I Need Ideas for a Lego Themed 10 yr.old Party.

Updated on July 02, 2007
D.H. asks from Wickliffe, OH
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My oldest will be ten in September and we are planning a Lego party. I alredy checked out Family Fun and got some ideas,but I need to come up with Lego type games or any other games ten year old boys would like. We are having the party at our home.

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answers from Dayton on

hi D.,
i don't know if this helps or not, but they make lego waffles. maybe as a snack you could serve them with peanut butter, that's how my son likes them, plus you can actually stack them if you do it that way.
also, maybe a pinata filled with legos? each child takes home the legos they collect from it?
i want to tell you, i was just at kroger's and they have lego fruit snacks. they're in the aisle with the granola bars.

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answers from Canton on

Heres some things I found

Katie's mom baked a sheet cake, set eight cupcakes on top (held in place with toothpicks), and frosted it a bright color to look like a giant LEGO piece. "It was great," Katie recalls. "None of the adults knew what it was --and all of the kids did."

Streamers in bright primary colors and heaps and heaps of LEGOs.

In addition to just building with the bricks, Katie came up with a few other LEGO-inspired games.

•Build a tower. Katie's dad dumped a bunch of LEGOs on the floor, then timed guests to see who could build the tallest structure in two minutes.

•Guess how many LEGOs are in a jar.

•Pin the LEGO on the...LEGO. Create a landscape with an integral piece missing, such as a boat's deep-sea diver or a castle's flag, and, with eyes closed, kids must take turns trying to place it in the right spot.

A small LEGO set and LEGO-shaped candies (available at some specialty candy stores).



Awesome Pics of lego cakes!!!

LEGOS Party Idea
Make cakes and jello Legos



answers from Cleveland on

Hi D.,

Just wanted to say what a wonderful thing you and your husband did for your nephew.

Kudos to you



answers from Columbus on

Depending on the personality of the boys attending (you'll know whether they might like this or not) but, print out a sheet of paper with a lego tower on it built in different colors and sized pieces. Each team must try to duplicate the tower. Only one person on the team may look at the paper to follow and can't talk to describe to the team how to build it. He can only point to things, use hand gestures, etc to get the idea across. First team to finish the tower correctly wins. HAve fun!



answers from Columbus on

how about a race to see who could buld something the quickets out of lego's -- or a lego star war's tournament (playstation)try this sight: http://www.birthdaypartyideas.com/
or lego land to see if they have any good idea's



answers from Cincinnati on

Hello D.. Check out Lego.com. You can e-mail the company and they may have some suggestions for you. The only game I could come up with would be a scavenger hunt. Get a cool Lego set or make something(robot, airplane) and have it as the prize for the scavenger hunt. Type out some directions or clues to find the Lego prize. Well, you get the idea. I hope you have fun. Good luck!!



answers from Dayton on

I also just wanted to say we need more moms like you who will step in there for others. I have two bio children and two adopted, what a blessing.




answers from Cincinnati on

Now I have no clue if this is a good idea or not, but what about a scavenger hunt? Hide a bunch of legos (obviously not the tiny ones) in a room or in the backyard and let them collect as many as they can in 5 minutes or so. You could also have a 'building contest' where they have to build a house or superhero or something like that, and give awards (have little awards for each boy, like "most creative", "biggest", "best use of color", "used the most legos", etc.).

You might also be able to find a bakery that can make an actual 'lego' cake. I can't imagine it would be too tough; a normal rectangular sheet cake with little mini-cakes on top for the lego bumps, covered with fondant to make it smooth.

Good luck - sounds like a ton of fun!

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