I Need Help with a Baby Stroller and Play Pin

Updated on October 17, 2010
R.M. asks from Arlington, TX
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Recently me and my husband have split up and he took all my newborns stuff. He took everything, and we are in need of a stroller and play pin mostly..she doesnt even have a bed to sleep in. If you know of any resorces or anybody that has a stroller or any baby things at all they dont need anymore please let me know. We are in great need and i would appreciate any help. Thank you so much.

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answers from Dallas on

I have a pack n play that you can have. It is nothing fancy, but it does have a bassinet layer so that the baby is not in the bottom, but rather raised up. You are welcome to it for free.

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answers from Dallas on

I will check out food banks, local churches, charity places. Metrocrest services helped me a lot with I had nothing at all. I would also apply for food stamps and wic for formula and cereal. I know how it is, i've been there for you.

I wish you and your baby the best

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answers from Provo on

I love freecycle!!!!! That is where I got the playpen I have and some toys and clothes. If you lived here in Utah, I'd give it to you.



answers from Boston on

I second the FreeCycle.Org website. You sign up and choose your state and find if your town or nearby town has a freecycle group. Ours has lots of offers of free baby stuff. I have given away all kinds of things we could possibly sell, but who wants the hassle of having a yard sale when life is busy. I have also asked for stuff. The posts are either "Wanted", or "Offer". Usually people will give it to the first responder and send a new post that says "PPU" meaning Pending Pick Up. I have had people email me that they want something and then simply not show up. I usually email the 2nd responder and offer it to them. Good luck with the hubbie situation. I would also ask local shelters for free lawyer advice. Good luck.



answers from Dallas on

Post what you need on freecycle.org. I've donated all my baby stuff through that.



answers from Chicago on

It sounds as if he might be controlling? did you have domestic violence issues? If you did the domestic violence shelters have a ton of resources like lawyers, etc. to help moms get on there feet. good luck!


answers from Houston on

i live in houston and i need to unload that kind of girly stuff, how far is arlington?, if you have a way to get here i can give you a brand new crib , a playyard/bassinet/changing station and a regualr bassinet, i also have a stroller/car seat that attaches and baby clothes, toys, lots of things, let me know

edit**i am 4 hours south of you, i dont know what your financial or transportation situation is, you are welcome to the stuff for free if you want them, it would be all that you needed for the baby (besides diapers)and then some, i tried to sell them today and i will not try again if you give me an answer today

also might i suggest having a late baby shower, and buying the kind of things that convert, like a playyard that is also a bassinett, a space saving high chair, a convertible car seat that attaches to a stroller


answers from Chicago on

Once upon a Child you can get them for a low price usually or try your local food bank to see where you can go for one in your area if you do not have funds at all.



answers from Wichita on

go to www.freecycle.org and find one for your area. You can request anything and people are always giving away baby stuff on mine.

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