I Have Twins! I Do Eveything, Twice; I Do Everything Twice.

Updated on September 17, 2013
S.S. asks from Irving, TX
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My identical twin boys are four-months-old. I have searched all over the internet for fun facts, general information, developmental information, ect. It seems like everything is copied and pasted. Any Moms have any info or fun stories they would like to share? Does anyone know of any groups in our area that we might get involved in that are multiple and singleton friendly (I also have a three-year-old). I am a newly SAHM and going insaine!

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answers from Dallas on

My friend (acquaintance) writes this blog:
She has twin boys (in her brood of 5 boys!) and there is a tab on her blog "twin tips". Maybe that will help?

BTW I think she lives in the HEB area, maybe?

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answers from Dallas on

I don't have twins, but I am the daughter of an identical twin, my daddy. They were dressed alike from the time they were born. My uncle is the oldest by a few minutes and they joke about that. From what I understand, they never switched on dates, but they did go to each others' classes in college. Sneaky!

Know that your children may have issues being alone. My father and his brother do not handle being single at any time in their lives very well. My father tells me, from the moment he was conceived, he has never been alone and needs companionship, so try to ensure the people they gravitate toward are positive.

Throughout the years, they KNOW when things happen to each other both physical and emotional even when they are hundreds of miles away. It really is amazing! Last year, my father was diagnosed with cancer. The first thing my uncle said to him was "At least you don't have to find a bone marrow donor, you already have spare parts." :) That is one thing we have learned, cancer and heart issues are environmental. My uncle had a triple bypass and my father, now cancer free, had spleen cancer. Other things, they would both get at the same time, but not these things. Thank God!

My father and uncle are two very successful men and are amazing people. I am very blessed to be the daughter of a twin. In a way, it has been like having two dads. :)

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answers from Chicago on

Congrats on the twins! Mine are two and we have a singleton due in July. Find a local twins club. Check though www.nomotc.org (National Organization of Mothers of Twins). I joined my local group when I was pregnant. I LOVE the women I've met, and I can't imagine raising twins without their support!

As for a funny story, here's a good one! My boys were almost two. One went into his diaper, took out the contents, and dropped them on the floor. His brother proceeded to pick up the nuggets and draw on the living room wall like they were crayons. We now call him "Poopcasso".

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answers from Washington DC on

No advice, but I love your subject line! LOL

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answers from Kansas City on

I know our area has a Moms of Multiples group, my cousin-in-law is in one. You should do a search and see if there's one in your area.

My husband is a twin and my favorite story is one his grandma tells. When they were babies, they always slept forehead to forehead. His mom thought that looked uncomfortable so she would always move them apart, but when she would come back, they'd be back the way they were before, even at a few days old! His grandma didnt believe her so she moved them apart and then watched them wiggle back together. She thought it was fascinating, these little babies who couldnt even hold their heads up could get back together so they were forehead to forehead.

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answers from Johnstown on

We have a singleton and then identical twins. Our older daughter has been a world of help ever since the twins were born (there's 4 yrs between them). I remember when the twins were just starting to really get mobile--they were trying to put the foot rest up on the recliner. One sat on the flool and pulled the handle while the other lifted the foot rest up. After the task was completed, they both sat and applauded each other on a job well-done. There's literally a twin-talk. They understand everything the other wants, yet no one else has a clue.

Please allow them to be individuals. Even though they look the same, they do have different likes and dislikes. Mine hate being confused with the other and the throw a royal fit if their outfits are similar. They have no problem being apart from one another either.

I was a SAHM with my girls and I'm sooo glad I was. There won't be a dull moment, but enjoy every minute of it!



answers from Dallas on

We have a chapter of the national Mothers and More group in this area. It is the Greater Lewisville chapter. We serve moms from Lewisville, Flower Mound, Grapevine, Denton, Corinth, and any other local areas. We have activities for SAHMs during the day and employed moms in the evenings. If you would like more information, please e-mail me at: [email protected]____.com Luck!



answers from Dallas on

Depending upon where you live, there are a few Multiples clubs around. I am a member of the North Dallas Mother of Twins Club (http://www.ndmotc.org/). I know there is also a group in Plano. If neither of those are near you, you can check out the National Organization of Mothers of Twins clubs (http://www.nomotc.org/). You should be able to find a club near you. They have a lot of benefits including a sympathetic and knowing ear for the extra troubles you encounter along the way.



answers from Portland on

I am still chuckling over your "everything twice", "everything twice" statement! I am mama to my two 6 yr. old brother and sister twins....This has been a journey and every day I am whipped and whirled around and about, tossed and tumbled, frazzled and dazzled, inside out, outside in, upside, downside, back-to-back-bellyside up, turned, flipped,flopped, and by the grace of goodness upright and clearly, absolutely, wholeheartedly and profoundly in awe of being so very blessed and then we sleep, wake up each morning and off we go again. I am challenged every day in countless ways to find balance and keep my mind, body and spirit in tact....I am more determined to be all I can be than I ever have been in life! Every mountain peak offers a valley, and every valley leads up to a mountain peak.



answers from San Francisco on

I second finding a local parents of multiples chapter by searching the web site of the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs (http://www.NOMOTC.org) - we joined our local club when I was about 8 months pg. and it was a great place for information, connection with both similarly anxious expectant parents and helpful been there/done that parents of older multiples. My (fraternal g/g) twins are now 9YO and I'm still involved in our local club b/c I want to be able to help other parents the way I was helped when my kids were babies.



answers from Norfolk on

When my son was 6-months old, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and my doctors advised if we wanted more kids "sooner was better than later." DS was a pretty avid nurser and the military kept moving DH around.... When my son was diagnosed Autistic at 19-months old, we agreed we still wanted to give our son a sibling. It took awhile since my son was not keen to wean and the military kept moving my husband around..... Punchline: A month after my son turned three, we welcomed his 2 sisters! (Fraternal twins.)

I've heard of a couple of Multiples groups in the area, but my son has a pretty busy therapy schedule and we live out of the way. It is amazing to watch the three of them, though. Right now, we've got the sniffles going through our house. My son *hates* the nasal aspirator (sensory issues) and when he saw me using it on one of his sisters, he took it from me and left the room. The girls love watching their brother, though. I have high hopes for the future of my Three Little Musketeers.

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