I Have Got to Figure Out How to Clean This Before My Husband Comes Home!

Updated on March 03, 2007
J.Y. asks from Rowlett, TX
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I left my dogs out of thier crates when I took my girls to school this morning thinking that they never have accidents. WRONG! One of them peed on my brand new carpet. My husband is not an animal lover but indulges me with my dogs. If he comes home & finds that they've done this, he will come unglued! So, my question to ya'll is what's the best way to clean this up? There's not a stain on the carpet, but there is a smell. I am in a unique situation because the carpet is not completely put down yet. We had hardwoods put in at the same time & the guys have not tucked the carpet in yet. So when I pull up the carpet, there is a stain on the other side. Can I clean this? Also, can I clean the carpet pad, it soaked through to that! The smell is my main concern but I need to clean the other side too. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Well, DH decided to come home early (for the first time ever, of course), & cought me in the middle of cleaning up! Of course, he flipped. But then helped me clean it up. I actually used a combination of all 3. I used the Oxy cleaner for the stain, the club soda & vinegar for the smell, & then the laundry detergent just to make sure. Now my living room smells like freshly laundered clothes! Thanks so much for the advice.

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My mother-in-law swore by a solution she mixed up and when I started potty training a new puppy I found it was better than gold. Fill a spray bottle with club soda. Then add a little bit of vinegar. I always just shook it up and added more vinegar until I could just barely smell the vinegar. After using paper towels to soak up as much of the 'pee', spray enough just to cover the wet area. Blot it up, then repeat several times if necessary. I guess the club soda got the stain while the vinegar neutralized the smell. I used this every time my dog ‘went’ in the house and there was never a stain or a smell. Good Luck!

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The oxy cleaner (small container) will get the stain out on the other side pretty good. For the smell, the only thing that has worked for me when I've had my dogs pee on the carpet is Febreeze extra strenght.

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whenever my dog peed on the carpet I'd fill a huge bowl with really really hot water and mix in a little laundry detergent. Then I'd pour it over the spot. I'd let a towel sit on it for an hour and them use a blow dryer to make sure it was compltetly dry. Letting it air dry makes it smell funky,like mold.

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When my toddlers pee on the carpet, we use Nature's Miracle available at Petco; it is really cool. You need to clean the bottom as best you can, else whenever the carpets are cleaned in the future, it may rise to the top. I usually have my carpets DRY cleaned, rather than steam, to prevent such things, and I recommend highly Joy Carpet & Dry Cleaning. They sell a spot remover; I have not had any reason to try it. As to the pad, you should replace it now since you have easy access and it's pretty cheap. All they have to do is pick it up and put some more down there. That spongy stuff probably absorbed all the urine so if you leave it there you will be sorry.

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