I Seem to Have a Cold or Sinus Infectoin That Keeps Coming Back!

Updated on April 09, 2007
D.N. asks from McKinney, TX
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Back in November, I got a cold. Pretty straight forward, nothing serious but just your typical cold (stuffy nose, sneezing, sinus pressure, sore throat etc..). After a few weeks it pretty much went away except that I was still usuing nasal spray to relieve my breathing difficulties through my nose. In January, I finally went to the doctor and he told me that I had a bad sinus infection. He gave me antibiotics, some medicine for my stuffy nose and a shot of steriods. He also gave me some samples of Zyrtec and some flonase (just a sample bottle). Well to mu luck, my sinus infection seemed to go away and for several weeks, I was all better (off the 4 way nasal spray) I could breath on my own and felt great. Well just about 2 weeks or so ago, my symptoms all started to come back and now I am right back to where I was before. Did my sinus infection come back?? Did it never really go away? Is it allergies? I don't know but it seems like the only thing that I am suffering from is my nasal passages seem to always feel swollen and I can't breath through them. NOTHING works except for over the counter nasal spray but I don't like to always have to use that. I know it isn't good but when I can't breath, what am I supposed to do??? Has anyone else experienced anything like this?? What should I do? Any advice please??

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Hey D.,
It sounds like you are allergic to whatever may be in the air. Do you have any mucus in your nose? If so what color (disgusting question I know). If it is clear it is definately allergies. Yellow or green means infection. I am pretty sure though that if nasal sprays are working then it must be allergies. Hope that helps. Get well soon.

(long-time sufferer of SEVERE allergies)



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I've had the same problem only mine is continuous. I'm sick again, and this time I didn't bother with the doctor and antibiotics. I started researching fungal infections and found great information on mercola.com and knowthecause.com. It seems that being on antibiotics often can cause a fungal infection, which then lowers immunity and makes you get sick again.

Once my poor, swollen nose can handle it, I'm going to start the nasal rinse already recommended to you; and meanwhile, I'm reading up on the candida diet to get rid of an overgrowth of candida. Not that I've been diagnosed! But it seems to be a good start to just giving my body a good detox and cleanse. I've also made an appointment with a doctor I found through the knowthecause.com website. Feel free to write me for the name and number, if you're interested. This doctor follows the protocols prescribed by the man who did so much research on fungal infections (Doug Kaufmann) and I just think he will be much more open to finding ways to help me than just the conventional medical approach (he is a doctor of osteopathy, not an M.D.).

That's all I know to tell you. I know you have to feel miserable! I know I do. Good luck...I'll also put in a good word for Vicks Vapor Rub, and there is also a Vicks vaporizer you can get at most drugstores. Also, for a great allergist, Dr. Michael Ruff is very good. I just haven't gone to him for sinus stuff.



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Hi D.. I know exactly what you are going through! I was sick for like 3-4 months straight this winter with back-to-back sinus infections, then ear infections too! I was so miserable! I finally went to an ENT, and even he still couldn't help me. He said I just had chronic sinusitis, and the only thing I could really do was take more rounds of antibiotics, and use the nasal spray. I hated doing all that because it never seemed to make anything better. But, I am an Arbonne Consultant, so I decided to finally try some of our alternative healthcare products. I seriously seemed to get better within a week of using this stuff! I am totally impressed. I used the following products to clear up my symptoms, and feel absolutely wonderful again!

Get Well Soon Dietary Supplement
A technologically-advanced combination of herbs and other ingredients scientifically proven to help nutritionally support the immune system.

Herbal Vapor Rub
Relax with this aromatic herbal vapor rub that includes natural essential oils and vapor action to help open nasal passages, soothe and comfort.

Herbal Vapor Soak
Enjoy these natural bath salts enriched with eucalyptus leaves and natural oils.

Now, I just use the "Get Well Soon" supplements occassinally if I'm going to fly somewhere or if I wake up feeling a little under the weather, and I never get a full-blown infection or cold! I also use Arbonne's Smart Hybrid Nutritional Supplements to help keep my immune system working well. If you'd like to try some samples or do some more research, please feel free to check out my website at: www.mandyolsen.myarbonne.com.

Good luck!
M. O.
Executive Area Manager and Independent Consultant
Arbonne International



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Hi D., My husband had symptoms like that for months. He tried all the over the counter stuff too. Finally he went to his doctor and instead of a shot they gave him a "Steri" Pack. He took a descending regemine of pills for 6 days (7 the first day, 6 the next, etc). That finally took care of the symptoms. You might ask your doctor about this option. HTH, L.



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I had the same experience one year - repeat sinus infections. Perhaps you should try seeing an actual allergist. My allergist recommended a sinus rinse. It is a clear bottle that you fill with a special salt solution and water. I think you can buy it at most pharmacies. It really helps with sinus infections, colds and allergies. Good luck!




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I have allergies really bad, too. Claritin works for me & my son.



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STOP using the over the counter nasal spray. It's the worst thing you can do. There's actually a rebound effect after you've used them that can cause your nasal passages to close up even more. I know because I had a year of sinus infections just like you it never went away and I did the nasal spray, antibiotics etc and finally went to a different doctor who told me to stop the spray and antibiotics.

This is gross but here is how I've been sinus infection free for 3 years....

In the shower I rinse out my sinus passages with a cup of warm water and a teaspoon of salt. I use a bulb (like the ones used for babies but the adult size), a fill it up with the solution, put my chin on my chest and squirt the stuff till it's empty into a nostril. Then I do the other side.

There is a kit that you can use to do this over the sink, but I do it in the shower with the bulb.

If you must use a nasal spray use one that is only SALINE, no drugs.

The steroids or steri pack is a good idea too to get you over the hump of feeling bad. But stop the nasal spray. Use the nose strips for nighttime, the Breath Right ones that open up your nose. If you work at home use them during the day too, it'll help you open up till you kick this thing.

When I have a cold, I steam my entire head over the sink, because I know I'm prone to sinus infection if I don't drain. So boil some water, grab a big towel and throw your head over the sink. It'll clean your pores too.

Good luck!