I Need Ideas for Protein for Breakfast

Updated on September 20, 2012
F.H. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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I need to limit eggs for the family, hubs is borderline high cholesterol, but I need to start the days off better with a balanced breakfast. Can you give me some ideas please?

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answers from Norfolk on

Peanut butter
Cottage cheese
Scrambled tofu
protein shake
You can give him egg whites (but eggs (yolks) really are not that bad for you)
tuna salad
chicken salad
lean bacon with a side of melon
Some people like beans for breakfast
Salmon lox (locks?) and bagels

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answers from Houston on

Aaahhh...a real mamapedia question. So refreshing! (sorry, its a jab at the last post I responded to)

Sliced mushrooms, monterey jack cheese, baby spinach and sliced cherry tomatoes, toss w/a bit of olive oil and a splash of egg whites. Cook/bake until heated through. Serve in some sort of tortialla wrap.

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answers from Columbia on

eggs aren't the problem (I have high cholesterol too). Eggs contain both good and bad cholesterol, and are really the perfect food - not the evilest food.

Anywho, protein bars work great. Cereal is very healthy. Fruit. Pancakes (if you're cooking).

What about Egg Beaters or whatever they are that are cholesterol free?

(skip the turkey bacon though - yuck!)

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answers from Dallas on

Yea for the real mom to mom questions! Dr. Oz recommended protein for people who get hungry and snack and that's what makes them gain weight. In other words, me! This is the breakfast he recommended with a balance of protein and fat that keeps me behaving between breakfast and lunch.
I get the "triple health" Thomas English muffins, split and toast it. 1 egg fried (I break the yolk, but your preference) in olive oil. 1 piece of Swiss cheese, a slice of avocado and a slice of tomato. This is your only egg of the day. This has kept my blood sugar stable and when I decide to splurge on something without protein I feel terrible, but I do have to make 2 different breakfasts sometimes!

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answers from Chicago on

The carnation instant breakfast comes packed with a TON of sugar 19-36g from what I looked at, so I would take a pass on that option. I use egg whites and a mixture of the egg balance (fake eggs) to create a breakfast quiche with turkey or chicken sausages, spinach, potato and other ingredients. You can make them in muffin tins, and takes about 20 min. I also make them at night when I make dinner and reheat in the morning when I make them.

Plus who says traditional breakfast foods are required here ... I have a friend who eats savory foods such as soup or last night's dinner for breakfast and never any "traditional" breakfast foods.

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answers from Washington DC on

eggs have got such a bad rap. and i think the cholesterol propaganda is seriously skewed. that being said, you did say 'limit' not 'avoid' and that's cool.
greek yogurt is probably your best friend. my dh and i recently did nutrisystem, and have continued to order their protein shakes. they're pretty pricey, but not bad-tasting and really keep us full and give us energy.
oatmeal is my go-to in winter.
protein breakfasts really make me feel so much better all day long. i need to re-prioritize and get back to that. thanks for the nudge!

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answers from Seattle on

Eggs are NOT the problem. I used to study nutrition and my hubs is an MD who has a laboratory that studies diet. I make him eggs almost every morning. The Egg is the Perfect Protein.

But to answer your ??

Start eating hot cereals for breakfast like Oatmeal, Steel Cut, not minute stuff, or Quinoa and add any number of nuts or nut butters, like peanut butter or almond butter. Add Hemp, Ground Flax, Whole Flax.

Make Multi-Grain Pancakes with Buttermilk and add ground flax or Hemp to those.

Whole Wheat Banana Muffins with walnuts
Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread with walnuts
Hash Browns with onions, peppers and bacon
Canadian Bacon, Turkey Bacon
Bagel with Lox

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answers from Raleigh on

What about Carnation Instant breakfast with skim milk? One packet has the same amount of protein as one egg, and contains lots of vitamins. I give this to my kids a lot, who don't like the taste of milk.

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answers from Fargo on

I do a fruit smoothie with a protein powder (i don't do soy due to Estrogen). Egg white's contain all the protein and the yolks contain all the fat. My husband will not eat the whites so i will scramble his with egg beaters and he's none the wiser. We also do peanut butter on banana or apples for breakfast.

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answers from Iowa City on

Peanut butter toast is enjoyed in my house. Carrots or apples dipped in almond butter, sun butter or peanut butter. Greek yogurt with fresh fruit.

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answers from Dallas on

Soy Protein shakes - yum. But watch the sugar and calorie count. Greek Yogurt is another good source of protein. I like to get the plain kind and substitute where I would for sour cream.
In fact, there is a chobani substitution chart. Maybe you could incorporate some protein by using greek yogurt in lieu of other items in your breakfast cooking:)
Hope this helps.

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answers from Boston on

Kashi makes great cereals and bars with added protein and fiber. Oatmeal also is great for high cholesterol( it will actually reduce it). I do egg whites with whole grain toast in the morning. My husband has high cholesterol, but loves eggs. Egg whites are packed with the protein, but not the cholesterol.

Protein shakes are also very good. The soy protein is best. Look for the ones with 0-5mg of Cholesterol and low in sugar.

Add an avocado to your egg whites and you have a very heart healthy breakfast.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Make a smoothie and use protein powder. This will give a huge protein boost. You can also add it to oatmeal.

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answers from Washington DC on

Not only are walnuts and almonds a good protein source, but they can help lower bad cholesterol levels. Toss them in your oatmeal or cold cereal or make nut butters in a food processor. Or have some peanut butter on whole grain toast or a whole grain waffle.

Greek yogurt is great, but watch for sugars. Plain is great with added fresh fruit or drizzle a little pure maple syrup and sprinkle on some walnuts.

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned oatmeal. Oatmeal has some protein but not enough on it's own so add in another protein source such as milk. Then add in some fruit (can also add some nuts such as almonds which are good for lowering cholesterol) and it's a balanced breakfast. Oatmeal is good at lowering cholesterol. Not the instant oatmeal but the real oatmeal.

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answers from San Francisco on

I haven't read all the other responses so sorry if I'm repeating but I would just say to think outside of the "breakfast" box. You can have anything you want for breakfast, a meat, tuna or peanut butter sandwich, a burrito, a bowl of soup, etc. I eat leftover dinner for breakfast ALL the time, I find it satisfying and a good way to use up whatever didn't get eaten the night before.
As a matter of fact when I get back from my walk I'm going to have a little bit of last night's spaghetti with meat sauce :)

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answers from New York on

Apple cut in half, spread almond butter over apple, dip in granola. Very healthy, satisfying and keeps you full throughout the day!


Apple cut in half, spread almond butter over apple, dip in granola. Very healthy, satisfying and keeps you full throughout the day!

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answers from Grand Forks on

Keep in mind that eggs are good cholesterol, and that one egg a day is ok. How about turkey bacon? Cottage cheese?

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answers from Rochester on

There are some really great cereals on the market that are healthy and super delicious. Nature's Path (or something) makes this Pumpkin Flax Seed cereal and it's honestly the BEST cereal I have ever had. Yum.

Peanut butter is a great protein...you could do PB toast, PB whole grain bagels, etc...my youngest does PB on her GF whole grain waffles.

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answers from Phoenix on

vega or eas protein shakes

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