I Need Healthy Breakfast and Snack Ideas

Updated on January 16, 2010
S.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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Hello! I have always been able to eat what I wanted without gaining weight. Unfortunately, I do not eat the healthiest even when I am pregnant because I felt like gaining the right amount of weight meant all was OK. Well, I was a little bit scared into healthier eating when I came close to the limit on my glucose screening for gestational diabetes.

I do well with making pretty healthy lunches and dinners, but I need ideas for fast, healthy breakfasts (I am out the door by 6:30 AM) and healthy snacks for work. I am a teacher and cannot have any nut products in my classroom due to a child with a severe nut allergy. Ideas???

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answers from Minneapolis on

I'm a teacher too and also have a little boy so I know how hectic the mornings can be. I think the best thing in the morning is protein. It keeps me filled up all morning and keeps the cravings at bay. I eat a hard-boiled egg every morning. I also eat light string cheese as a snack. Turkey jerkey is good and full of protein. Trader Joe's has a great one. Also, a smoothie is quick and easy. You can mix fruit, yogurt, flax oil, and some whey protein powder with ice and blend it up. Very quick. I try to avoid all "cereal" bars or granola bars. WAY too much sugar. Oh...one other one. You can make an egg bake on Sunday and then store it in containers and take one with you each morning. Also, cottage cheese is loaded with protein. Mix in a little fruit and it's easy too. It is so hard to fit in healthy snacks when you are dealing with students all day. We can barely go to the bathroom let alone eat healthy food!



answers from Madison on

If you have to have crunchy stuff (like me) I get baked pita chips and hummis or guacamole. Smoothies with granola are good for breakfast. If you like chocolate I guess dark chocolate is better for you.

For breakfast I like to toast a bagel with cream cheese or hummis and put "Veggie bacon"from Morningstar on top. It is really healthy (unlike real bacon) and if you get it crispy it really tastes great!



answers from Minneapolis on

I liked using the French Vanilla Carnation's powdered breakfast shakes (Instant Breakfast Essentials). I put two packs in a large cup (14 oz or larger), then put whatever frozen fruit I felt like in the cup, and then lastly put milk to fill it up. I used a handheld blender to mix it all together and I could easily take my fruit shake with me. It also tastes really good!

I just pulled a pack to read the Nutrition label:

For one pack:
calories with FFmilk 220 (not including fruit)
Sodium 100mg
Potassium 240 mg
Total carbs: 27g (18 are sugar)
Protein: 5g

And then it lists the % of all the vitamins an minerals in it...quite a lot.

It is really filling and will last you until prep period or lunch.

Keep some other high protein and complex carb foods on hand to munch on through the day.
*hard boilded egg
*whole wheat muffin or bread
*FiberOne bars are really good

And then water filled veggies and fruit especially if you are having a hard time drinking water.
*orange wedges

Good luck! I've taught in the classroom, but not at the same time I was pregnant. I can't imagine keeping up! I'm 25 weeks pregnant with baby #2, too. Whew!



answers from Indianapolis on

I go through spurts on what I like for breakfast. Right now, it's a FiberOne Bar (they are really yummy) and some kind of fruit. They aren't too caloric, and the fiber is high. But, they are higher carb (some is offset by the amount of fiber).

Oatmeal is always a good option with some fresh or frozen fruit in it. Plain oatmeal wouldn't be a concern with the restriction of nuts in your classroom.

I used to do a lot of homemade parfaits. I used either granola with yogurt and fruit or Kashi Go Lean Crunch to make it.

Fresh fruit/veggies are always good options for healthy snacks. We keep a lot of string cheese at home for the kids. Since you can't have nuts, perhaps something like frozen edamame would be a good alternative for high protein vs. almonds.

During the summer, I found grape tomatoes to be a quick, filling snack.

I'm also a big fan of the 100 calorie snack packs (though I usually need more than 1 to fill me up). Jell-O makes really good 60 calorie puddings or 10 calorie sugar-free jellos (a little known secret is that coolwhip is very low carb).

I know a weight watcher's snack is to put whipped topping between graham crackers to make a pseudo ice cream sandwich.

I hope that helps.



answers from Minneapolis on

I like to do bagels with cream cheese, or make my own egg sandwich, easy just get a round egg maker for the pan (.99) cooks in less then 2 minutes add cheese and plop on an english muffin.

Also I wouldn't take the test too much to heart, I am on my third pregnancy and I know in just a few weeks I am going to fail my 1 hour glucose test miserably for some reason, but pass the 3 hour GTT with flying colors, I don't know why I can't pass that first test ( I never was good with tests...lol) but I can't. They don't ever seem to be too worried about it.

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