I Have a DIRECT TV Question!!!!!

Updated on December 19, 2012
J.K. asks from Overland Park, KS
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OK so do you love it or hate it? Is it really a huge bargain over whatever else you cancelled to get it? Was the price you were quoted correct? Were you able to get your AT & T phone bill for $20 if you have Direct TV? My husband and I were at Sam's Club yesterday, and talked to a salesperson there. Right now we have AT & T Uverse, and pay about $132 a month, including our internet, but NOT phone. The salesman will give us more channels, and faster internet, for $71 a month. Then he said we can call AT & T, since Direct TV has an "agreement" with AT & T, and AT & T will give us our phone for $20 a month. We are like Hmmmmmmmmmm really? I'm just leery a little bit, since the savings seems so huge to me. So what is your experience with Direct TV?????

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answers from Chicago on

I never ended up switching to Direct TV like we planned a few months ago. But, I wil lwarn you. If you already have ATT and the $20 a month is a special, you don't qualify because you already have ATT. I would call ATT and see what they can do for you--telling them you are looking at switching to Direct. I was able to lower my bill by $30 by entering a 12 month agreement.

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answers from Washington DC on

I pay $132 a month for the choice package, HBO, one HD reciever, on HD/DVR receiver. No phone, no internet. The only reason I have it is for the NFL package, which I would get rid of, but my husband loves it. During football season our bill is $190 a month. (Thanks for the reminder, it's due today). I use to not mind paying more because the customer service was wonderful and they use to give me free stuff all the time. Now, the service has gone down hill and they are not as giving when it comes to mistakes they make.

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answers from Houston on

Love Direct TV. Love it! Love the NFL package, HBO, everything. We switched to uverse about a year ago and I just about puked. I HATED it. I really HATED it. We had the tech out every other day trying to fix it. They told us we had to rewire our house! My husband was like "oh okay". I looked at him and said "absolutely not paying for that". I told him I wanted my DirectTV back NOW. Yep, got it back!! Yay!!! I'm a happy camper now!

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answers from Jacksonville on

We've had Direct TV for years. The bill goes up $2 every year, without fail, with no changes to our plan. We do not have a high end plan (no HBO, pay channels, or sports pkgs, etc) and our "average" bill is about $70/month. We do not have THE LOWEST plan, b/c we want Fox News, Boomerang, and a few other channels, but it is not the highest 'plain' plan either.
That said, part of it is b/c they charge you about $6 for each additional box (after the first one), and we have the one extra box. We also live in a rural area and cannot pick up "local" stations without paying the extra $6/month for that, too. So maybe if you only have one box (no secondary TV's hooked up) and get your local TV over the air, then you could get a plan for $60/month or so that you could bundle with your AT&T plan for a discount.

We have our internet via AT&T. I have heard that satellite internet is a pain...like when your TV reception goes out on a windy day or a rainstorm? Well, that is what you are dealing with when sending and receiving date via internet via satellite.

At one time, we had a bundle with the two plans (no AT&T cellular service, b/c we can't get a signal at our house through them)--home phone, internet, and Direct TV. I think Direct TV and AT&T each gave us like a $5/month bundle discount. Total of about $10/month.

ETA: Oh. and check around like ItsACrazyLife said. We signed up for a special short term plan change (NFL Sunday Ticket for one season) and when I cancelled it, they said the bundle we originally had with AT&T was no longer available, and since it had been gone for so long we had been receiving it grandfathered in, until we changed our plan by upgrading to add the SUnday ticket. I was never able to get it back. And ALL of the fine print I read on those offers I get in the mail every month say that you must be a new customer. I'm not sure with which--At &T or Direct TV. But it doesn't matter, b/c we aren't new with either of them.

I did manage to get Direct TV to credit our account $10/month for about 18 months after they said they couldn't get me back the bundle we had had. ONLY because I had very specifically asked the sales person at the time we ordered the Sunday Ticket if it would cause any other changes in the cost of our plan, and if we cancelled it would we revert back to the same charges and she said yes. It was a pain to have to keep calling them to continue the discount every 6 months though... because the customer service reps could only stick a 6 months credit on the account each time, as that was their limitation (6 months out).



answers from Pittsburgh on

I don't know about the phone. But, for us, Direct TV was like every other tv company. It was a good deal for the length of the initial contract, then all the prices skyrocked, and you either changed to a new company, again, or pay a fortune.

Plus, remember that the $71/month probably doesn't include all the taxes and government surcharges. Ask him what those will be.


answers from Kansas City on

We've had directv since 2000 I think and love it. We don't have the phone on it and it's not any bundle. We have programs and channels we want and live out a bit rural so we love it. Seldom lose a picture from weather and if we do it isn't for long at all. You might want to check with someone who has directv now, like me, and you can get $100 off ( $10 a month ) for the referral but have to use the account number of a current customer. I've done it several times with others and both get the money off. Our phone company now offers directv in their bundle but I am not interested in that. It's not the same and I like dealing with directv and they've always been so great on the phone and about helping if there is a problem such as programming a remote, etc. I'd recommend them highly. If you are interested in using me as a customer to get the money off let me know. I have coupons and it's easy online or phone.


answers from Los Angeles on

We had DirectTV but the price kept going up so switched to AT&T UVerse, which was horrible reception wise for us, so have switched to Time Warner.

DirectTV had the fastest internet, the phone was already through AT&T and expensive, but pricing kept increasing. They lure you with deals then charge what they want once they have you. As someone mentioned if you already have AT&T, no deal :( I would call them first to find out if they truly have an "agreement" and what it entails, the time frame before it goes up, etc.



answers from Boca Raton on

LOL we just left DirecTV for Uverse, for the same reasons! We got a much better deal on a package with the phone, internet, etc.

We didn't have many problems with DirecTV, but it seemed like it got pricey.

I had read some bad reviews about phone bundling with DirectTV but don't have any experience myself.



answers from Kalamazoo on

The first year it was great, but they make you sign a 2 year contract and the 2nd year got more expensive. Plus you would.have to pay for your internet separatley. Check out Dish, its much cheaper, we switch back.and forth every 2 years to get the best deal, Dish is way cheaper but they dont have as many channels, direct tv lost signal way more often, as dish has more satelites. Both were still way cheaper then what you are paying, but did not include internet.



answers from Chicago on

We had direct tv for a few years and it was terrible. We had bad reception, and if its rained, no reception at all.



answers from Miami on

I've had comcast (cable) and Direct TV and I like Direct Tv better. Has not gone out that much for us at all either. I also have netflix was great but now that their is that issue with stars they only have old stuff. Might have to get rid of them. Anyway So my vote is for Direct TV. I've had nothing but problems wiht AT&T. Horrible customer service and problems so normally I stay away from them.


answers from Washington DC on

We have them and like them. We have one HD box and 5 other regular boxes. We have the plus pacakge or whatever (no movie channels but basically everything else) and pay $82 a monh. Whenever my bill goes up I call and get more credits put on. So for what we have, we are extremely happy.

We rarely lose service or signal even during hurricaines.


answers from Washington DC on

we really like it! We don't have a home phone because we use our cell phones and we have cox for internet. We have the basic package deal that includes the basic channels, and all the kid channels. Our bill was $39 a month, but my husband called them and said that he was going to cancel it because we needed to cut back on bills, and they lowered our bill to only $21 a month!! What a deal!! So, yes, we are very happy with them


answers from Savannah on

We don't have cable tv, just internet. $67.00 a month through Comcast, really great speeds, and not being gouged for 900 channels of nothing. Anything we want to watch is on Netflix or Hulu.

Going on four years without cable or dish tv in the house, and it's saved us a ton of money, not to mention I like being able to pick what I want to watch.

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