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Updated on February 08, 2009
M.J. asks from Vest, KY
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Hi All, I have a serious issue, and I need to know an answer for my question.

I got my MMR shot last week, my Dr did not say anything about getting pregnant immediately. But I have missed a period and I am a bit worried, I have heard that you should not get pregnant within 3 months after getting the Rubella shot. I took MMR so is it different? if I am pregnant is there a bad effect on the baby? what should I do? please advice.


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So What Happened?

Hi All

I got myself checked with the Doctors and they confirmed that I am not pregnant. So I guess I am safe. Thanks a load for your messages and help... All the best to all of you!!

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Hi Sach,

The MMR vaccine contains live virus and that's why it's not recommended by medical professionals to anyone pregnant or planning to be pregnant within a few months. I personally don't vaccinate my kids and I have had way too many vaccines in my past, both as a child and adult, that I'm seeing damage from now. HOWEVER, according to a PRO vaccine website, www.vaccineinformation.org, the percentage is very small for congenital rubella to passed on by the virus.

My advise to you is not to worry. Worry NEVER does any good. At this point you need to be investigating for future decisions so there will be no cause for worry going forward.

God bless,




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This is kind of ironic that I'm coming across a question like this. I just had to bring in my vaccinations for school and was told I was missing my second round of MMR. I told her I was 7 weeks pregnant and she said they suggest not giving a live vaccination to someone that is pregnant. I ended up have to get a waiver for it. They didn't tell me the negatives to it- but it's obviously not the best thing to do. Look it up on the internet- you can find everything there- and most importantly..call your doctor.



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I agree that you need to talk to your doctor about it. I can tell you that when I was pregnant with my first son, my mmr shot did not show up in my blood work so my doctor wanted me to get another one. She waited until I was in the hospital after I had given birth, but never went over the specifics as to why.



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Hi Sach,

This is a question best answered by your doctor. I really doubt that anyone but a health care professional could give you a real answer.

You might google info on the MMR and find out if a dead strain is used for the innoculation. If so, ask the doctor if that protects you.

Good luck,



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talk to your doctor about this. they will have the best advice good luck!



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Sach, I know this is late, but as a mother I know I would be concerned. Here is the link to the Center for Disease Control, as a nurse I keep checking this site often for changes esp with vaccines. http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/preg-guide.htm#rubella
MMR is a combination Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine. It's a smaller dose rather than the full dose of Rubella. Your doctor or at least the nurse that gave you the injection, should have told you to avoid getting pregnant for at least a month or if there was a chance you were pregnant to return after having a Preg test conducted, for the injection. This is just because the MMR is a live virus injection. It can give you the disease, just a very mild form if your immune system does not tackle it immediately. Like with the flu shot, everyone thinks they get the flu from it, only if it's a live virus, which now most shots for flu are not.

I hope this info helps and I would personally say, don't worry about it. Even if you are pregnant, the human body has an amazing way of keep the "parasite" safe! LOL! That would be the baby by the way! lol. Anyway, best of luck and I'll be wishing on a safe and healthy baby for you soon!



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I had a similary instance and I am sorry to say that you won't receive many solid answers. However, some peace of mind: if you just received the MMR shot and are just now noticing your missed period, odds are that if you are pregnant it is very early on. Remember, in these early stages the embryo is still floating around in the uterus and/or is just implanting into the lining of your uterus. At this time there is not a sufficient blood supply flowing from you to the baby, and this will greatly reduce the exchange of antigens between you and the baby. I had the shingles when I was pregnant; you wouldn't believe how much they don't know in these types of situations. But, becuase you could be so early in your pregnancy there is a significant reduction in the posed risk to the baby. I hope this helps, but I would follow up with your OB/GYN if you have a positive pregnancy test. They can more accurately answer your questions.



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Here is the website for some clinical information about the vaccine. In the text is some information related to fetus's. I scanned it and it said that exposure to the vaccine is not a reason for a termination. There is a very slight risk of birth defects for fetus's exposed to a certain strain of the vaccine (0-1.6%). If the fetus is infected with the virus it is asymptomatic. More than likely, if you are indeed pregnant, everything will be fine.



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Very dangerous! Pray that you are not pg.

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