I Need to Make a "Mint Green" Face Paint

Updated on October 21, 2009
S.S. asks from Orem, UT
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Hello out there! I've been looking for a specific color of green face paint for my costume (Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty) and the only greens that are out there are pea greens or similar. I need it to be "Mint" green. I finally looked up online how to make your own face paint, but I'm not sure how to make it minty green color. Any ideas? I'm going to a costume contest/party and I'm trying to get every detail of Maleficent in there. (I even have a crow on a staff and her black jeweled ring!) Thanks in advance!

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What about cutting the pea green with white until it's the right color?

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I had this issue last year. I wanted to get smurf blue & had to mix a white and blue tube to get it... However, because I did this the paint wouldn't dry...so I couldn't touch anything the whole night without leaving a trace of color.

I would pick a white that you know will dry & add 1-2 drops of green food coloring to get your mint green. I think it'd work perfect! Wish I would have thought of this last year.




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I am not sure about face paint, but there are green concealer sticks that actually are mint green (used to hide red spots). Maybelline makes one as does Physician's Formula. You should be able to find them in any CVS, WalMart, etc. type store. They aren't all that expensive either, around $5 per stick. Hope this helps!



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I'd be careful about using food coloring on your face; my friend did that a few years ago and was blue for a few days after. I would say to blend a white and a green makeup, but use the kind that comes as a cream palate instead of the kind in the tube since it should blend better (if you can't find that green concealer stick someone mentioned). You might also look for a theatre supply shop instead of just Halloween stores (if you haven't already).



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Your best bet is to get a white tube of face paint from a halloween store, and also a tube of green. Look in the clown section for a true green. Mint green is mostly white (about 99%), with just a touch of green and sometimes a hint of blue. Blend to get the right color. Remember to leave room for adjustment, and don't add all the paint at once.

If that is out of the budget for you, or your local store is out of face paint, children's finger paints or tempra paint work pretty well, but you have to be careful because they will crack if you do it too thick.

If you need to color a homemade face paint, I would suggest using watercolor paint (the tube kind) as it is basically just pigment and water and will easily dilute into any paint made with a water or lotion base. The cake water colors will also work, but you will have to crush it, add a little water, and add it drop by drop to your paint.

Stay away from food coloring, it might stain your skin!

Good luck! Sounds like a great costume.

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