I Had a C-section the First Time Around - Will Have to Have It This Time Too.

Updated on October 19, 2006
T.N. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
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I had a c-section the first pregnancy because of the small size and shape of my pelvic bones(can't tell by looking at me-smile-). Therefore, I will need one this time too. The first time I went into labor naturally and my Dr. let me try first to do it on my own. This time my Dr. wants me to just schedule the c-section(which I've come to terms with having to have)but it just seems so weird and unatural to me and I would like to at least go into labor when my body is ready if I can't have the baby naturally. Dr. emphatically says no - Anybody have any advice or words of wisdom?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your responses. My last doctor was a midwife thats why she let me try-I was referred to this doctor because of the c-section. Its not about laboring its about the baby coming when its his/her time. I know I have to have a c-section but has anyone been able to go into labor instead of setting up an appointment. When you all had your c-section did you make an appointment like Friday at 2p.m. and if so how was that. What was your experience like?

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It is much better and safer for you and the baby to schedule it and not wait for nature. If it is scheduled then things are controlled and they don't have to rush you to the operating room to get the baby out. I have heard of some babies being born within hours of beginning labor and I imagine that is the scenario your doctor wants to avoid. If the baby came too fast it could get stuck in your pelvic and then you would both be in trouble. I tried to have my first naturally and ended up having a c-section because I did not progress (22 hrs only dialated to 6cm). They later found out that my daughter was too big for me to pass naturally (9lbs 3oz). When my son came along we just scheduled a c-section because I did not want to go through that again, so we scheduled it. I healed faster and it is much more relaxing for you and the baby to schedule. Hope this helps. Congrats on the upcomming baby and good luck.



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I don't know the whole situation, but I think I would find another doctor or even a midwife. Midwives have to practice under doctors, so if you really couldn't deliver naturally, then a doctor could step in.

I would ask your doctor what his c- section percentage is. If it seems high, it sounds like he does them because they are quicker. I feel women end up getting C-sections a lot of times, because the doctor is inpatient.

When I was 36 weeks pregnant I switch to the midwives in my practice, because I wanted to do a natural birth and my doctor didn't really seem opened to talk about it with me. The night I went into labor he was the doctor on call. He slept pretty much the whole time, from what I heard from my midwife. My midwife stayed with me for the whole 5 hours.

I was really tired from being up all night and it took me about 1 and half hours to push and a position that was not on my back. I couldn't even imagine if a doctor made me deliver on my back what would of happen (Delivering on your back is probably the worst positions to deliver). I was in so much pain laying on my back. Did your doctor try do deliver you in different positions? I heard that squatting can open your pelvic area either 23% or 28% more than laying on your back.

There are many women who go on to deliver naturally after a C-section. I know doctors sometimes don't like to take these women on, but there are awesome midwives that do VBAC. I have a friend doing it right now. It is your body, not the doctors, and if you really feel you want to have a natural birth then I would try. I highly recommend reading the book "Birthing from Within." It really changed my views on natural birth and I am so glad I did it. It has a lot of stories of women who had C-sections the first time and then go on to have natural births. If you are interested in some awesome midwives, try calling Woman Care Center and talking with one of them. Midwife Blair Conger is awesome. I believe they have 3 midwives there ###-###-####). Even if you don't end up switching I would just call to get some advice and see what they recommend. I wish you well:) How far along are you?




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The thing I am wondering if you know you have to have a c-section because of your pelvis..Then why put your baby through the stress of laboring just to have a c-section anyways? The purpose of labor is to get the baby out not just to feel like you have accomplished "TRYING" to get the baby out. Dont feel guilty having a c-section you can get a healthy baby either way.

Mother who has had a c-section
and is going to have another Jan 2007




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Hi Teri,

I can't say that I have advice but am in the same situation. I have a 15 month old girl and this one is due in May. Once the docter reviewed my file it was noted that I will have a scheduled c-section too. It kind of feels like I am going in at a precise time and in 45 min there is a baby. I feel like it is taking a little bit of the specialness away without partaking in anything naturally. I guess its what we have to deal with as c-section moms but it feels like we are rushed I guess. Sorry I don't have any real advice but relate to your situation. Good luck and congrats.


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