I Need Advice on How to Help Put My 11 Mo Old down to Bed for the Night.

Updated on May 05, 2007
T.T. asks from Keller, TX
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I have a 11 month old baby girl who has a hard time going down to bed for the night. At her nap times it is super easy to put her down...I just lay her in bed turn on her ocean wonders music and walk out of the room (she is asleep in 5 - 10 min with no tears).

But at night time when we put her down for the night she screams and cries for a Very long time. She will finally pass out at 12:30 am!!! We thought maybe she was afraid of the dark so we are trying to leave the light on for her. We feed her and bath her and play with her before bed and she is obviously tired but just wont go down.

She get up for the day around 8 -8:30 am and take two naps for at a duration of (1 hour AM nap & 1 1/2 to 2 hours for her PM nap)

I could really use some advice....is there any one else dealing with this.

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So What Happened?

She is now 16 months and I can now lay her down in her crib for bed at 10 pm and she will go to bed all on her own now. Yes...I have been rocking her to sleep for 16 months and believe me it wasnt by choice.

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Sounds like you're doing the right things by keeping a routine at night. (bath, book, etc) You never did state what time she actually goes to bed. Normally if a baby or child gives you a more difficult time, then it's usually that they are "over tired".

She may also be ready to switch to a one nap during the day that is longer.

Good luck, I know it can be tough sometimes.




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What time are you putting her down? Maybe she's sleeping too late in he day and is not tired at night. You might try letting her stay up a little longer - or ending her afternoon naps a little earlier?

Could also be night time separation anxiety - but if that is the case, only time will help that.

Good luck.



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It is probably time to quit the morning nap...I think both of mine were close to one when they gave up their am nap.
Good luck!



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I would try and readjust her nap times. I'm not sure what time your naps are, or what time she goes down for the night. But maybe make that last nap just an hour and see if that helps. If not, just gradually wean her to 1 nap. I used to do daycare from my home and kids would get dropped off at 7-7:30, so they had been up since 6:30 or so. I'd lie them down for a nap around 8:30 and wouldn't let them sleep but an hour. Then I'd lie them down again around noon and they'd get up around 2. Some kids did that until they were 18 mths or so, and others were done with 2 naps before turning 1.



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she might be excited when your husband comes home..if so dont change any thing as far as what you would do normally..but once she goes down to bed it might be tough because she cries but let her cry it out..for 15 min..then go in lay her down..and give her a bottle, pasifier, or blankie..then go..she will cry again..but wait for 20 min.. then repeat adding 5 min every time..but dont let her see you or hear you during the times of cying it will just make her mad..but do start at 15 min then add 5 every time between..and DONT PICK HER UP WHEN YOU GO IN TO HER JUST LAY HER DOWN AND ASSURE HER THAT YOU ARE STILL AROUND BUT ITS TIME FOR BED..she will get tired and fall asleep..she will stop fighting it within 1 week if you stay consistant and routine with bed times..and make sure you have down time before the actual bedtime..prayers or stories is what i did but its whatever you want to encorporate into her world that she will remember forever:)



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i too have an 11 month old.. same exact problem. I know it is just heartbreaking to hear your little sweetie screaming.. and then going in to soothe her and reassure her ends up causing more problems.. not to mention you see her little face with tears streaming... i am with you.. i live in south grand prairie, maybe we could meet up at the mall and let the girls play.. is she walking yet?



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What time are you putting her to bed? Maybe she is overtired? I would try to not play with her before bed, but read a story in a quiet, dimly lit room. Also, have a bedtime routine and a set bedtime.

We had a lot of trouble with our little girl when she was that age with naps and bedtime. What I found to be very helpful was a strict routine and a strict bedtime. I would start telling her around 7:15 that it was time to get ready for bed (which meant a bath and/or storytime). We would change her diaper, put her pj's on, brush her teeth, read the same story every night, put her same music cd on every night, say the same things and lay her down by 8 pm on the dot. NO LATER.

My husband was very quick to go in and comfort her when she cried so I also instilled the "5 minute rule." If she was crying we had to wait at least 5 minutes until we went in to her. If she was still crying, we would go in lay her back down, pat her back, tell her it was time to go to bed, and leave. On occasion, if she was hysterical, we would hold her for a few minutes to calm her down, then tell her that it was time to go to bed.

I know it is so horrible to hear them cry like that. I also found that telling them what they are going to be doing (for example, "it's almost time for your nap" "it's almost time for bed", etc.) helps a lot. They understand more than you think!

Hang in there! It does get better. I can't tell you how much my husband thanks me now for getting our daughter into her routines! She WILLINGLY goes for naps and bed (and sometimes even asks to go when she is really tired!!).

Mom to Hadlie - 22 months old

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