I Might Could Work from home....need Advice

Updated on July 19, 2007
J.R. asks from Greenville, TX
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Hello all,

I've been working part time in the mornings since my daughter was born. I've been off and home by 1:30 everyday. I now have an oppurtunity to work for someone as a personal assistant from home. I've ALWAYS wanted to 'stay home' with the kids but money has been an issue. Now that I have the oppurtunity I worry because it would be working full time and so I wonder if it's worth the trade...to be home with the kids everyday but having to be 'at work'. Any advise from moms who work at home. The boss would be ok-he's my dad :)-so he'll be understanding that I'm working for him but also that I'm being a mom at the time...I just don't know what's best

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answers from Dallas on


What a WONDERFUL opportunity!!
I'm not a WAHM but I think your over analyzing a blessed opportunity.
Why not look into MDO programs for the children a couple of days a week to ease your pressure.
It probably will take a lot of disipline and planning on your part, but know you can do it!!
I've read a couple of posts before on mamasource how it is very tough trying to work from home/computer time/phone work with kids but if it's something you desire.
I'd do it in a heartbeat!
Best of Luck!



answers from Dallas on

I work at home. I telecommute. At first, I felt really restricted in sticking just to work. But I found I actually work more and more effeciently than I did at an office.

I have a boss (in California) that isn't my Dad. And I'm totally responsible for doing my job. No one checks up on me. So, if you can motivate yourself to work and can get your Dad to give you specific job requirements... like "yes you can leave the house, but you must forward the phone to your cell" I think that would be great.

Working from home is a huge blessing. Everyone envies me and I remind myself of that when I get bored... because I do get bored of not having office buddies to chat with... but then I go out every other month to lunch with someone from the office so then I'm okay again.



answers from Dallas on

Please call me. I have worked for my parents for 5 years from home. I have been through it all and tried all sorts of situations, too much to type here!



answers from Dallas on

Hi K., that's great that you have that choice! I worked from home when I had my daughter and it was very tough. I was torn between which role I was playing and when my daughter would see me, she wanted mommy time. It ended up working out because I hired a full-time nanny and stayed in my home office to do my work. That was the only way I could be productive. Also, I always felt like I had to try extra hard to prove to my boss that I was not slacking. There were a lot of pros: the money was needed and it was nice to avoid a commute! Good luck!



answers from San Diego on

Hi K.,

I'm not a WAHM, wish I could be. But perhaps your dad is offering this blessing to you so that you can be home more often while earning an income at the same time. Is the income you'll be earning from him comparable or more than what you are earning now working part-time? If so, I think that PLUS the added benefit of being home with your kids is worth it. And the fact that it's your father and you say he's understanding of you wanting to be a WAHM at the same time. I'm sure he respects that and it's why he's opening up this opportunity for you. Take advantage of it while you can, you're very lucky!! :-)




answers from Seattle on

Absolutely take the opportunity! Sounds like a dream come true!! Plus, he's your Dad, so what more could you ask for?!! I don't know what exactly your responsibilities will be, but you will learn to work around your kid's schedules. Like during nap times or if they have a quiet-play time. If you will need to be on the phone or computer while they are awake, try to set them up with quiet toys nearby and take a break every now and then to interact and play with the kids. If you need to run errands, can you take the kids with you? Obviously, you won't be able to do that if its for a meeting or something of that sort, but if you are doing things like picking up dry cleaning or going to the store, you can bring em along. You might get up an hour before the kids do so you can do paperwork or scheduling (or whaterver it will entail), then take a break when the kids get up and have breakfast. YOu will find a groove that works for you! Will your 4 year old go to preschool in the fall? That will make it even easier!

If it were me, I'd take the job in a heart beat!! Good luck! I hope it all works out for you!

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