I Need Lunch Ideas!!!

Updated on January 25, 2008
T.G. asks from Port Saint Lucie, FL
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My 2 yr old daughter just started daycare, and I bring her lunch everyday. Please if anyone has any lunch ideas for me to give my daughter when she is in daycare I would really appreciate it. I just don't want to keep giving her the same thing. Thanks

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answers from Miami on

I have lots of ides, LOL!

ok I love the gladware little 4oz containers- I wash them & reuse them- I use the top rack of the dishwasher

I pack one w/ a fruit, one w/ a veggie and one w/ a 'main' course' - If thre's something like fishsticks, I wrap in aluminum foil, same goes for the veggie squares (read below)

fruit: cut up fruit & put it in the 4oz gladware (apple, orange, pear, mango, papaya, plum, peach, apricot, cantelope, strawberries, etc)

also: publix brand unsweetened organic appleasuce- it's cheaper to buy a big container & use the gladware...

if she likes beans right out of the can (rinsed off), then a little container filled 1/2 way with beans (I buy organic publix brand- red, garbonzo, ointo, black)

container of:
plain pasta & butter - all shapes. etc
ravioli!! filled with cheese or anything!
frozen mini perogies (filled w/ potato & cheese)

veggie burgers- try what she likes- Boca Burgers, garden burgers, etc

fish sticks- I buy at whole foods
safe Fish: http://www.checnet.org/healthehouse/education/quicklist-d...

chicken nuggests (bell & evans brand or kosher)
or 'fake' chicken nuggets

hard boiled egg

cheese stick (I'll throw one into the lunch if the 'main' gladware is 'plain' like plain spaghetti)

meat balls/'fake' meatballs (frozen)/turkey meatballs

veggies: I buy organic frozen: broccoli, green beans, and the mixed veggie (corn, peas & carrots), also brussel sprouts (my kids like veggies!)

Amy's brand (frozen) squares- there are spinach feta (I'll pack this as a veggie), bean & cheese (use this as a 'main'meal), pizza, etc...

at Whole foods there are : Health is Wealth brand (frozen) Spinach Munchies & Broccoli Munchies & Veggie Munchies (I use these a s a 'veggie')

at publix: frozen potato patty (no additives, etc- in a green box)

I don't send sandwiches, not at age 2, but that's just me, lol! you can also send leftovers- whatever she likes

if they don't heat up food there, then what I do is heat it up at home, stick it in the gladware, and put it in the lunchbag- everything is air conditioned here in south FL, so at room temperature it's fine until lunch- it won't go bad by noon...

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answers from Daytona Beach on

My son turned 2 last November and goes to a private sitter. I pack his lunch daily and when he doesn't take leftovers I do some of the following...

Sandwiches: meat and cheese, grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly (some doctors do not recommend children having peanut butter this early, a relative gave it to my son when she was keeping him (not thinking) and not only was he fine but he LOVED it!). Add a slice of tomatoe to the first 2 to give her some extra veggies.

Spaghetti (like on the tomatoe sauce), Vegetable Soup, Chicken Noodle (another favorite), a salad with everything cut up small and a little dressing so it's not so dry.

Remember that their lunches do not have to be 'traditional' because they do not eat as much as we do. Some non-traditional lunches I send with my son...

Steamed Broccoli (fav) - yes just Broccoli for lunch; peaches and cottage cheese; peas and carrots; strawberry/bannana yogurt with a little bit of granola and cranberries on top (my son scrapes the bowl); on rare occassions I send mac-n-cheese (kid fav but not healthy at all); cold pasta salad with noodles, olives, tomatoes, broccoli, shredded cheese, and a little Italian Dressing. You could add meat, like chicken, to some of these to help get more nutrients in.

Be creative! Cooking websites are great - just google or go to chef's websites like Racheal Ray, Robin Miller, and Sandra Lee. When looking for recipes just keep in mind your daughters stomach and what it can handle. Most recipes can be modified.

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answers from Daytona Beach on

My daughter doesn't like bread, so I put a scoop of peanut butter or cream cheese in a snack bag or small container... add crackers, some carrots and apple slices and we are good to go!!



answers from Daytona Beach on

My kids love cold pasta salad. A little rotini, chicken, maybe a veggie or two, some cheese and dressing all mixed up. They love it! Also, they like to build their own sandwich with cut up meats and cheeses and some crackers.



answers from Miami on

My son isn't quite 2 yet, but he has a hardy appetite, so I went through what your going through now. I am not sure if your going towards the organic route, or if you have any particulars on her diet, but maybe you can take some ideas here and there.

I have gotten some frozen chicken nuggets and paired them with some pasta lightly seasoned with butter and some shredded cheese, and some kind of veggie. They have now those single servings of veggies. You can get them either frozen, or in those cups like the fruit. If they are frozen, just cook it with the pasta the night before or the morning of, and it'll still be good. I also use chicken nuggets with a veggie, then throw in some fruit once he finishes all his food.

I have also given him pasta. Ravioli is his favorite, but I make sure that it doesn't have any sauce only because some sauces can be very high in sodium. My family has a history of high blood pressure and hypertension, so I am trying to prolong him from getting into salty things as much as possible. Cambells soups, the character shaped kind, or the mega noodle specifically, is really quick. I put it into a micro strainer and rinse it under water to get all the salty condensed soup out. Then I add a cup of corn, or some steamed cut carrots from dinner the night before, to give him some veggie. My son absolutely goes crazy over that.

Mostly, my son eats leftovers of whatever we ate the night before. Spaghetti, steamed veggies, chicken and rice, rice with mixed veggies... be creative. Realize too, if it looks questionable to you, then it probably looks that way to them. I always try to put something with a veggie, and give him plenty of fruits for snack. Raisens, bananas, yogurt, apples, pears, grapes, and oranges can easly go with something as a side. Pasta can always be mixed with some peas and carrots, or whatever veggie you have leftover. Good luck and I hope that you and your daughter have fun with the ideas you come up with for her lunches!

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