I Need Someone to Make a Bassinet Sheet for Me

Updated on February 11, 2008
N.N. asks from Chicago, IL
4 answers

I have a bassinet mattress that is 17w x 32L x 2 inches deep and I cannot for the life of me find a sheet that fits. I guess I need someone to make a sheet. Does anyone know where I can find a seamstress or someone like that?


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answers from Chicago on

We used a King size pillow case since we couldn't find sheets for our bassinet either.
Best of Luck!

One more thing... This might be obvious, but you slide the entire bassinet mattress inside the pillow case, then fold the end underneath the mattress so that there is no extra fabric anywhere. This would only work if your bassinet matress as wide as the pillow case. I'm such a worry wort LOL.



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There is a company that does custom bedding for infants, bassinets, cribs, toddlers....bumpers, pillows, comforters.
....actually any type of soft goods for bedroom or actually entire house. My sister used them and was thrilled. You DO have to wait up to 4 weeks for the products (longer if ordered around November to December), though, so if you need it NOW, that would not be an option for you. My sister ordered a set for the rocking bassinet. She picked a black and ivory juvenile toile...children playing/swinging etc. It also came in a green/blue and some other colors. Bumper, comforter, pillow, organic fitted sheets......I think some kind of organic puddle pad as well. The orgainc sheets/puddle pads, came in 10-14 days. The other items took about 4-5 weeks because the fabric had to be ordered first. She liked the quality of the work and the ease of working with the company so much that she decided to also order a set for the crib. She chose the same fabric of the children frolocking, but in the blue/white. She said another friend had ordered a white eyelet mini crib set,organic sheets/puddle pad, duvet and duvet cover from the same company. The company is THE GREEN GARDENIA. They are in Illinois and have been in business there since 1975. They use to just do decorating and now mostly do soft goods for designers as well as the public. They do not have a walk in store (which keeps the prices down) but they are currently developing a website. The phone is
###-###-####. The email is [email protected]____.com are pretty busy so you might get voicemail, but my sister says the do get back to you promptly and are really great to work with.
You can use your own fabric or they can make suggestions(and get it for you), depending on your color scheme and preferences. All mom/grandmother run.



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I bought a sheet like that for a cradle my dad made when I was a baby. Check out this link:


and look at the Cradle/Change Table item. It fits shallow mattresses up to 18x36 inches. It's elastic all the way around so it'll be sure to fit. You don't get the choose the color, but the one I ended up with was super cute so I'm sure they're all fine.

And, it's only $10 - a seamstress will charge you more than that for the fabric alone.

Hope that helps and congratulations!



answers from Chicago on

We also used a pillowcase - worked just fine....

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