I Have No Idea What I Need to Buy!

Updated on November 20, 2006
H.W. asks from Boise, ID
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I just wanted to vent really. I have no idea what I need to buy for my baby. I seriously have nothing! My family is all in other states, so I don't have anyone to go with. I went to WalMart the other day to look and it is so expensive. I don't even know what all I need. I don't want to go overboard and buy a bunch of stuff that I don't need, and I don't want to pay too much. I am the only source of income here and my husband and I are looking at all the stuff (Crib, Mattress, Baby Rocker, Car Seats...) and getting totally exhausted. Our baby is due on January 27th and we don't have anything! Thanks for listening...

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answers from Boise on

There really isn't a lot that you have to buy. Think about earlier generations and how little they had. I would think the important things would be the car seat, stroller, crib, and clothing and diapers. After a few months then you can start adding things. I too live in the Boise area and would be happy to talk with you and let you know what has worked and hasn't worked for me. I have 2 kids right now and trying for a third. If you would like to talk email me at ____@____.com.

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answers from Seattle on

I just had a baby 6 weeks ago and too realized how expensive everything can be. But, babies do not need much! Also, many things are more than fine to get used. I bought our glider and dresser/changing table from craigslist.com. (if you don't already use this, start, it is like a local ebay, so you can see and pick up items, no shipping!) We saved lots doing that! I also don't believe that all babies need to have a crib, especially in the early months. You could get a second hand bassinet (most are only used a few weeks or months and still in great shape) or we have an amby baby hammock that I love(you can get a great deal on ebay, we paid full price which I regret!) or as controversial as this is, baby can just sleep with you!! (my daughter sleeps with me at least half of the time!) Also, check out other mothers for clothing. It is much cheaper, and again, most things are still in great shape. I also got lots of clothes from ebay for some really good deals. But, start looking at craigslist daily! You will save a lot of money!! I would not recommend buying the carseat secondhand, but if you have to, make sure you verify that it has not been in any accidents. I also am not from Boise, and do not have any family here. I am about your same age (28 next week!) and would be happy to chat. ____@____.com I hope this helps.

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answers from Boise on

It is overwhelming when you are a first time mom. When I had my first baby I lived in a different state than my family and my husband's family so I can understand how you may be feeling. Things are pretty expensive. The important things to get are the car seat, and a place for the baby to sleep. If you can't afford a crib and mattress right now just get a bassinet or even a pack n play will work. Those items aren't as expensive as a crib and mattress and the baby will sleep just fine in those. My first slept in a bassinet until she was 3 months and my second slept in a pack n play until she was 3 months. Of course you are going to need clothes. So you will have to get those. Probably about 5-10 pairs of pajamas, onsies, maybe just a few other outfits are essential. You will be doing laundry a lot more, but at least you won't be spending so much on clothing that the baby will just grow out of. I would try some of the resale stores as many times people donate items that have never been worn. You might even be able to find a cheap bassinet there as well. I would never buy a used car seat though. If you have any extra money I would suggest getting a sling to carry the baby in. I used mine daily. I could still get things done and hold my baby at the same time. I hope any of this helps. If you have any other questions or would just like to talk you can email me at ____@____.com.

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answers from Boise on

Hi H.,

It IS overwhelming the number of things that companies will try to convince you that you need to buy, isn't it? My father helped me put it in perspective when he commented that families used to make due putting a new baby in the sock drawer. (OK, I'm not going to THAT extreme, I said. Grin) Our first baby is due in four weeks and I'm feeling pretty well prepared. We have bought just a few things new, the rest I found through getting creative. We saved money, but it takes some time to invest and you need to stay flexible.

Keep focused on the basics that the baby will actually need right away, like the car seat and a couple pieces of good furniture for the baby's room (crib and a dresser that could double as a changing table). You'll also need some practical, basic clothes and supplies. (Gotta love onesies!) As fast as babies grow it just does not make sense to drop a lot of money on a bunch of fancy items.

Ideas for sources: My mother in law hit several thrift stores and sent baby clothes & blankets to us that are absolutely perfect. No one would ever know they are not new! The Good Will on Overland has baby clothing organized really well the store is clean. "Other Mothers" on Fairview has a good selection of equipment like strollers & play pens. I bought several pieces of used furniture & equipment through www.CraigsList.com and www.Zidaho.com. If you feel up to some driving around, maybe you can get out some Friday afternoons & Saturday mornings to check out some yard sales. You can find yard sale listings on www.ZIdaho.com and www.IdahoStatesman.com. Only go to ones that describe having baby equipment. You'll be amazed at the deals you can get when parents are ready to turn their baby stuff loose. When baby items are listed get there early. Good baby stuff goes really fast at yard sales.

Good luck!! Happy Bargain Hunting!!

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