I Need Help with Writing an Invite for My Husbands Surprise 35Th Birthday.

Updated on March 12, 2017
S.B. asks from Chicago, IL
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He's a funny person with good heart. Loving dad to a 3 year old. I'm inviting most of our friends and planning on doing this at a restaurant with live music. Not sure where exactly. So our sons birthday is just just 4 days before his own birthday and he was like I don't want a big birthday but I know deep down inside he always likes having a big party.
I guess I want some ideas and some good wordings for his invitation. My first language is not English so I always feel challenged there:) Thank you for all your help. And oh btw it's two weeks from now! Please help!!!

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If it's only 2 weeks away, then you need to get out a save-the-date email right away! You can get back to them with details on the location. Are you sure you can get a place with live music on 2 weeks' notice? You'd better make some phone calls right now!

Be sure your e-vite specifies a surprise so no one comments to your husband.

I agree with Margie that it doesn't need to be fancy, just give the details (place, time, date), some indication of whether it's a dinner or appetizers, whether you're having a cash bar or supplying beer/wine/soft drinks, and helpful info about there being live music or dancing or whatever you intend.

If you want to draft up the basics and send them to me, I'll be happy to proofread it for you and suggest some alternate wording. But get your location nailed down now!

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answers from Portland on

I have a friend who sends out e-invites (cards through email) and she will say "Come join us in celebrating so and so's 35th birthday with a live band at such and such bar/restaurant" it's very casual. She gets to see how many accept as do the other invitees by selecting that option, so she knows how many plan on attending.

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answers from Miami on

Ok, I found a REALLY cute sample invitation online that you may want to use! See what you think.

There's a Birthday Party
and you're invited to show
But don't tell Chris
because he doesn't know
So if you can make it
here's a word to the wise
make sure you come early
'cuz it's a surprise!
Join us on Sunday, May 4, 2018
at 2:30 p.m.
The Chapter House
256 Lucas Lane
Howell, New Jersey

You can then add information about the attire (formal, casual) or anything else you think may require clarification. I am not sure how people would take the word "invitation", when it comes to paying for the meal. Every person who has invited me to a restaurant for a dinner party has expected the guests to pay, and we all do so, without issue. I have never been to a party where I was off the hook, unless I was the birthday girl herself. I have always assumed that if I wasn't told "food will be provided" when hosting a party at a restaurant, that it meant I paid my way.

Obviously, the "pay your way" thing is only the case for parties hosted in a restaurant. It is understood that in the case of parties hosted in a park or a home, food is provided, usually in the form of finger foods (chips, salsa), catering, or pizza. Perhaps you cay say on your invitation “This is a no Host party – Visit www.(restaurant-name).com for menu and pricing" or “for menu and pricing information, please visit www.(restaurant-name).com” so people don't assume you're spending hundreds of dollars for all of them to eat. It will save you from misunderstandings or awkwardness. I would bring a cake to the restaurant though. That's usually what is done at such parties, rather than forcing guests to buy dessert to celebrate...

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You say that you are inviting friends. What about his family? Are they invited? That is kind of important too.

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answers from Santa Fe on

Come celebrate Bob's 35th birthday with us! Let's surprise him with a festive get-together with friends, margaritas, live music and good food! Meet us at Name Mexican Restaurant at 6pm on May 20th where we will have the back patio reserved. Bob will be there by 6:30 so be sure to arrive by 6pm. We hope to see you there! RSVP to Mary at xxxemailaddress.

Added: This invitation means you are providing food and drink for everyone. If you are inviting people to meet you at a restaurant and pay their own way you should somehow get this idea across. With us and our friends everyone always pays their own way so it is considered normal. I guess for some people they always expect the host to pay unless stated otherwise. On the invite you could say "This is a no-host dinner, but I am treating everyone to appetizers and dessert. Thanks! - Mary" Then make sure the servers bring out a huge cake at the end! Communicate this with the restaurant beforehand so they know how to handle the bill.

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answers from Dallas on

You are crammed for time if you are just now looking and your event is 2 weeks away.

Are you SURE he likes surprises? Are you SURE he "deep down" wants a party? So many parties have gone wrong when the birthday person is not a surprise type person.

As for your invites, I would use Evite because it is good about helping you with follow up on RSVP's and such. Make sure you have on the Evite or whatever invitation you choose that this is a surprise and to Shhhhh!!!!

Communicate effectively on the invitation as far as what your plans are... dinner or appetizers, banquet room or large table in a semi private area, etc.

Also, you are aware if you invite you pay which means the entire bill is on you. You do not invite anyone to a party then hit them with a bill when the party is over. Some opinions differ on this but I strongly feel if I invite someone to an event, I pay 100%. 9 times out of 10 when I am invited to an event, I am prepared to pay my way because everyone does not have the same opinion I do on hosting an event.

I hope everything works out. Diane is correct due to your timing, you need to get the word out NOW to at least save the date. 2 weeks is very little time to plan a party and have it go smoothly unless you are pretty well organized and ready with your ideas.

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