I Have Not Really Felt My Baby Move and I Am 21 Weeks and 2Nd Pregnancy

Updated on July 23, 2008
A.J. asks from Blue Springs, MO
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I am 21 weeks along and have not felt my baby move much. This is my 2nd pregnancy and have read that you should feel them earlier the 2nd time around. I have felt some movement but not a lot. I have had a healthy pregnancy so far and each dr visit has been good. I just am a little nervous that I have not felt much movement. I am short and still have some weight leftover from my first child which was a year in a half ago. Has anyone experienced this with their 2nd and so on?

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all of your insights and encouragement. I have started feeling her the last couple of days. I think a lot of it she is still tiny. My sonogram was at 19 weeks and she was moving all over the place but I didn't feel a thing.

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My placenta was in the front, so I didn't feel movement for a long time either. I also didn't feel like I had a soccer player in me like my first born was so I enjoyed it more.



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I was worried about this myself until recently. I am in my third pregnancy, due in December. With my second child I thought I could remember feeling him move very early, like 12 or 14 weeks. So when I couldn't feel this one at 17, 18 weeks I was concerned, even though I believe 18-20 is the normal time to first feel movement.

Anyway, one thing to try is to drink a glass of water and maybe eat a piece of fruit, then lie down on your left side and relax for a while and see if you feel the baby move. I finally started feeling my baby move this week, when I was just sitting at my computer, doing some work, not even thinking about it. I'm sure it will come soon for you too.



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My second child was all over the place (she still is!) but my first hardly moved at all. Even toward the end of my pregnancy, she was just not very active. I did the kick counts everyday by the number of times she got the hiccups. She is still a very mild child. I really belive that you can tell a lot about a child's personality in the womb. As long as you are feeling some movement, I won't worry too much yet. The baby is still pretty small at this point. Maybe talk to your doctor about it at your next visit if you are still concerned.


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Next time ask where your placenta is. Mine was in the front last time and it made it hard to feel it normally. As it turns out, I was feeling movement really early but I passed it off as gas. I could only feel that baby in my intestinal area and it was worse in my bladder. But at least that one didn't kick my ribs!


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