him I can't help but ooohhh and aaahhh over the cute girl clothes. Girls clothes are so much cuter!!!! I am a big fan of consignment shops. There is a really good resale shop in Franklin near the Cool Springs mall. It's called Kid-to-Kid. They have some really cute clothes and you don't have to spend a ton of money.



answers from Biloxi on

omg YES!!!!! i have 2 boys and 2 girls and i love shopping for girl clothes, my weakness is the cildrens place & carters,

they have great sales!!!!!



answers from Memphis on

My dd is about to turn 18 months and OMG I love gymbo! Here is a site you will love!! lol! http://www.gymbofriends.com/index.php and www.gymbohaven.com so you can know about the upcoming sales and coupons!!



answers from Shreveport on

I have a daughter that is 19 months. I think it happened to me too! I am always logging onto gymboree, children's place and old navy to browse their bargains. I think little girls do have advantages when it comes to clothes, but they also need all the accessories. Boys can be put in a pair of jeans and a button down shirt and look adorable. With little girls you find an outfit, then you're searching for matching bows, then socks, and shoes and the list goes on! It's fun though!!!

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