I Never Completed College What Type of White Collar Job Can I Get??

Updated on August 02, 2011
C.C. asks from Morrisville, PA
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I am thinking of getting a part time job. What can I get since I have not completed college. I think it would be a good idea to bring in my OWN money. I do NOT want to telephone calls and I do NOT want to a business similar to AMWAY. Thank you in advance.

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answers from Dallas on

I never COMPLETED college, but I did go complete a word processing program eons ago and learned how to type. Man, like 25 years ago (back when people used typing pools and work was saved on diskette). I got an entry level job working at a mail desk and worked my butt off for minimum wage. Promotion after promotion followed and when I left my job to be a SAHM I was the Secretary to the President of a major corporation making a very good salary. I got good OJT and took every class offered by the company. It is possible to advance without a degree if you work hard and have the right attitude/aptitude.

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answers from St. Louis on

It really depends on what courses or skills you have. With no skills you are going to be hard pressed to find anything. I hope by white collar you mean a desk job and not salaried which is what most mean by white collar. You will not find a salaried part time job.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I don't know of too many white collar type jobs for folks without a degree, and now because of the economy it's probably even more slim pickings.

You might have better luck looking into service related jobs. Not sure if things have changed due to the economy, but many nursing homes in our area would hire and train people to be CNA's (certified nursing assistants), dietitian's assistant, or housekeeping aide. The pay is very good for those without a degree, but the work demanding. The nursing asistant positions would be certified and sometimes after putting in a few years at the place where you are trained you'd be able to move into other similar work in the medical profession. Similarly home health aide positions are good and flexible and they tend to hire stay at home moms for these jobs because this is what their clients prefer.

As I said, not sure if things are still this way, but you might want to check around. I had a couple of friends who wanted to be RN's but were short on cash for school do this.

You might also check civil service type jobs, such as your state's department of natural resources (for example our state has fire ranger training and testing each summer - alot of college students or recent high school grads apply), department of corrections, highway department (road construction or city landscaping work), the post office or companies like your local airlines as a booking agent, stewardess, or as a clerk on the concourse or TSA agent), school bus company driver, public transit driver, ups, fedex in shipping department, etc. Once again, might be competitive because of the economy but you can certainly try.

Other considerations (not necessarily white collar) day care provider, hotel worker (either cleaning, food service, or clerk), pet walker, house sitter, maid/home cleaning service, store clerk, waitress.

Go to your state's employment pages or find a head hunter if you're at a loss where to start looking or need help pulling together a resume.

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answers from Chicago on

Don't know where you live, but hospitals are a great starting point. Plenty of entry-level type jobs such as scheduling, registrar, etc. Many offer tuition reimbursement if you are interested in finishing your degree.

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answers from New York on

You didn't COMPLETE college. What type of higher learning have you completed? Is it possible for you to finish your eduction?:

What are your interests? Do you like animals and have pets? Maybe you'd like to work in a vet's office as a receptionist.

Are you the quiet type? Have good computer skills? Maybe you'd be good for a data entry posistion.

Do you do any volunteer work? What do you like or dislike about it? Apply that to a position you may be interested in.

Unfortunaetly, without some higher education, and a recent position on your resume, getting a job in this economy is going to be very difficult.

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answers from San Francisco on

If you have completed some college work, consider those areas as a general category to begin exploring. Did you like writing classes, or math or arts? What are you naturally good at and what do you really enjoy. Those are some questions that might help you figure out an area to begin thinking about.

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answers from Dallas on

Receptionist, secretary, clerk. You don't need a degree to work the front desk at a doctor's or dentist office. Clerical/assistant jobs are in the category you are looking at.

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answers from Dallas on

Is there a community college near you? They may offer testing at little or no cost to see what your aptitudes are.

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answers from Washington DC on

I know you're not interested in making phone calls, but honestly the first thing that comes to mind is SALES. My husband does have a college degree, but he majored in Geography and did just enough not to flunk out. His degree has done nothing for his career. He got where he is by perseverance and hard work. He is now the Sales Director for the entire East Coast - for a company that sells wireless gear to hospitals, schools, etc., making a 6 figure salary. He is also in charge of some hiring for his team. He doesn't care what's on a person's resume (within reason!) - he knows a "go getter" when he sees one. Showing a lot of confidence will help you. Act like you really know what you're doing and hopefully someone will give you a chance :)

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answers from Phoenix on

What exactly do you mean by "white collar"? Because the people with degrees are most likely the ones getting the white collar jobs.

It might be a good idea to register with a temp agency as a starting point. The most common jobs for someone in your position would probably be a receptionist, data entry, secretary, file clerk, or something along those lines, depending on what hours you're looking for. If you are only available in afternoons or evenings, then you might need to look into the service industry (hotels, restaurants, etc.) or retail.

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answers from Providence on

Depends on what experience you may have, and in what field, any special interests? Sales, food industry, medical-filing/reception/data entry,health aids. Temp agencies.



answers from Cleveland on

I second the idea of starting with a temp agency. Let them find the jobs for you. It's nice because you get to do lots of different things; you meet many people and build your network; if you don't like one place, you know you won't be there forever; and many positions become permanent.

Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

What are your skills, what do you like, what time frame are you thinking about???

Temp agencies are a good place to start and many larger corporations hire from the temp pool of employees because they know them and they know if they fit with the company or not.

If you have children in school, be a teacher's assistant, day care assistant, etc.

Don't have your expectations SO high for a white collar job because it is unlikely you'll be CEO of a company but there are many things you can do and use your skills and feel worth while.

I personally stay away from MLM and direct sales because they involve investing, selling recruiting, etc and it just isn't my thing to go around soliciting friends and making them feel uncomfortable around me because I am selling something they don't want or need.

Good luck



answers from Pittsfield on

Ditto hospitals- also doctor's offices.
Best wishes! =o)

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