I Found a Dog I Don't Know What to Do with Him

Updated on November 23, 2009
G.R. asks from Arlington, TX
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i found a small dog is a mixed breed is les a year old and i don't know what to do with him ,i already check if somebody lost it in my neighboorhood and not response yet and i can not keep it because i live in apartment and i will need to pay for having him ,i don't want to take it to a shelter and knowing he will be there alone,any ideas what can i do with him.



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thank yoou,thank you for all response i will hold the dog for about 2 weeks and then if i don't find the owner i think i will keep it my 6 years old want to adopt him we will make anything posibble to make him happy .

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I would look online for a local rescue who can keep him until his owner is found. Poor little guy probably is someone's pet who is looking for him. You also might try the local vet's office and see if they know of anyone missing a dog.

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Love him, pet him, and call him George.

And hide him from your landlord.

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I didn't read all your responses. Did you already take him to a local vet/shelter so they could scan and find out if he has a microchip? If not, please do so. This little guy may have a home and the microchip placed within the shoulder blade contains a code that links it to a phone number and address of the owner. If he has a microchip, you will be helping him find his home.

Thanks, A.

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A friend has the same situation going on right now! Unfortunately, the shelters she called said some people can't afford their dogs and drop them in nice neighborhoods in hopes someone will keep them. This is what she is going to do and I hope this will help you. 1st she kept the dog for about a week and put up flyers in the neighborhood - no responses. 2nd she called all the local shelters, NRH, Colleyville, Grapevine and Southlake. Her name is on a list with a description of the dog in case the owner comes looking. One shelter explained the process like this: they keep dogs for 72 hours in case the owner comes looking, and then they put the dog up for adoption. A dog that will be hard to get adopted b/c of a bad personality will end up being put down before a dog with a good personality. She also asked if they would call before putting the dog down so she can decide if she wants to take him home again. She also called the boxer rescue group (she found a boxer) to see if she can foster this dog (allow it to live with her) and just bring it to the pet adoption days to try to find it a home. The most important thing she said was this - the dog needs to be seen by people that are looking for a dog and that's not at her house...that will be at a shelter or something similar. Good luck!



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call your local animal control if you haven't yet. you can also go to petfinder.com and list it under lost pets. you can also post an ad on craigslist stating where you found it, marks etc.


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I have noticed pictures of missing dogs on the window at our elementary school in S. Arlington. You might check with your nearby schools and see if anyone has mentioned missing a dog. Just a thought. good luck.



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You might try calling Save the Animals Rescue Society (STARS) at ###-###-####. Another option would be to call Petsmart and ask if they can refer you to a group. They have so many rescue groups there, surely they know of one that could help you.



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Post a picture of it in "oodle.com" or "craiglist.com". I am sure you will find a home.



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Posting on Craigslist (be careful), posting signs, checking at the local schools and businesses...are all good ideas. If you have to take him to an animal shelter, there is a good chance he'll be put to sleep. If you can find a rescue group that has room, there's a better chance for him to find a new home. Most of them are full, seeking help and assistance due to the economy. I hope you find a home for him.

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