I Need Christmas Gift Ideas for Our 18 Month Old Son

Updated on December 20, 2008
M.B. asks from Lake Villa, IL
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I have no idea what to get for our son for Christmas. He will be 18 months at the time. He does like cars and trucks. I was also thinking of getting him a more expensive gift that will keep his interest for more than 6 months and have family chip in if they need a gift idea. I was thinking about getting a train table, but I don't know if he would like it or not.

We do have tons of books that he enjoys 'reading'.

He does not have too many toys. I would like to get some age appropriate toys that we could switch every once in a while so he wont get bored.

I would love any suggestions! My little girl is now 8 and it was easier for me to find gifts for her at a younger age.

Thanks -

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One of the best toys that we ever bought my son was the Fisher Price Little People A to Z zoo.



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Does he like music? Maybe some music instruments or toys that he will think are actually real instruments: guitar, drums, keyboard or piano, etc. We are buying our 21 month old an actual kids drumset for Christmas. Our son loves the drums and will appreciate a "real" set versus a toy set. Good luck!


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You probably can't go wrong with train sets/train table. You could maybe shoot for a summer toy but use it in your basement with rice/beans... sand/water table. Or if you don't have a wagon yet that would be nice too.

I got my 18 month old twins (b/g) last xmas (18 months) a personalized mini chair from Pottery Barn (they sell them elsewhere too) and they ABSOLUTELY love it and still use it to this day... use it to watch their program, to play on it, etc.



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At that age, we bought/received the following that worked out well for us:
Radio Flyer wagon
Radio Flyer go-n-grow trike
table and chair set
Doodle Pro
wooden sled from One Step Ahead
Brookfield Zoo membership

I must say, I like the idea of the train table. Best of luck!



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I agree with the Train table idea. Our older son received one and our 19 month just started asking to go play with it.

My 19 month old also loves:

*wood blocks to stack
*a smaller little tikes slide or climbing cube that we keep
*cars & trains
*Leapfrog...My 1st leappad
*stuffed animals
*Leapfrog...phonics fridge magnets (the letters...you put the
letters in the holder and it sings a song about the name and
sound it makes)

Hope you guys have a great Christmas!



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I have a 19 month old daughter that loves the Fisher-Price Doodle Pro. She loves to draw and erase over and over. She makes my husband do the ABCs,which she has picked up rather quickly with this Doodle Pro. I got a pink one, which she loves. My newphew has a dinosaur one, they have lots of themes. I think hell love it!
Good Luck



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You could take him to the Kohl Children's museum and see what he gravitates toward. They have a wide variety of exhibits, and although most of them are for "older" kids, he would probably show an interest in a few things. It might give you an idea of some things he would like to play with at home.
Good luck!

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