I Found Out the Sex of Our Baby Today and I Want to Surprise My Hubby :)

Updated on March 15, 2012
F.C. asks from San Fernando, CA
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Ok, so i just found out today the sex of our first baby (GIRL) and I want to surprise my hubby when he comes home. He wanted to know over the phone but I told him, he has to wait till he gets home. I'm thinking of makeing a Pink cake or should I buy a cigar with its a girl??? I'm in need of some ideas asap he normally gets home after 6pm.. Im excited and want to make it special :)

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answers from Austin on

Make a 2 layer cake and put pink frosting in the MIDDLE layer.... don't say anything until he cuts the cake!

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answers from Los Angeles on

get him a little onesie that says something like "daddy's little girl" and give it to him all wrapped up so the suspense builds as he opens it. :) congratulations!

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answers from Dallas on

Whatever you do will be great! Congrats!

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answers from Columbia on

Set an apple at his place at the table.

When he gets home, silently pick up the apple and de-stem it.

"No stem!"

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answers from Los Angeles on

Pink cake (make one)
Pink ballons
Pink ceramic piggy bank
Make a shirt that says "Daddy's Girl) (buy a onesie & fabric paint or iron
on's at a store near you)
Pull every decoration you have in the house that is pink & decorate your foyer or living room
Make a sign that says Daddy's Little Girl Will Arrive Soon
Pink jelly beans
Trying to think of stuff you'd have around the house in case you don't have time to leave & come bk before he gets home
Pink binky
Make him a Having A Girl Survival Kit: aspirin, Cover Your Grey hair color

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answers from Houston on

Two stuffed animals on the table when he gets home....one pink...one blue....get him to close his eyes and then you remove the blue one!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!! It's a girl!!!!!

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answers from New York on

whatever you do make sure hes sitting down.. i thought my fiance was going to fall out of the chair wen the nurse said its a girl !!! .. honestly i think him seeing anything pink is a good surprise

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answers from Philadelphia on

Can you dot food coloring in something for dinner. Like mashed potatoes or something...

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answers from Portland on

Congratulations! No particular ideas, just a wish that you enjoy raising your girl as much as I did raising my girl!

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answers from Dallas on

A friend of ours had a gender cake at the baby shower. It was so neat finding out like that! I day go with that! Bake or buy a strawberry cake so when u cut in to it, yeah!!! A girl :)

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answers from Richmond on

Why not just pat your belly and say 'daddy's little girl'... and watch him *melt*?




answers from Los Angeles on

How about prepping him for things to come? Dig out your most extravagent, highest heels, your most expensive piece of jewelry, and a set of car keys. Make a nice little display where he can see it when he walks in the door or at his place setting for dinner. ;-D



answers from Los Angeles on

Bake a cake and put red or blue dye into white cake batter to make the cake pink or blue. Frost the cake with white or chocolate frosting and have him cut the cake to find out what you are having! These are fun parties to have with close family and friends!



answers from Utica on

Go buy one of those door signs that you hang on the door knob to the babys room - get one that says something like "Shhhh Princess Sleeping!" and hang it where her nursery will be or even on the front door to your house
Good Luck and Congrats
I have two little girls and they melt my heart everyday and they are so Daddys little girls

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