I Need Help Coming up with Inexpensive Ideas to Redecorate 5Yr Girl Room!

Updated on June 15, 2008
E.S. asks from San Antonio, TX
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I am trying to come up with ides to redecorate my 5 yr old daughters room she is into typical girls stuff Princess, Butterflies, Horses etc. The thing is I would love to go to Pottery Barn and get all her stuff to redecorate but it is way to expensive so if anyone has any cute ideas please do share! Thank You! E.

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Oh my gosh everyone had such fabulous ideas thank you so much I appreciate all the advice that I got. This redecorating stuff is going to be so fun. Take care everyone!

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Here are a few ideas from what I did with my daughters nursery.

Fairy Wings - (about $3.50 Hobby Lobby) it will be tricky but use the strings in the back to nail them to the wall. You will have to wrap the strings around a few times and play with it to get them to stay up. They can hang a little so they are not flat on the wall. Get a few pairs of them and put them all over her walls where she can't reach.

Princess Wands - ($1.47 Hobby Lobby) grab a tall plastic vase or other pretty container and put about 5 or 6 wands in it so they look like a bouquet of wands.

Tiaras - (about $2 for 12 at Hobby Lobby) Purchase a pack of 12 from Hobby Lobby and embellish them on the front with jewels or whatever you want. If there is a shelf in her room...or if you want to buy a shelf, rearrange the tiaras on the shelf so they are part of the decor. Have her help you design them so she has a part in this too.

Tutus - I think Hobby Lobby has these too. If she has a little stool in her room you can use the tutu to put over the stool so it hangs down as if the stool is wearing the tutu. Very cute. Or put the tutu over the lamp shade! Just make sure it can't touch the light bulb or anything and make sure she can't take it off.

Bedding - You may be able to find some plain colored bedding somewhere like Anna's Linens that will be more affordable then the decorative kind. Then purchase a set of cute pillow cases and some throw pillows that have decorations on them that will go with the solid color you choose. So you still get all the cute stuff but don't have to pay an arm and leg for all the bedding.

Throw Rug - You can find really cute ones at Wal-Mart and they are about $10 so this should be easy.

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Pottery barn has some beautiful stuff! I use it to show my HD and he makes it for me. He is not a great carpenter, but usually gets it. Do you know someone that is fairly good at woodworking?
Rooms to go has some great kids’ stuff that is SO much cheaper, but still really great quality. As far as decorations, Target is very reasonable and along the same lines as Pottery Barn. I would suggest putting your money into the large pieces that will last like the bed and dressers, and bedding. I went with neutral everything and then accepted with Dora and Disney princess pillows. The character bedding can be so expensive.
You could get some frames and coloring books and have her color them and then frame them. DD made some butterflies out of coffee filters and clothespins.
There are some great themed vinyl repositionable stickers for the walls also.
Have fun! I love decorating little kid's rooms! You just can't go wrong.


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I have done a lot of decorating with stuff from Target (they have higher quality organizational items such as pretty scalloped white shelves, toy organizers, and what not) and picture frames, wal mart for character ideas for bedding and wall decor, and my favorite place...EBAY...just watch the prices, the shipping costs, and the ratings of the seller. I have purchased tons of stuff off of ebay for my home due to I could not find it at wal mart or target, just didnt feel like contending with crowds and traffic, or because i could actually find it cheaper online.

Also, when you search through Ebay, you get tons of ideas that you may not have thought of by yourself. You may also look into painting her room...which walmart and the home depots/lowes provide relatively inexpensive paint and materials as well as someone to assist you with color choices and how to apply the type of material you are utilizing.




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My son is 5 also and I'm in the same situation. The quilt at Pottery Barn cost about $150 and that is not including all the extras to complete the room. I went to Target and found a similar theme in a quilt/sham that cost $59.99. Sheets $14.99 and very cute accessories at reasonable prices. Pottery Barn does a lot with letters. You could buy the letters at Wal-mart or Michaels unfinish and paint them yourself and add girly ribbon to spell her name or princess etc. Hobby Lobby has a lot of princess accessories as well. Good luck.



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I'm not sure where you live, but if you have a T.J. Max Homegoods store in your area, check it out. I visited one a couple of months ago and was shocked to find children's bedroom items for really low prices and they look like pottery barn style. I decorated my son's room from pottery barn and my sister wanted a similar look but could not afford it. I found everything she needed at the Homegoods store and it looks just like pottery barn. We did a patchwork quilt and covered the room in butterflies and flowers. Also, we ordered wallies online and got a headboard and butterflies and flowers to decorate the walls with.



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check out ikea in round rock. Their stuff is beautiful and cheaper than pottery barn. their web site is ikea.com

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