I Have a Adult Potty Chair. Need to Clean Stains & Rust Out of Bucket?

Updated on April 24, 2019
D.M. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
5 answers

Cleaned before storing it 3yrs ago. It is in great condition, just needs stains out, so I can give it to someone in need!!!!!!

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answers from Dallas on

Clorox is my go to for stains and germ killing.

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answers from New York on

Would CLR work? I don't know what the material of the chair is, but the back of the bottle would state if it is safe for that or not.

As an aside, while it is nice to have "stain free" items, if I really needed something and was getting it for free, I'd not care if it had a rust stain in the part where my poop goes. Just sayin . . .

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answers from Boston on

Before I spent any time scrubbing with CLR or chlorine bleach or anything else, I'd call 2 local medical supply companies or the manufacturer of the commode you have, and ask how much it would be for a replacement bucket part. I'll bet it's not that much.

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answers from Portland on

Just get a replacement bucket as others have said.

Why all the ! ? It's not that big a deal :) You can go to any place that sells them, about $20.

if not, oxiclean.

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answers from Portland on

You could buy a new bucket for the potty chair. If the old one has rust, there is no easy way to get rid of rust. CLR can clean up the rust if the pot itself is rusted. but then you need to paint over it to keep it from not continuing to rust. Otherwise, it may remove rust stains but not rust. I don't remember if CLR is safe for plastic.

Clorox can harm plastic if it's not sufficiently diluted.

I have seen buckets that are plastic and metal.

If you're donating it to a charity and bucket itself is rusted you can donate it with or without the pot.

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