I Loved My Floormate but Is It Time to Move On ?

Updated on August 22, 2008
S.B. asks from Lebanon, OH
12 answers

I've used a a Hoover Floormate for years and loved it. It's not meant for heavy daily cleaning, nor does it seem to last very long. I've used its cleaning solutions as well as plain diluted vinegar to clean floors. My Floormate just broke (a hose just ripped).

Should I buy another one, see how much repair will be or move on to another machine ? I'm way too lazy to do the mop and bucket thing and want to minimize using disposable things like a Swiffer would need.

What do you ladies love ?

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answers from Columbus on

I also have had a floormate for years but didn't like how loud it was and it seemed to clog easily and leak water...I am absolutely in LOVE with my new Shark hard floor cleaner and have told all my friends. The deluxe at bed, bath & beyond was $100 but I was able to use my 20% coupon. It only uses water, no harsh chemicals, nothing to keep in stock to use. The cloths (came with 5) are machine washable. It cleans by using steam and I'm using it on tile, hardwood, and linoleum. It also came with a frame that you set it on to glide over carpet/rugs to freshen but doesn't actually remove spots, etc.

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answers from Bloomington on

I just got a Shark Steam Mop to use on my tile floors. It is quick and easy to use. No cleaners to use (just add water - it cleans with steam). The pad that attaches is reusable. Just throw it in the wash. If you want to get more information about it, check out this website: reusablesharksteammop.com

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answers from Evansville on

I bought an H2O water mop and absolutely love it!!! I reccomend checking into to it, I have 3 children (1,2,& 11) and a cat and it gets used often. The one down side is that it has a very short eletric cord and I can't do my stairs with it, other than that I use it on hardwood and tile and it also has a carpet attachment, but I haven't used it yet! You can use cleaners, vinegar, or just plain water and it is a steam mop which makes me feel much better about sanitizing!
Good Luck,
S. S



answers from Cleveland on

I have a shark steamer and LOVE it, takes about 10 minutes to heat though, but with a three story house and only 3 rooms having carpet, it's well worth it and i can do ALL the floors on one tank of water, no solutions to buy and it gets everything super clean.



answers from Cincinnati on

I clean houses for a living. I HATE the floor mate. I used it once on 3 surfaces and HATED IT. I LOVE shmop!!! washable mop heads on a large flat mop cleans and swivels quickly!



answers from Columbus on

I don't know what a Floormate is, but this is what I do for kitchen and bathroom floors.

I use a swiffer, but instead of a disposable cloth, I cut some old towels to fit the mop. That way I can use it and toss it into the laundry. I also avoid chemical cleaners, so once the original swiffer cleaner was gone, I filled it with vinegar and water.



answers from Dayton on

Have you looked into the Spot Bot? I have a 3 and 4 year old and light carpets. They aren't allowed to drink anything colored in the living room but we still have occasional accidents. (sometimes it's daddy's drinks) I have said on many occasions that the SpotBot was the best investment we ever mad. I really am thankful for it when my kids throw up. I can't stand cleaning that up and I don't even have to touch it with the spot bot. We are getting ready to sell our house and move from Youngstown to Dayton and I don't have to worry about our carpets.



answers from Indianapolis on

I know you mentioned not wanting to use Swifers, but I really do love the Wet Jet. It's easy for my kids to use, too, which really helps with the clean up. I have used them for years and it's nice to have the disposable pads because then I know I'm throwing away all that junk!! I'm not sure how the Floormate works, but the Swiffer is a standby for me.



answers from Lafayette on

My entire house is tile or hardwood, so I own a floormate, also. At first I thought it was great, but even when I sweep and vaccuum the floors before using it, it still gets full of dog hair and gunk. I have quit using it and now use a steamer. I bought it on ebay and LOVE it. There are lots of different kinds. The one I have is similar to a canister vaccuum (in that it pulls behind you) when using it on the floor. But it also can come off of the rolling base and be used anywhere. It has several attachments so I use it to clean my stove, microwave, bathrooms, pretty much everything. I love it. It does a great job and only uses water. That sterilizes everything and cuts back on allergy problems for my family plus is better for the environment. Mine heats up in about a minute and has a large enough tank to do most of the floors on the main level without needing refilled.



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi S.,

We have a Hoover Floormate that we never use, but it's still in working order. We're moving to Noblesville mid-September, so I could sell you mine for a good price if you decide you want to replace yours.

If you're interested, just send me a private message.




answers from Fort Wayne on

I understand what you mean about the disposable materials for the swiffer, but I love mine, I just dont use their disposiable cloths, I have designated dish cloths that I use in their place instead of theirs. It works well, I have beautiful pergo flooring that requires special cleaners so this way I am not putting any cleaners on them that shouldn't be used. I also use them on my tile floors. This way you can choose what kind of cleaner you want to use, and not have to be spending all the money on their cloths, and causing so much waste in our land fills. With the dish rags you wash them and use them over and over again.
The dish rags just fit into the swiffer mop head just as their disposable cloths do.
Hope this helps.



answers from Cleveland on

I love my Hoover steammop all it needs is water and the terry cloth pad is thick and all I do is wash it! It heats up in about 1 min. People of Sweden have been using steam to clean in their homes for a long time so I am told. I wanted a way to clean and cut down on the number of household chemicals I use. An added plus, the floor dries very quickly and is nice and warm!

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