I Need Something Romantic to Do for My Husband...

Updated on February 23, 2007
V.S. asks from Richardson, TX
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It's our 4th anniversary and I hate to say but I can't come up with anything to do for him that I haven't already done.
We always go to Bob's chop and steak house and then a weekend at the Omni, but I would like something special for him to do or something to "do to him" *blush*.
Got any ideas?

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So What Happened?

We went to the reunion tower for dinner. It was great. I got to go shopping for a beautiful black dress and got my hair done! The food was so good and I stuffed myself on desert which happened to be an exact replica of the tower. Earlier that day we went to the Dallas Auto show together and looked at cars.(Mostly dreamt)

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This one doesn't sound very romantic, but one of my co-workers recommended it and it seems to work. Get his car detailed. Doesn't sound like much, but if he's like most guys, who knows. Good luck!

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Here are a few things that me and my fiance have done
*Hot Air Ballon Ride ( really exciting especially since the weather has been so nice and they provide champagne and fruit to toast when the sunsets)
*Take the Amtrak for a train ride to San Antonio or Austin(get a private cart, they arent that expensive, and try a new experience) once you get to ur destination stay in a nice hotel or something and get room service, when we went to San Antonio we stayed at the La Mansion on the Riverwalk and it was a blast, he loved it
*A helicopter ride, kinda pricy but nice
*Rent a cabin in Oklahoma or east Texas and spend the weekend in the cabin

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I just saw this in my issue of D Magazine. My hubby and I want to do it soon. It's at the Hyatt at the airport. I know....doesn't sound very exciting. But it's a weekend getaway called the Epicurian Weekend Getaway.

It says it starts with a 5 course dinner in the Grand Met with Chef Dreyer (private type dinner I gather).

Then the next morning (after spending the night in one of their suites) you get a full breakfast and spend the next morning in a cooking class. You get your own kitchen space, cutting board, knives, mixing bowls and ingredients to follow the chef in making something grand to eat!

Then that afternoon they take you to Grapevine to spend the afternoon at La Buena Vida Vineyards for Wine 101.....tastings....pairings....etc.

It just sounded like a lot of fun...and romantic too.

Have fun!

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This posting is not exactly innocent, and far from crossing any lines just to forworn you. OK, so here are somethings that I tend to do that is romantic or would do in your situation ... Wine and cheese, what ever their favorite combination is have it ready and waiting in the room. I am assuming that the Omni is a hotel ... never heard of it but I am prolly the only one :). Go to adult store NEW FINE ARTS on NW Highway there are other locations that's the only one I know of though. While there get some of those nice tying ropes ... have them laying on the bed by the wine and cheese and lovingly tie him to the bed if it will allow, a chair or to himself and feed him the wine and cheese a blind fold comes in really handy at this time also ... let your imagination and hormones take you from there.

If that is not really your style then I would try strawberries and sparkeling wine or champegne (sp) with a romantically decorated room. Take the time to check in early and tip $20 to the desk asking them to set up the room (light the candles) at whatever time or excuse yourself to the restroom while he takes care of the check to inform them of your arrival time. Most places do not mind helping out with this kind of stuff a small tip is quite polite and incentive to do it well, good luck and have a happy anniversary.



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These are all great ideas. If you are looking at a new place to have dinner, I strongly recommend The Melting Pot. It's a fondue place and is very romantic. There is one is Addison. When you make your reservation, you can add things, like balloons, so they are waiting at your table. The booths are kind of secluded so you usually can't see any other guests, I would make sure they give you one of those if you do try it. It's very nice. Here's the website.



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Hi V.,
To add to the responses you have received already, I will let you know what I have done in the past that has been really fun. First, get a sitter outside of the home. Next, call your husband the day of the celebration, tell him what time he needs to be home....no questions asked. The night is about the two of you. Upon his arrival home, have a sign on the outside of the door he enters your home. The sign will tell him what he needs to do upon arrival. Mine read go to the dining room table. At the table I had instructed him to put work behind, put all work materials aside and go to the bedroom and look on the bed. I had layed out clothes for him which the sign instructed him to change and go to the kitchen. In the kitchen I had his favorite drink for him to mix and the sign told him to light the candles and put on music he can relax to. The note also told him I would be back shortly.I was dropping the kids off at the sitters but he did not know this.I had prepared some finger foods, fruits etc. The night progressed with us having drinks, TALKING! (wow, with kids you know how hard it is to carry a conversations all the way through)and reconnected on ALL LEVELS if you know what I mean. It was relaxing and just what we needed to celebrate us. He loved that I took control, created time for us without the kids. He especially loved the notes since he couldn't figure out what I was up to. Keep the night about the two of you and reconnecting. Have fun, enjoy and be creative. D.



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Make a fantasy weekend for our anniversary I pretended I was a gypsy ( outfit purchased from victoria secret) his wish was my command anything went. Second day it was my turn to do what I wanted I pretended I captured him tied him up and blindfolded him he was not allowed to touch or see me at all I was in control it drive him crazy.If you want any details of different things to do email me!!



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Hi V.. If your husband enjoys a little pampering from you, then he might enjoy this idea. Arbonne has some wonderful aromatherapy products. My husband actually really enjoys them because they're all natural and only use essential oils, so they have a wonderful scent that's not perfumey. You could start with a candle-lit bath with the Unwind Sea Salts and Sea Salt Scrub. Then, you could give him a nice massage with Arbonne's Unwind Massage Oil. It's awesome because it doesn't use any mineral oil, so it actually really absorbs when you work it in, and doesn't leave that gross, oily slick all over the sheets. ;) (wink, wink!) Hope you have fun. If I can help you with anything, you can reach me at: www.mandyolsen.myarbonne.com. Have fun!
- M. O.
Executive Area Manager and Independent Consultant, Arbonne International



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Speaking of *Blush*, I am a Passion Parties Consultant & I too live in east Richardson (off Arapaho & Plano Rd.) If you want to come by I have a lot of inventory that we can go through and put together a little "Night of Romance" package. I know that a lot of ladies are uncomfortable in the 'adult novelty' stores, so I have it all in a private setting. You are welcome to ask questions & trust that I know my product!

See my website to get an idea of the products that I carry. www.ask4passion.com

Also, if you every want to book a party (either ladies only or a couples party) I am at your service!

Thanks for your time,
[email protected]____.com

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