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Updated on August 22, 2007
R.J. asks from Chandler, AZ
4 answers

Can anyone tell my why there isn't a size "15 months" in baby clothes? I have looked on the net for info and haven't had any luck. Do kids just not grow as fast after 12 months????

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answers from Denver on

I don't know why there isn't a 15mos. in children's sizes. Children all differ so much in sizes that I guess it's easier to go by an average size of children each particular age. For your daughter though, I would go with a 12 mos. in pants, 12-18mos. in shirts, and if you're going to get a one piece I'd get the next size up. The nice thing is that if they're too big, eventually she will grow into them. Pants can be rolled up, or down at the waist if necessary, and shirts can be rolled up at the sleeves or tucked in.



answers from Phoenix on

After 12 months kids grow a little slower so it is not necessary to have a new size every 3 months like in the first year. You should be fine buying 18 months. I know I always bought larger tops for my son who is almost 2 ½ anyway so he could wear them longer. He should be able to wear some of the some of the same jackets as last year.



answers from Phoenix on

Hi R.,
it sounds like you are stressing for no reason :) because w/ winter clothes I found that a little bit bigger is better!! I know the Arizona winters are short and if you lived here a long time you may think that they are not that cold!! However children and babies do need to bundle up, so even if you can't find the exact size you can always roll the sleeves up and use them next winter!!! As for the size 15 months I have never heard of that one either :) It seems like baby/toddler clothing is never correct anyhow!! My 2 girls are never on the so called "scale" for size and fit!! Good luck in your quest and keep hitting up the best deals!! Kids grow tooooo fast!



answers from Phoenix on

Unfortunatly there is not a size 15mth. I have four children and they were all different sizes as babies. I found that once they reached 9 months they no longer fit into one pieces very well so go with two piece outfits you can mix and match. I always buy pants that fit well and shirts a size bigger because once they are out of diapers the pants that fit snug will now fit well again and then you can get more use out of the outfit. Many inexpensive stores sell seperate pieces like Target, Old Navy, Carters, Wal-Mart. Hopes this helps.

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