I Lost My Job and Don't Know What to Do.

Updated on December 05, 2007
M.R. asks from Carrollton, TX
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Hey mamas. I REALLY need some help, I don't know what to do. I started working at Children's Hospital in Sept 2007 while training I hurt my wrist and have been out of work since 10-31 because of my injury (Tendonitis) I have a Dr's note staying that I can NOT go back to work until further notice. I was referred to an Orthopedics office and they would not make an appt until I knew if it was workers comp or not. I have been in severe paid and have not been able to move my wrist or lift anything using my wrist. I filed workers comp and it was denied so I made the appt for Tuesday. During this time I have been having a lot of Severe chronic pelvic pain which I have had off and on since I was preg w/my older son and have had endometriosis, excessive bleeding, dysplacia so I have been scheduled for a partial hysterectomy on 12/11 and I just received a certified letter from Children's on Sat stating that I have been terminated and unable to use STD or FMLA because FMLA does not come into effect until 1 yr of employment and STD doesn't come into effect until 6 months after employment. I had insurance w/Children's and I am a single mother and not able to make ends meet and not sure what to do.

Can they terminate me cause of inability to work which I have a Dr note? What choices do i have regarding insurance? Will my insurance cancel immediately after termination?
I live w/my parents and trying to get back on my feet. I am so scared and been really depressed. I had to take my son out of daycare because of finances. I feel that I am not going to be able to give my boys the Christmas that they deserve. I feel like my world is falling apart.

Pls HELP. I am desperate.

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answers from Houston on

No M. your world is not falling apart. GOD IS GOOD. This is a part in your life where you will need your strenght and faith in God. Don't loose hope you can change your circumstances and that is up to you how you want to see it. Don't get down and start thinking negative know that things are going to get better it's not going to be easy. Life is an experience. Here is two inspirational messages:

This is something you must understand: Your whole life is a teaching. Everything that you think, say, and do instructs another.

There is nothing you can't have if you choose it.

Even before you ask, I will have given it to you.

M. I know things will get better if you choose for it too and thank God for it.

Have a blessed day and know that things are going to get better for you and your family.

With much love,

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answers from Dallas on

When you feel your weakest -- He is strong. Remember that. :) You are HIS child and when you're weak, rely on Him...

I have been on three sides of this situation -- as an employer, as an employee and as a third-party at a lawfirm representing the company.

As an employer - as much as you probably don't want to, put yourself in their shoes... continue to pay someone that isn't working? It's an inevitable loss for them they need to cut their losses and focus on their bottom line.

As an employee, same thing happened to me with being let go and then being without insurance - I wound up with walking pneumonia and was not able to work for 6 weeks -- my son had bronchitis... luckily, I'd had the same medical providers for a LONG time and they didn't charge me an office visit fee and gave me samples so I didn't have to buy expensive Rx. If you don't call and ask... you won't get anything for free. I talked to my doctor when I was in there to see i there was any way to make payments or something because I was recently laid off and my health insurance terminated the day I left. I WAS able, luckily, to have unemployment for a while -- the employer did not fight that. I would have MUCH rather had a job, however. I, too, had to pull my son out of daycare because I couldn't afford that and stay at home on less than half my income.

If you need medical attention - take the advice of previous posts - get you and your kids on Medicaid... it'll be a chore but at least you'll be covered in the interim. Parkland hospital -- while not fun and you'll e waiting forever -- is there for people without insurance.

Texas is an "at will" employment state. You can be terminated at any time with or without cause.

If you were covered by their insurance, you will be offered COBRA but it is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. Cobra was more expensive than what I was going to get from unemployment.

I can understand the depression -- been there done that but remember... there are lots of resources and agencies that will help you with christmas. Contact the local police deparmtne to find out if you can get on their community list for Christmas... go talk to your church... I know our church is doing a TON of stuff for the "widows/orphans" (single parent families) this season... there is a world of help out there but it's going to be up to you to go seek it out... it doesn't just land in your lap! :)

Chin up... I got through it.. you can too! :)

not going to be able to give my boys the Christmas that they deserve. I feel like my world is falling apart.

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answers from San Antonio on

Hi, M.. I am really sorry about your situation. I have been there before (was a single mom for 9 years), but as one mom said before, it will get better. As far as being fired, in Texas, a company can fire you for any reason. They will offer you cobra, but that is usally expensive. I do not know if you can afford it with what you are making with the nanny service. Also, the other option is to apply for medicaid. Unfortunately, your doctor may not take it. Another option is trying to apply for unemployment. Since you were let go, you may get it. I definately suggest that, but I am not sure if you can get it since you are with the nanny agency. I hope things work out for you.



answers from Houston on

I don't have any advice about the job/insurance situation because I do not know the law that well. But I can tell you that the best Christmas I remember is the one where my mom lost her job and could not buy us anything. The way we celebrated was by making hand-made ornaments for the tree. I was pretty young, but that is the one year that I remember the fondest. It's not about the gifts, its about the memories you make. Things will work out, they always do.



answers from Dallas on

First let me say, I am really sorry for your situation and understand your desperation. If I were you I would apply for medicaid to take care of you physical needs and aid for families with dependant children. They will provide insurance for your children and give you money and food to get by until you are able to go back to work. There are many agencies/churches that will help you with Christmas. Stay home until you are well and enjoy the time you can spend with your children. Don't be ashamed to get help when you need it. You pay taxes -and therefore contribute to these funds! Hope everything works out for you! :)



answers from Amarillo on

Hi M.,

First let me say, GOD is good and has wonderful plans for your life... and your children's lives. Be steadfast in your prayers and always, always thank HIM.

I can give you one suggestion to consider ... what I do working part-time from home. The company I work with does not offer insurance, but you can get a "health card" which you could check into. I think the price of the card is somewhere around $5/month. This may or may not be for you, but it would be something you could try while still looking for another job. Anyway, if you'd like me to tell you more about it, please email me.

Best wishes ~S.



answers from Dallas on

I am so sorry about your situation. I can't imagine what you're going through. I just quickly wanted to agree with the other posts about applying for medicaid--not fun, but it will be worth it to get the insurance coverage just in case, and to receive some of the help you need. Also, as a stay at home mom, I do some online work that pays $10+ with flexible hours--if you have a bachelor's degree and are interested in tutoring online, contact me or check out Tutor.com's website at www.tutor.com. Depending on how many hours you can work, it could help out some with finances until your medical issues are resolved. Also, do check with some local churches--you may be surprised at the generosity of total strangers!
God bless you and your family,



answers from El Paso on

Hi M.,
You are going to a very difficult time, hard times have no other name. I went through some rough times myself many years ago, and everytime I think about them it still hurts very much. As much as I hated the thought, I asked for government help; with no job and medical bills accumulated and ahead of you, you may be able to get medicaid. For sure, you will get health insurance and daycare at the Y for your kids. If unable to work due to medical reasons, you may be able to get supplemental SSN, Not sure if you receive child support, but if not, the government will supplement that until they are able to get that for you. Good luck, and remember, hard times do pass! Believe me, with help from friends and family you will be OK. Get your thoughts in order, take a deep breath, and ask for what you need, later on when you recuperate your health, you can drop all the help you don't need and keep your pride. This is a good time to show your kids the true meaning of Xmas and give them more of your time and creating manual inexpensive crafts and visiting xmas lights free displays in your area. God bless you and your kids and family.

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