I Need a Tutor/sitter for My 5Th Grader - Math - 2 Times a Week

Updated on December 08, 2010
M.R. asks from Plano, TX
9 answers

Plano I am looking for a tutor to work with my 5th grade son 2 times a week. I would like to bring him up to speed in math and prepare him for the standardized test using our computer at home. Person would spend aobut 4 hours a week with child- 2 hours tutoring, and the rest babysitting.

Looking for someone with some flexibility who is near by.
I have a budget of about $40.00 a week or $10.00/hour

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answers from Dallas on

I agree about not finding someone for that price. I am a certified teacher and I used to tutor before I had two kiddos running around the house. I felt so bad for young families, so I only charged $45 and only did families from church. Many of my friends charged much more than that.

I don't know what they charge, but you might call http://www.risingscholars.com/ they are tutors that come to the home.

That is the price range for getting a good Jr. or Sr. in high school (maybe a college kid too). They can be really responsible but you might have to provide a bit more direction to the teen.

Best wishes.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I would recommend Plus Plus Tutoring. They are affordable.



answers from Dallas on

My 16 years old daughter who is a jr at PHS is very interested and wants to know the dates and times you are looking for.

I am a mom of 2, work from home as a nutritional supplement consultant, married for 18 years.



answers from Dallas on

Guidance counselors can usually give you ideas on who tutors. A lot of tutors are teachers who tutor on the side for extra money for an hour at a time.

I've not heard of any tutor that starts out less than $40/hour and that is on the low end. You might be able to find a college student to help.

Good luck.



answers from New Orleans on

I can provide online maths tuition five days a week for $40(one hour daily)
[email protected]____.com



answers from Dallas on

I'm not sure you're going to be able to find anyone for $10.00 an hour. It sounds like you have an extremely marketable skill yourself though. Maybe you could trade some interior decorating in exchange for quality tutoring? It's just a thought.



answers from Dallas on

May I suggest you take a trip over to Home Educators Resource in Lewisville. You can get info at www.homeeducatorsresource.com. They are geared towards homeschool and sell a wide variety of curriculum for all kinds of learning styles. One that comes to mind is "Math You See" which is based on manipulatives that lets the visual and kinetic learner understand math in a more physical sense than just a jumble of numbers. They also teach classes there, so they know what they are doing. A tutor is a good idea. However, you may also need to take a different approach to his learning style for him to grasp the concepts. This is one fieldtrip that would be worth your while. By giving your child mastery of this subject now, you will be helping him immensely in the future!



answers from New York on

I would highly recommend Parliament Tutors if you are looking for private in-home tutoring...

Best Wishes,

R. Gottlieb

My daughter used them and they have some neat tools on their website, such as a question of the day and diagnostic exams.

<a href="http://www.ParliamentTutors.com&quot;&gt; Parliament Tutors: Private Tutoring and Test Preparation</a>



answers from Dallas on

contact the high school math department. there might be an honor's student that needs community credit. good luck.

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