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Updated on October 22, 2006
J.W. asks from Southfield, MI
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My son turned one on October 8th and because my husband I were moving that weekend into our new home, we weren't able to plan his party for that day. So I am having his party on the 29th and I'm having a hard time figuring out some ideas for other older kids to be able to do while this whole thing is going on. I have about 100 people coming and we decided to do an open house style party...so any ideas would be great. I'm also trying to come up with some ideas to make this day special for my son, maybe not later but a way to create some memories for him later in life.

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So What Happened?

Everything went very well...a little stressful and am looking forward to not having to do that again for awhile. I ended up doing a time capsule and had everyone from the party either write down a nice memory or make a hand-made gift. I'm giving him the time capsule on his 18th b-day. We made 2 huge pots of chili and tons of sloppy joes. Thank you so much for the help. That was my first time using this mamasource and i am very pleased

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For my son's first birthday party we had adult supervised stations one had stick on tattoos, another had treats to fill egg carton tackle boxes, and there was a necklace making station. I found these ideas at familyfun.com.

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I had a similar style party for my son when he turned one (it too was delayed becuase we both got sick). I set up munchie food, a few salads and rolled sandwhiches as a buffett and set out drinks with it so people could help themselves. Brendan had his own cake, and I got a cake at Costco (along with most of the sandwhiches) for everyone else. With that many people I would recommend only opening a few presents-- Brendan got really overwhelmed.

I would grasp on the Halloween/Fall theme for the older kids. We recently painted small pumpkins with poster paints (you can buy them cheaply at a farmers market) and bought some pumpkin shapes with foam stickers at Michael's to decorate.

I made a scrapbook with many pages commemorating the first birthday to save for him.

Good luck and congrats!



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If you want something for the older kids to do try a holloween party style. Have them make some drawings do pumkins bob for apples that kinda stuff. As for your son take pics w/the ppl who come so he can look back on it and say ahh thats what happened. PLan it more for the older ppl then your son but have a cake too. Simplify is always best i find.



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Hi Jamie

With Halloween so close to the party, why not have some Halloween type things going for the older kids.....a pumpkin shaped pinata that they can beat up, maybe a scavanger hunt around the back yard ( hide bags of candy or small toys) have a table of arts and crafts for them to do, crayons, paper, etc.. they could do leaf rubbings with the crayons and paper. Maybe have the kids do a contest who can make the scariest Halloween picture and have an adult pick the winner and the prize be a pumpkin and a carving set ( they are majorly on sale at Meijers and Target right now) One other thing...get those disposable cameras and let the kids take pictures. they have a ball taking pictures of what ever they want and the things they come up with once they are developed are priceless.

As to your son, I had a seperate cake made just for my daughters for their bdays. They loved it they got their own cake and lots of pictures were taken of them digging in and just having fun eatting it with frosting and such all over their faces. Those are the memories you and your son will never for get!



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Thats nice and all but I wouldnt be too concerned about him remembering. I would make sure u get some good pict w/ him & his cake & some party favors just to have in his baby album but dont worry about big things like clowns, ponys, things like that. He will enjoy even the smallest things. Good luck w/ your new home too.



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J. W

Hi, I have had many parties such as yours.. I used to get their favorite character .
Does your son have a favorite character he likes ? Get some boxed cameras and let your guest take some pictures. I am sure you will get some memories there..
One more.thing can i come.. he he jk..

Good luck!
C. S
mom of 3 kids...



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I had guests write a letter for my son to read on a future birthday. I assigned them a year (like 10). They could write advice for being that age, what he means to them, memories of his parents at that age,or their own memories of being that age. His late grandfather's brother and his wife came and having them write about my sons grandfather who passed when my husband was 10, will let Josh know more about a Grandpa that he will never have the chance to know. Also some of the people that are around for this birthday might not be around when he reads there letter. It may make things more special.
As far as other kids, we did a pinata and pin the tail on the donkey, which was a hit. The kids were 6-9months old. I gave bottles of bubbles (popular with all ages) and animal crackers, which even the youngest could eat. There was candy and fruit snacks in the pinata. Those 3 on up got a medal. Hope these help and Happy Belated Birthday to your son!



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Hi Jamie I just seen that you are having a party for your son. I have a face painting company-four seasons face painting, that may be of help. It is the perfect idea for all ages and is very interesting for both boys/girls!! Please visit my web page: www.myspace.com/4seasonsfacepainting
For examples and other info. I hope that I can help you and your family with memories of a lifetime! My email is [email protected]____.com Hope to hear from ya soon.



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I had a large party for my son on his first birthday. It is nothing they will remember so I used this gather of friends and family to start some meaning full traditions with my son. I used the Time Capsule for my son's 1st birthday. I sent a flyer
asking people to submit something from the past year (dated from the
year of his birth through his 1st year of life). Also, I gave them
a slip of cardstock paper for them to write advice, a blessing, or
hope for his life.

My son, Chase got some neat items and encouraging words of
wisdom. I still have family from out-of-town who are sending
things. It's a nice way to include your friends and family when
your child is so young and they haven't spent much time with him.

You could have each family member "pledge" to teach your son one of the
family values (love,joy,dream,faith,family, ect.) or one from the
ultimate gift (work, money, ect.) so every year they give him a note
of advice or a story for you to place in a journal for him to keep.
SO over the years the advice will change specifically for his age.
For example if I had the value of joy I would to advise your son (the 1
year old)how to always take the time to show Mommy the trail of ants
on the sidewalk, where as to Chase (the 18 year old)Joy is the feeling
inside of you when everything is dark around you but you know that the
sun WILL rise tomorrow.

Contact me if you need any more.

I got the ideas from the tradition experts at www.onceuponafamilyonline.com



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Depending on how many helpers you have, you could put a spin on it like a Fall Party with some different stations-bobbing for apples, making carmel apples, pin the tail on the donkey, somthing like a contest. My daughter suggests coloring but she's 6. I don't know how old the kids are but if there is a basement you could send them with punching balloons and let them go. I don't know if any of that helps or creates new ideas, but I hope so. Have fun!



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My daughter just turned 2 in September and for her birthday party we rented a bouncer for the older kids. They all loved it, they only came out of it when they were hungry or thirsty. The bouncer was a big hit.

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