I Need New Eyeglass Frames, Advice on Places like Lenscrafters or Vision World

Updated on January 13, 2011
V.M. asks from Conneaut, OH
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I'ts been 8 year or more since i have had new frames. the dr i am currently with has a little shop associated with his practice, but there is only one older lady there to help me pick out the frames and I wasn't really happy with any of her advice last time.

I'm thinking of geting the prescription and just taking it to a chain type of fame shop. I see what appear to be good deals. Like one one pair get one free etc. I have an astigmatism, and know that i want anti glare lenes, plus my prescription is strong so i want lightweight lenses with rolled edges so i don't look like i have coke bottle glasses. Can you get those sorts of things at a place like that? I don't know what "some exclusions may apply " really means and don't want to waste my time or theirs picking things out that won't work. AND what about WALMART can you get decent service adn selections and quality there??

I don't have a strong sense of what looks good on me and hate making that decision while pretty much blind. I woudl take a freind with me if i had one. Any advice would be apprecaited.

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So What Happened?

edited to add: no costco near us, that was the place my sislaw recommended.

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answers from Sacramento on

Hello! We just bought my youngest daughter 2 pairs of glasses at Walmart on the recommendation of several friends. They have great prices and some cute styles! My daughter also has an astigmatism, and her glasses seem very comfortable for her (she even wants to sleep in them), so I believe the lenses were made properly and the glasses fit her properly. They do offer anti-glare (though we didn't get that option because my daughter tends to lose and/or destroy her glasses so I cheaped out =).

In the past we bought glasses at Kaiser and Lenscrafters, and the glasses were nice there also. They had all the designer brands (Prada, Vera Wang, etc.) if that's important to you.

I will say this. I bought 2 pairs of glasses at Walmart and the total bill was less than 1 pair at Kaiser, Lenscrafters, and other places I have gone before. I have heard that Costco has really good prices on glasses, also, but I never think to go there for some reason!

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answers from San Antonio on

Consumer Reports recently did a full report on this. The Eye masters and the Pearle and the Lens Crafters and the most expensive without add'l benefit.
Costco, Sams (if offered) and Wal Mart were rated best values.

I have purchased glasses from Target and Wal Mart before. Got BETTER service there than at the top $$ places.

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answers from Austin on

Our daughter purchased a pair of classes from Lenscrafters and they were $300! I almost fell out of my chair..

We are all now purchasing our glasses through zenni.com.. You just need your prescription.. The frames start at $9.99.. Our daughter has purchased 3 different pairs the most expensive pair was $49.00 complete.. and my husband ordered a pair..His were $24. complete.

As soon as I get my new prescription I have decided to purchase a pair and a pair of prescription sun glasses! Check it out..

We have all purchased our glasses from Costco and they also do a great job, they were about $150.

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answers from Honolulu on

**Edit: thanks for the tip Laurie A.
I have been needing new glasses but have not gotten it due to the cost.
Now... I will check out zenni.com

I've gotten mine from Sear's. They have good return policies.

Many of my friends, have also gotten theirs from Costco.

Both were fine and nice and they can do any lenses.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I just got mine at Costco, for way less than Vision World or Lenscrafters.

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answers from Dallas on

I've never worn glasses and I was given a prescription last year for some progressives lens.

Although I like the frames, the rest of my purchase at $350 was a rip off.
I went to Eyemasters. They some some great looking deals and I was not looking for 2 pairs of glasses, just 1 quality pair. I got sucked in to add on the no scratch, guarantee, and I complained from day 1 that I did not like the glasses lens. They kept telling me that I would adjust to it.

They did this long enough to get past their 30day guarantee.

Just last week, I ended up with a new RX and the cost of lens only at my Dr. office was $650. Shocking since I've only had glasses a year.

He just wanted to change hte Rx slightly but use a new material in the lens and a new type of progressive. Guess its made of gold.

I go by the old saying...........you get what you pay for. I will never go to one of the chain glasses places again.



answers from Wichita on

I go to lenscrafters because they are preferred providers on my insurance. Do you have a friend you can take with you to pick out glasses, instead of relying on the workers at the store? I usually take a friend with me who I know will tell me if she thinks they look stupid.



answers from Philadelphia on

My mom works at lens crafters. They have retail people dedicated to helping you find the right frames in your price range. They can make ANY lens (though there may be some restrictions on what frames will fit your lenses). Most lenses can be made in an hour. If you have a very unusual prescription, they may need to order your lenses, those are usually ready the next day.


answers from Erie on

the places at our wal marts always seem like they have a good selection, although i've never went there before. i go to visionworks in our area and love them. the dr is great! it is a big place, but they have alot of people working there and i never have to wait for someone to help me.

Edited to say: I just realized that you are from Union city! lol i'm in erie...so i go to visionworks at the millcreek mall. one note of advice...stay away from sears at the millcreek mall. the dr is VERY creapy and i switched from there to visionworks and am much happier!



answers from Allentown on

I go to Walmart vision center, and am just as happy as when I used to go to a specialist that spent several hours with me!



answers from Milwaukee on

I've tried the less expensive--bargain places and the frames are junk. Also, I went to Stein once, and ended up returning the complete pair because they could not grind the lenses correctly. I've paid more at Lenscrafters, but the selection and quality have never been beat. I won't go anywhere else.

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