I Need to Find New Ob Gyn Office, Pediatricians and a General Physician, S.O.S.

Updated on January 09, 2009
M.S. asks from Westland, MI
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Ok, this is probably going to be my last requests for a while...I don't want to overwhelm everyone with all my needs:)
Again, new in the area and I need to find a pediatrician for my children, and a female gynecologist for me. And as if this were little to ask, I also need a general physician. I have a health condition, so I kind of have to find someone quick. Also, my baby is up for his check up this month, so finding a pediatrician soon is also very important.
To give you an idea of what I'm looking for:

The pediatrician: I would like a male between the ages of 35 and 55. Our last pediatrician was very nice to the kids. He would even knee on the floor to be at their same level. For him it was more important to make the child confortable before the parents. Some pediatricians don't even take the time to address the child, as if they weren't persons too. I wish I could have brought him here. I would have let him stay in the basement:)

The obyn: I would like a woman, hopefull between 35 and 45. I still miss my doctor. She was so great. She made me feel as if we were these great friends getting together to talk about hormones, pregnancy, aches, etc.--discussing all over a cup of coffee:) I can't believe I had to give her up to move here:) Maybe she has a twin doctor in Westland:)

The general physician: Let me think. I don't really care that much about this one. I hope not to have to see them very often. But hey, if you know a good one, let me know:)

Their office could be located in Westland or its vecinity.

Thanks again and cheers to all of you!!!!


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answers from Detroit on

HI M.,
I love my OB/GYN...there are 5 doctors in the office 2 women, 3 men. All of them are great and I have seen them all. The female doctors are Dr. Jennifer Cohn and Dr. Jodi Robinson. Dr. Cohn is great, very friendly, young (under 40) - sounds a lot like your describtion of your doctor. The office is in Dearborn - not positive but they might have an office in Livonia as well.

The Dearborn office number is ###-###-####!




answers from Detroit on

M., I know it can be tough trying to find new doctors...I moved here from Chicago 5 years ago, and I too wished I could have brought my physicians with me!!!

With that being said, my most frustrating thing in finding new doctors, was not get recommendations from others, but them finding out if any of those recommended doctors took my insurance!!!! So, I will give you my recommendations, but Good luck to you in finding a doctor that works for you!

OBGYN - I see Dr. Sandra Neal who is in Livonia (on Farmington Rd, south of Plymouth Rd) and is affiliated with St. Mary Hospital (also Livonia). She is part of a practice that includes her twin sister Susan and their father. I really love the two sisters...they are a little quirky I must say, but I love that you can feel very relaxed around them and they give you plenty of time to express your concerns. I hate it when you feel rushed by the doctor. The office phone # is ###-###-####.

For general physician - Our family goes to the U of M Canton Health Center (Canton Center Rd & Saltz) and our primary physician is Dr. Linda Balogh. We love her. We also take our daughter to her, and she is great with her too. We always see her for scheduled appointments, except when we have to call in for same-day sick visits, she is usally booked up and we end up seeing another doctor in the office, but we have never had a bad experience there. The office # is ###-###-####.



answers from Detroit on

I hope this helps. We use Dr. Todd Marcus as our pediatrician. We love him, he is very good with our son. It is a very relaxed office. His website is www.dr-Todd.com. He is located in Livonia on 5 mile road between Levan and Newberg. 36650 Five Mile Road, Suite 106, Livonia. ###-###-####.

My Obgyn is near there as well. Weside OBGYN, There are several doctors in the office and Dr. Karin Dimon is very good. They have an office in Livonia and Canton. The Livonia office is on Levan Road just north of 5 mile. 15370 Levan Rd, #1, Livonia, MI ###-###-####

I hope this helps. Let me know if you want anymore information.



answers from Detroit on

M., I really don't know of any physicians in your area (I know you're thinking "then why respond"!). But my sister asked her physicians if they knew of anyone in the area in which she was moving to. I'm sure that you'll trust the doctor more if you're referred by one of your old physicians especially since you loved them all so much. So that's just a thought to you.

I hope you find one and quick!

Take care,




answers from Detroit on

Hi M.,
Well I know you wanted a male ped. but I have to tell you, my daughter's ped is awesome. She is a woman, about early to mid 30's with children of her own. One of the nurses at the hospital where i had our daughter highly recommended her. We didn't have a ped. picked out before I gave birth. From day one she has made us feel comfortable..always addresses all of us at the same time and then interacts with my daughter while she is asking us questions on how she is doing. She even lets us know what to look forward to in the coming months. The best part I love about her is that she doesn't make you feel like any question is a bad question or that she is rushing through to get to the next patient. Any time that I have called the office to ask a question, she always got right back to me. The first time my daughter got sick, she even called the next day to see how she was doing. If you are still interested, her name is Dr. Barad and her # is ###-###-####. She is in Novi. My ob/gyn is a man in his mid 40's I would guess but I love him also. I have gone to him since day one and would not go anywhere else. He is gentle, compassionate, and has a sense of humor. He even had my husband help deliver our daughter...long story short, my husband's hands were the first thing she felt coming out. That was the best thing in the world for my husband, and a pleasant surprise to me. Any way...he is just the best and even though he is a man, I would recommend him to anyone. His name is Dr.Armstead and his # is ###-###-####. He is located in Wayne. My general dr is Dr.Craig Everingham in Romulus. He comes from a family of dr's. His dad was one and he has a brother in the same practice. Either one are good, but I prefer Craig because he takes time to listen to concerns or questions. My family has gone to him for yrs. Dr. Craig even showed up at the funeral home after my mom lost her battle against lung cancer. If you would like his number it is ###-###-####.
I hope this helped. Good luck!

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